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Type Outdoor Lake
Features Panoramic Mountain Views Woodland Park
Free public space
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This woodland wedding venue in Co. Down is a grand national park of Northern Ireland spanning across over 630 hectares at the foot of Mourne mountains. Besides its popularity as a Game of Thrones filming location, it's a place of beautiful panoramic scenery and a variety of Victorian follies. Think of a rich and thick forest in a country with temperate climate if you’re trying to paint a picture of this woodland wedding location.


Some grooms-to-be who love to travel different countries with their fiancé choose this location as the site for their wedding proposal because of its unique and dramatic ambience. As you tread along the pathways of this woodland wedding venue in Co. Down, you can see relaxing views of nearby forests, making it a truly romantic spot for proposals, elopements, and intimate weddings. The whole area has a serene and calm ambience, thanks to the perfect combination of rich greeneries, rock formations, slopes, and tranquil rivers.


The park has several stunning locations to hold your ceremony, from the dense forest to peaceful rivers, this woodland wedding venue in Co. Down has something for everyone. Let yourself go and follow our photographer in search of the most remote and beautiful places for your photoshoot. You can elope with your spouse alone in a symbolic ceremony at the heart of this woodland wedding location. You can also bring a handful of guests to witness your exchange of vows and fall in love with this location. Be reminded though that you and your guests would have to walk along forest grounds of the Tollymore park, some parts of which are muddy, until you reach a great spot for the ceremony. It’s not advisable to place chairs or make decorations around here.


Nevertheless, this woodland wedding venue offers a gorgeous forest setting for your wedding photos - one great reason to choose this as your elopement location in Northern Ireland. After the ceremony, you can spend hours just to have your photos taken in this dreamy woodland wedding location. We advise that you wear comfortable wedding shoes or bring a comfortable pair of sandals so you can walk around to take advantage of the many beautiful spots of this woodland.

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Photos: Iain Irwin

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