Wedding Venues in Austria

Marry in Austria’s scenic venues amidst unspoiled nature. From castle museums, world-class ski resorts to alpine mountain cottages, check our handpicked venues for elopements, vow renewals, and small weddings in Austria!

Austrian elopement locations and wedding venues

Famous wedding locations in Austria

Austria may not be as popular as Italy or Ireland in terms of destination weddings, but there are some notable places in this country that everyone will fall in love with!


Dive into the historic Austrian region in the Alps where you can get married in a 12th-century castle, a medieval elopement venue, or a ski resort overlooking an enchanting mountain landscape! For your adventure-filled honeymoon, you can be one with nature by doing hiking or mountain climbing on summer or alpine skiing in winter.


Witness a healthy mix of historic and modern arts as you stay in Vienna for your destination wedding in Europe. Our most recommended venues are first-class wedding hotels, urban palaces for intimate weddings, a luxury art deco hotel for a posh elopement, and a carefully-preserved baroque castle for all sizes of weddings!


The main attraction in this hilly Austrian region is an 18th-century castle museum surrounded by a 7-hectare parkland and an alpine lake. It's the filming location of the timeless movie The Sound of Music! Book this venue for your elopement in Europe or choose from among the wide variety of lake hotels and riverside venues here.


Lakeside wedding venues and elopement spots along the crystal clear Austrian waters are the best places for micro weddings in this region with the most summer days in all Austria. Have a surreal honeymoon experience by swimming in the popular Worthersee bathing lake or enjoy the breathtaking views when you drive along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road!

Wachau Valley

Marry with the view of Wachau Valley's rolling hills or in one of its picturesque vineyard elopement venues. Pick a spot right beside the Danube river so you can witness the region's beautiful sceneries as you recite your vows. Choosing Wachau Valley for your wedding in Austria also means getting the opportunity to taste the finest Austrian wines!


Have a sunset wedding ceremony in the middle of an Austrian vineyard located in the wine country of Styria. Being the second largest state in Austria, you'll have a long list of options for a wedding venue. Don't fret because anywhere you tie the knot in Styria, you are guaranteed to have a golden ambiance and a picturesque nature setting here!

Exchange vows in Austria's nature venues

If you want an opportunity to be one with nature as you elope to Austria, here are some of our most recommended venues where you can see the beauty of the Austrian landscape at its best!

Mountain villages

Austria has been under the radar for couples wanting to marry in Europe because the country is not dead set at promoting their territory to tourists. Austria's priority has always been to preserve their historic towns and old communities . When you choose Austria for your big day, expect elopement spots and wedding venues in mountain villages that are surrounded by unspoiled nature like you've never seen before.

Austrian forests

If you're having a summer wedding in Austria, you might want a ceremony right in the middle of lush green meadows. If you do, a mountainous landscape that's full of life will be the star of your wedding photos! For couples getting married in the latter part of the year, you can tie the knot in ski resorts that will make you realize why Austria is called a European winter wonderland!

Lakeside villas and resorts

Austria is home to over 300 lakes, and there is no doubt that you will find a lakeside villa or a resort to fall in love with. Pick a castle, a luxury hotel, or a palace that offers a luxurious lakeview for your micro wedding. There are plenty of them in Salzburg, Carinthia, Linz, and Vienna!

Secluded vineyard venues

Enjoy the stress-free and nature-packed countryside ambiance when you get married in a secluded vineyard in Austria. The country's vineyard culture is so rich that you can find hectares of land cultivated by local grape growers in many Austrian regions.

Get married in these unique elopement spots

Since you're traveling miles away from home for your wedding, better pick an elopement venue in Austria with views and features like no other!

Historic palaces

Austria takes pride in its historic palaces that have been standing for centuries. The country was able to preserve some prehistoric dwellings in the Alps because they have strict laws protecting their natural wealth. If you also love history like the Austrian people, you can get married in one of their historic palaces set in the midst of the breathtaking alpine landscapes.

Ferris wheel

What better way to enjoy the green mountainous landscapes of Austria than to ride a ferris wheel where you can clearly see the view from the top? For those who are ready for a unique elopement ceremony, choose to hold it right inside a ferris wheel's cab! There's a place in Vienna that offers a ferris wheel wedding ceremony and reception!

Art museums

Another extraordinary Austrian elopement experience is a ceremony inside an art museum! Imagine centuries-old painting collections and sculptures in the background of your wedding photos! An art museum is a perfect venue for an elopement for two or an intimate wedding because they offer a limited seating capacity.

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