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Type Castle Historic Ruin Outdoor
Features Cliffs Ocean View
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This dreamy cliff spot marks the most southerly point of the Cliffs of Moher. Wedding ceremonies at this elopement venue can take place on the viewing platform to the left side of Moher Tower. You will also have vast photographic opportunities on this cliff-side wedding location in county Clare, considering that you’re surrounded by the views of the Atlantic ocean, unbelievable cliffs, and a historic tower castle.


An interesting legend says that an old sea-witch, Mal of Malbay, fell in love with an Irish hero name Cú Chulainn and chased him across Ireland. Sadly, the hero ran away and tried to escape. As Mal chased after him, she was dashed against the cliff. The edge of this cliffs wedding location in county Clare that resembles a woman’s face, which represents the face of Mal, the sea-witch. Although only a few know about the legend, this destination spot in Ireland has been frequented by tourists whenever they visit county Clare. In fact, it’s fast becoming a popular choice for an elopement ceremony location in Ireland because of the stunning view that it offers.


Couples choose this scenic spot over the main Cliffs of Moher visitors' site to get closer access to the spectacular cliff edge (and thus better photo opportunities!). Most importantly this wedding location has a lower footfall than the official visitors' site. Some of our couples who eloped here brought their friends and family with them for a short and meaningful ceremony, plus a few minutes of photoshoot. If choosing to walk from the car park, please note you will not be able to have harp music for your ceremony, as only a hand-held instrument can be brought up to the tower without direct car access.

Additionally, there's a cottage near the cliffs that was constructed around 2023 to accommodate indoor weddings. This new area for celebrations in Hag's Head makes it a perfect venue for clifftop ceremony because the couple and their guests will be safe and sound no matter what kind of weather they encounter on their big day.


Please note there is a safety fence erected around Moher Tower which prevents close access to the structure and will be visible in photos/videos from a certain angle. But there are so many other spots at Hag's Head for your photoshoot where you can have the best views of the cliffs and the ocean in the background.


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Access to the viewing platform beside Moher Tower at this venue can be gained on foot, by walking 1.1 kilometer from the designated car park. The tower can also be accessed directly by car – via the local farmer’s private road for a small fee.

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