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When getting married in a faraway country, you would like to make sure that your big day is in the hands of an expert and reliable wedding professional. Find out more about our planner, and see why you can entrust your once-in-a-lifetime event with her.


Being experienced in planning and organizing events is one thing and having passion for making wedding dreams come true is another. Our wedding planner, Patrícia, has them both and she will be there for you to make sure every detail of your destination wedding in Portugal is well taken care of.

For several years, Patrícia has done production for a Portuguese TV channel, which gave her the experience of planning and organizing big events. This stint in the Portuguese media industry also gave her deep familiarity with the country's culture.

She is passionate about everything related to weddings, including coordinating with different people to create a beautiful event. Her love for weddings and her skills in event organizing will take out all your stress in wedding planning.

This way, you can focus solely on preparing yourself for your wedding in Portugal while waiting for that day to arrive. Patrícia will be on the ground making all the necessary arrangements to make that day as magical as you wish it would be.

Destination wedding planner in Portugal - Patrícia at Peach Perfect Weddings

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Having a local wedding planner in the European destination of your choice will give you peace of mind that your big day will happen as you envision it. Start planning your destination wedding in Portugal by contacting our planner on the ground.

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