Wedding Venues in Ireland

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Places to Get Married or Elope in Ireland

Romantic ceremony locations and unique wedding venues for your intimate wedding, to elope or renew your vows in Ireland.

Irish Castles

Elope and Get Married in an Irish Castle

Not all of Ireland’s castles are in ruins. Many still stand to this day and are open to couples looking to marry or renew their vows at an intimate wedding venue. Should you not trust the Irish weather enough to have an outdoor wedding, there will nearly always be enough room to have your ceremony and reception indoors. If you’re opting for a religious ceremony, eloping in a small and peaceful chapel far away from the rush of the world might be your choice.

Rustic Cottages

Elopement in Glengarriff Lodge Ireland

Similar to the castles, cottages and lodges in Ireland are also historically rich sites and make for stunning venues for a wedding for two or a small ceremony. Getting married in a rustic lodge or a country-side cottage has one clear advantage compared to many of the outdoor wedding venues in Ireland: it offers you the same magical scenery whilst still providing the convenience of charming accommodation and great food.

Cliffs of Moher

Intimate Elopement Wedding on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The stunning cliffs of Ireland are surely the most well-known attraction on the island, and with good reason. The impressive rock formations overlooking the crashing ocean waves create a unique ceremony location to elope in Ireland. From the infamous Cliffs of Moher to the lesser known Kerry Cliffs of Portmagee (among many others!), there is an abundance of romantic places for your destination wedding in Ireland.

Ancient Ruins

Elopement wedding at Killarney Abbey ruin in Ireland

Ireland has a very long and eventful past to look back on. Many old monasteries, churches and once magnificent castles were abandoned or simply forgotten long ago and have since been reclaimed by nature. With their ivy-covered stone walls enhanced by the brilliant green of their surroundings, these ancient ruins make for some of the most unique places for intimate weddings in Ireland.

Unique Wedding Venues in Ireland

As part of your package we will find the perfect locations for your ceremony, photoshooting, dinner reception and accommodation – or all combined in one place. Contact us to learn more about unique wedding venues and where you can marry with our packages.

Medieval Castles

Castle wedding in Ireland

If you’re dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding at an authentic medieval castle, then Ireland is your ideal wedding destination! With over 30,000 castles and castle ruins dotted around the country, you will be spoilt for choice. From luxury castle hotels to small privately-owned castles just big enough for your immediate families – whatever your group size, there is an Irish castle for you!

Mansions & Manors

Whether you call them mansions, manor houses or country estates… there are plenty of impressive buildings in Ireland available for wedding hire! Besides castles, Ireland is home to several stunning period properties and boasts a wide variety of styles in its national architecture. So if Gothic-looking castles aren’t your thing, you will feel right at home in these ‘Jane Eyre-esque’ venues.

Historic Ruins

Vow renewal in Ireland

Are you a history fanatic? Have you always dreamt of a Celtic ceremony inside an ancient ruin weathered by time? Ireland’s rich history can been seen on every corner of the island, memories left behind in the form of abandoned ruins… Make your mark and get married in an ancient historic ruin. We can’t think of any more romantic place for your intimate wedding than this!

Irish Pubs

At Gus O'Connor Pub for a Wedding at The Cliffs of Moher

Want a raw, authentic Irish wedding experience? Host your post-ceremony reception in a pub! What better way to celebrate your destination wedding in Ireland than with an informal gathering of your best friends and family that ‘down at the local’? Hearty homemade food, free-flowing Guinness and plenty of ‘craic’ (Irish slang for ‘fun’) guaranteed. We’ll help you find the best pub for your small wedding party.

Boutique Hotels

Forget what you think you know about boutique hotels. Besides being small, stylish and typically family-owned, Irish boutique hotels can be defined by three things: incredible surroundings, incredible food and incredible service. You don’t need to get married in luxury castle or manor to experience the best of what Irish hospitality has to offer. For your wedding package we will find a venue that perfectly suits you.

Churches & Chapels

Today, over half of Irish people still have their wedding ceremony in a church. If you are Catholic (or of another Christian faith), then finding a suitable church for a traditional wedding in Ireland is a piece of cake. From awe-inspiring cathedrals to quirky village chapels, Ireland can cater for all your needs when it comes to religious ceremonies for your intimate wedding.

Rustic Cottages

Elopement in Glengarriff Lodge Ireland

Cottages, lodges and country houses in Ireland are also historically rich sites and make for stunning wedding venues. Hosting a simple wedding in a rustic lodge or a country-side cottage amongst fields and magical scenery is the stuff which romantic dreams are made of.


Destination wedding in Ireland at Cliffs of Moher

Ireland may not have a beach-friendly climate but it’s ocean landscapes rival some of the best in the world. The stunning Cliffs of Moher are surely the most well-known attraction on the island which also has dozens of lovely intimate beaches dotted along its coastlines.


Ireland has wonderful ceremony locations for your outdoor wedding

Thinking about an outdoor ceremony to marry in Ireland? Dotted along its coasts, you’ll also find dozens of intimate beaches that are just perfect for a romantic wedding or vow renewal ceremony. An Irish beach is unlike any other beaches you have experienced before.

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