Couple hugging each other on a staircase of a chateau during their wedding in France.

Wedding Packages for France

The French Riviera, the lavender fields of Provence, the unspoilt landscape of the French countryside, and the charming chateaus with elegant gardens all over France are some of the most sought after scenes in this romantic wedding destination. Let us create the best French destination wedding experience for you.

Our Packages for France

French destination wedding packages designed just for you with the expertise of our local wedding planner.

Small Wedding

We make your intimate destination wedding less stressful and more magical by including all the essentials so you can sit back and enjoy this special day with your guests worry-free.

Marry in France


Taking the plunge to elope? Get married in France without a single guest or with a few special people. Make it hassle-free so you can focus on this magical moment of your life!

Elope in France

Vow Renewal

Let our tailored France wedding packages guarantee a smooth-sailing vow renewal for you and your spouse! Check out the package and rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Renew Vows in France

Bespoke vs. Package


If you want to be 100% in control of your big day, then having a wedding that’s planned bespoke could be perfect for you. It’s a type of wedding that is designed by the couple down to the last detail. Bespoke weddings take a lot more time to plan than a package. Having to design every detail and research for all your wedding vendors also require a more flexible budget.


Our practical France wedding packages are meant to remove all your fears about having a destination wedding abroad. You won’t need to learn French only to contact the best wedding vendors in this romantic country. Our established relations with experienced French wedding vendors and venues helped us create wedding packages in France that will make every moment of your big day magical!

Your destination wedding planners in France

Get to know our French wedding planners who will help you overcome the challenges that you might meet while making your big day in France come true.


Marta believes that there is something so special about being able to curate someone’s love story- even if it’s only for a day. It's always heartwarming for her to see every couple's ideas, from the color palettes, bouquets, etc., and then turn those ideas into reality.


Philip has been residing in France for four years and in these times, he’s traveled and personally experienced the beauty that lies within the French borders. He will guide you every step of the way to your dream French destination wedding.

Couples' reviews

Our wedding planner, Philip, gently helped us through the re-planning process for our wedding and we never felt any of the normal pressure a wedding brings. After more than a year of waiting (thanks COVID), we finally arrived in France and had our wedding. Philip made sure everything was not only smooth but effortless.

— Alexandria & Lonnie

Even with the delay, PPW worked with us to make sure we would be taken care of. Philip, our wedding planner, was lovely. He went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly, from the moment we reached out to PPW, to choosing the location and the other details, to the actual wedding day.

— Tera & Anthony

Reasons to have a micro wedding in France

All-time romantic Paris

Where else in France will you go for a romantic wedding than in Paris? You surely have seen episodes of Parisian weddings in the movies, but we can help make your very own ceremony right next to the Eiffel tower! If you’d like something more unique and private, choose from the luxury wedding hotels lining up in the Parisian streets. Have a micro wedding in its classy inner court or atop its terrace overlooking the urban landscape of Paris!

Bride and groom kissing in front of the Louvre at their wedding in Paris

Historic chateaux

There will always be those brides who dream of becoming a princess on their wedding day. You have plenty of options to make that childhood dream come true when you choose to get married in a French castle! Some of them have grand hallways and majestic winding staircases; some with classic libraries; and some surrounded by gorgeous woodlands and scenic gardens!

Lavender fields of Provence

Provence will take you back to some centuries ago for the finest experience of French country living. If you’re planning to get married in France in the middle of summer, choose an intimate wedding venue located along the lavender fields of Provence and smell the fresh breeze while saying your I do! The blooming season varies each year depending on rainfall, but it is usually any time between the last week of June and the first week of August, typically peaking in July.

Cliffs & coastline

You might ask how France can have some good coastline wedding venues when it’s a huge chunk of land bordered by neighboring countries Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. Well, in the south of France, you’ll find some of the most epic European beachside venues along the peaceful town beaches of Point Zero in La Grande-Motte, the not-so-crowded coastline of Plage des Marinières in Villefranche-sur-Mer, and the perfect white and blue Palombaggia Beach in Corsica! Breathtaking venues for a micro wedding in France!

Délicieuse French food!

You might have loved French fries all your life and yes they are a brainchild of the French people. But these snacks are nothing compared to quintessential French dishes like Moules Marinières or mussels in white wine and parsley, Coquilles St-Jacques or gratinéed scallops, and baked Camembert! For desserts, Croquembouche and Soufflés top the list! Go ahead and Google them to know how mouth-watering these French delicacies are!

French Riviera wedding venues

You simply can’t go wrong with a Cote d’Azur wedding if you’re dreaming of a breathtaking ceremony overlooking the French Riviera. This Mediterranean coast in the south east of France is dotted with exclusive villas, glamorous beach resorts, luxury hotels, and Michelin-star restaurants where you’ll taste some of the best French food in nouvelle cuisine presentation. Choose from the famous resorts in Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Saint-Tropez or pick a wedding hotel in Monaco overlooking the Mediterranean sea if you want to go a little glamorous!

Budget-friendly South-West France

The wine region of South West France with subregions Gascony and Occitaine are perfect destinations for a peaceful and scenic wedding in Europe. This part of France may have been hidden from everyone’s sight some decades ago. But lots of wedding vendors are starting to recognise its potential as a French capital for countryside European weddings. You can take advantage of its budget-friendly rates now before it reaches the peak of its popularity.

Bastide villages of Dordogne

Are you one of those couples who travel the world to witness diverse cultures? Then ‘bastides’ or fortified towns and villages in France are a perfect location for your micro wedding. Bastides are built in the medieval era and you can find most of them in the region of Dordogne. Many of them are built on a hill with unique medieval features, and they are listed among the ‘most beautiful villages in France,’ offering picturesque views of the French countryside!

When to get married in France

Winter: December to February

If you are in love with snow-capped mountains and dramatic views of French villages with snow-covered roofs, you’ll enjoy a winter wedding in France. On the months of December to February, except the Christmas season, you’ll see most parks empty - a perfect opportunity to have your photos taken without attracting too much attention! Not many tourists visit France in winter so you can take advantage of the cheaper rates from wedding venues.

Spring: March to May

Hold your wedding in France on spring and experience the intoxicating fragrance in the air! It’s the time of the year when flowers and trees are most vibrant and garden weddings are perfect. An elopement for two in a romantic French park is also a great idea. Spring temperature ranges from 10 to 19 degrees Celsius - a lot cooler than the summer season that follows. If you want to get married in France when the weather is still mild, we recommend a spring wedding for you.

Summer: June to August

Summer is when Paris and all the big French cities get crowded. You’ll see artists along the streets painting lively Parisian views to lure thousands of tourists. Beaches are at their most crowded so it’s a perfect season to join beach parties and events. Summer is also a time of festivals in France, like the Day of Music where every street, park, and venue is filled with music all day long. For wine lovers out there, get married in Bordeaux on June and experience the celebration of the Wine Festival.

Fall: September to November

Autumn is the calmer season and the best time for an intimate wedding in France. It’s when tourists start going home and the locals go back to work, so you can enjoy more privacy. Take note that the weather in France can get a bit gloomy in autumn with frequent dark clouds and rainfall. Nevertheless, it’s lovely to see the autumn colors in the gardens and parklands of French wedding estates and have them as the backdrop for your French ceremony.

Types of wedding venues in France


Travel to South West France and get married in one of its lovely chateaus that you can rent exclusively for your wedding! Options range from old gothic structures, medieval royal residences, and romantic fairytale castles! Whether you want an elopement for two in France or an intimate wedding with a handful of guests, there will always be a French chateau to suit your style preference!


Wine-loving couples who dream of getting married in picturesque vineyards have plenty of venue options along southwest France, especially in the regions of Bergerac and Cahors! Have a symbolic ceremony in the middle of a French vineyard and celebrate with your closest friends and family with a glass of delicious wine.

Churches & abbeys

France is predominantly a Catholic country so there are lots of historic abbeys and churches with a solemn ambiance. Some of the French churches on our list are the Church of England and quirky hilltop chapels which are desirable venues for a religious ceremony in France.


Pronounced as pigeon-ier in French, “pigeonnier” literally means a dovecote which is a structure where doves and pigeons live. Unlike an ordinary bird cage, pigeonniers are high because they are meant to be castles for pigeons. They are not simple bird houses but elaborate and elegant dovecotes that can be a great venue for an intimate wedding in France! You will see them in the middle of corn fields and flower fields in southwest France.

En plein air

France is one of the European countries with a delicately preserved natural environment. You can have a nature-inspired wedding almost anywhere in the French countryside with unparalleled beauty of serene lakes, lush green hills, unspoiled woodland and immaculately kept French gardens. These nature scenes are the reasons why getting married in France 'en plein air' is a great idea.

Types of wedding ceremonies

Civil ceremony

A legally-binding marriage in France can be more challenging compared to other European countries like Italy or Ireland. There is a residency rule that requires foreigners to spend 30 days in France immediately before the wedding day. One way to get around it is by having it waived by the Mayor of the town where you will get married. But this option is available only if you own a property in France or if you have a parent permanently residing here.

Symbolic ceremony

The easiest way to get married in France is through a symbolic ceremony in any venue that you prefer! Most couples having a destination wedding in France go for this option because it involves no registration or any legal paperwork. You can customize the ceremony to suit your preferences without any limitation on any aspect of your wedding! What most of our couples do is to have a simple legal wedding at home before flying to France for a grand symbolic ceremony.

Religious ceremony

There are lots of great historic churches in France so if you want a religious ceremony, have a traditional wedding in a French Catholic church. Catholic weddings in France can be performed in English so there's no language barrier to worry about. It could be challenging to find an English-speaking priest, but that’s something we can help you with. Take note that church weddings are not legally-binding in France so you have to either be legally married at home or civilly married in France before the religious ceremony.

Legal requirements

There are three unique requirements that foreigners need to comply for a legally-binding wedding in France. First is the 30-day residency requirement for both the bride and groom prior to the wedding day. Second is having your own property in France. The third one is having at least one parent who is a French resident. The residency requirement can be waived at the discretion of the Mayor if you comply with either the property or the resident parent requirement. On top of all these are the basic requirements of proof of residency and evidence of no impediment to marry. A civil wedding in France can be quite complicated, that’s why we recommend having a symbolic wedding here. For a detailed explanation on legal weddings in France, read this.

French food and drinks

Crêpes & galettes

Perfect as appetizers or desserts, crêpes & galettes are some of the French delicacies that everyone has come to love! Crêpes, as we all know, are thinner versions of pancakes that are mixed with fruits, chocolates, hazelnut cream, and all those sweet syrups that you’d like to have! The main difference with galettes is that they are the savoury type of crêpes so you can top them with cheese, bacon, zucchini, eggs, and the like. You can have either or both of them for your wedding in France!

Cheese and bread

It can be argued that the crustiest bread and the smelliest cheese comes from France. Lovers of this food combination will find France to be a food heaven. Bread and cheese make for a perfect food to serve at your destination wedding in France and it works perfectly both as an appetizer, evening snack and even dessert. You should also consider swapping the traditional tiered wedding cake for a savory cheese tower!


For the entrées served in French weddings, meat and seafood dishes should always be paired with vegetarian meals. Some of the best-tasting ones that we’ve tried are baked fillet of sea bass with a shellfish sauce, chicken breast with a morel cream sauce, the flavorful veggie-friendly dish - lentils and red cabbage purée, and the mouth-watering roasted lamb with dauphinoise potatoes!

French wine

When you get married in France, you can’t miss the French wine for the reception! France is dotted with vineyards everywhere and some of the most famous world wines are produced here. From earthy tones to fruity tastes, French vineyard wedding venues have some of the finest selection. Don't worry if you can't tell apart Burgundy from Bordeaux - they all taste incredible!

French wedding traditions

La Noce

A fun wedding tradition that you’d love to do for your wedding in France is La Noce. This activity requires the whole wedding party to follow the bride and groom as they march from the town hall to the church and on to the reception in a noisy and lively parade! These days, however, the wedding party rides vehicles that make funny noises as they travel from one point to another. They attach tin cans to make sure everyone gets notified that a wedding party is coming! How fun is that?

The croquembouche

In France, there is no ‘traditional’ cake to speak of. The French take this symbolic pastry to a higher level by creating a special French wedding cake called the croquembouche. It’s a tower of pastry puffs piled together using caramel threads to form a cone-shaped delight for the cake cutting ceremony. The history of the croquembouche goes back to as early as the 1500's and it is said to have been the centerpiece on the lavish dining tables of the French royals and noblemen. Parfait!

The invitation and RSVP

Flatlay of watercolor wedding invitation for a French chateau wedding

Did you know that the acronym RSVP is actually French? It stands for 'répondez s’il vous plaît', which means ‘answer please’. The RSVP plays an important role in French weddings, as there are usually two separate events on that day - the civil ceremony in the town hall and the reception. This RSVP is important because traditionally, the parents of the groom and the bride are paying for the wedding and the costs are split according to the number of guests each family brings to the event.

Getting into and around France


With 34 international airports in France and a comprehensive local transport system, it will be super easy to reach your French elopement venue. The entry point to choose depends on the region where you’ll get married in France. Paris Charles de Gaulle is the best choice if you’ll have an elopement ceremony in Paris whilst the Marseille Provence Airport is where you’d want to land if you’re getting married in the French countryside. Having a French Riviera elopement? You should land on the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

Car rental

Renting a car in France, as in other countries, can be very expensive so unless you’re staying here for the honeymoon, it’s not really advisable to rent a car. Driving in the crowded cities of France can be a real headache, so it’s better to take advantage of the comprehensive train system and the organized bus services in all parts of the country. However, if you’re getting married in the French countryside and you’ll stay longer for the honeymoon to explore French towns and villages, it is more advisable to rent a car.

Train system

To save time and cost, ride trains to get around the cities of France. There are high-speed trains running across 150 cities and some of them can take you to neighboring countries. Riding a train is a practical way to maximise your honeymoon trip to French tourist spots like Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Caen, Bordeaux, and Lyon. You can book train tickets in advance and save up by going for second-class seats. They are comfortable enough but definitely cheaper than first class.


If you planned your honeymoon trip well and you have the time to spare, buses can be the best mode of transportation for you. Both city and provincial buses here in France will give you a comfortable trip whilst allowing you to see the sights and sceneries as you travel. Unlike riding a train, you can watch the urban and rural scenes along the French cities and towns when you choose to travel by bus. But you’ll have to spend several hours to get from one point to the other.

How much does it cost to get married in France?

The cost of getting married in France will depend on the number of guests you’re bringing, the duration of your stay (we recommend a minimum of 3 nights!) and the season that you’ll choose to hold your wedding. The peak season here is summer, so expect venues for weddings in France to be at their most expensive during the months of June, July and August. May and September are usually cheaper but still fall into the peak months category. If you’ll exchange vows during the off season between October and April, you can save on venue costs because the fees are at their lowest (except during the Christmas and New Year period). To get a better gauge of the expected cost for your destination wedding in France, be sure to ask a quote from our French wedding planner or use the quotation tool.

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