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Wedding Packages for Italy

Getting married in a dreamy Italian venue with the least hassle becomes a reality with our all-inclusive packages for small weddings and elopements in Italy. From the most lovely regions of Tuscany and South Tyrol, the scenic wedding venues in the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como, to the historic and artsy cities of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan, no other destination comes close to Italy in terms of romantic ambiance. After opening our doors to couples wishing for an unforgettable wedding in Italy, our portfolio immediately burst with gorgeous wedding scenes in panoramic villas, boutique hotels, scenic beaches, and romantic Italian vineyards! If you see these photos, you won’t need any convincing that Italy is one of the best destinations to get married in Europe!

Bespoke vs. Package


If you’re up to 100% designing your wedding by yourself, then a bespoke wedding could be the right choice for you. Usually a longer and more intricate wedding planning process is involved with a bespoke service, compared to a package wedding. Bespoke weddings are mostly chosen by couples when hosting a bigger celebration with a lot of guests and also if they have the patience (and budget!) to guide the creative process from beginning to end.


Packages are intended to make couples’ lives easy when it comes to plan and organize their wedding abroad in Italy. Thanks to being in contact with some of the best wedding venues and vendors in the country, we’re able to offer cost-effective and well thought out Italian wedding packages which include all the essentials for your special day. Plus, you can personalise them to your liking – just add or remove services as you wish!

Your wedding planner in Italy

Eleonora became a wedding planner in February 2018, which actually happened "by accident" but quickly became her true calling. Like most of the wedding planners on our small team, Eleonora is passionate about traveling, exploring gorgeous new locations and being surrounded by beauty: the result is wedding planning!

It has always been a delight for her to participate in creating stunning, romantic and intimate events for our couples in her amazing country, Italy. She’s your best guide to the ins and outs of Italian wedding venues having traveled to almost a hundred beautiful locations in Italy to experience firsthand what they can offer to her couples.

Being a born-and-bred Italian, Eleonora is in tune with the local way of life and will be an invaluable asset when it comes to selecting vendors with the highest competence, experience and devotion to make your dream wedding come true! Trust her to help you every step of the way and she promises to always respect your personal preferences, give the best advice and provide the highest quality of service.

Eleonora - Wedding planner in Italy at Peach Perfect Weddings

Couples' reviews

Couple who got married on Amalfi Coast with an elopement package by Peach Perfect Weddings

Thank you so much Eleonora for planning our wedding in Italy! Eleonora was so great assisting us with all of our wedding elements that really made the whole day come together. She is so kind and very prompt whenever we had any questions. Eleonora had many helpful suggestions, always had many options available for us, and is so knowledgeable with the wedding planning process and local venues. She was there with us the whole time making sure the day ran smooth and I can not thank her enough for making our wedding day perfect!

— Rachel & Anthony
Destination wedding in Italy organised by Peach Perfect Weddings

Eleonora was such an angel preparing everything for our wedding day. As you can imagine planning a wedding overseas seems a little overwhelming but Peach Perfect took great care of us. We give Eleonora details of what we wanted and she exceeded all of our expectations. She was extremely patient and caring. She was constantly answering any questions or concerns. All we had to do is show up and enjoy our big day. Our Wedding was a dream thanks to Peach Perfect Weddings and Eleonora.

— Jeannette & Wamedh

Reasons to get married in Italy

Elopement on Lake Como in Italy

Lake Garda & Lake Como

Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, thanks to the rich cultural scenes and diverse experiences that this northern Italian lake offers. It borders three regions - Lombardy, Trentino Alto-Adige and Veneto where you’ll find beautiful resorts, farmhouses, authentic Italian restaurants and old villages where you can have your dream wedding in Italy! As for the famous and utterly romantic Lake Como, the best wedding venues here are elegant villas and historic luxurious hotels that lend a view to the sparkling water and the rolling hills that encompass this piece of Mother Nature’s best works.

Wedding ceremony in Italy with a volcano in the background

The secluded Sardinia

Sardinia is a lesser known Italian island located in the Mediterannean Sea with a breathtaking two thousand-kilometer coastline and a beautiful mountainous territory. This is an ideal wedding destination in Italy for those who love secluded white-sand beaches with fewer crowds. The island of Sardinia is a lovely place to have an elopement for two or an intimate wedding with your closest friends and families. Aside from the privacy that the island offers, you’ll also love the unique regional cuisines served in its local restaurants. Have the beach nightlife that you’ve always wanted after your wedding ceremony or better yet, rent a Sardinian restaurant for your wedding reception all night long!

Bride and groom on the beach in Positano who eloped to Italy

Sorrento, Positano, & the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, especially its picturesque towns of Positano and Sorrento, fast became the highest ranking spot for all our booked weddings in Italy shortly after we added this romantic country in our portfolio of wedding destinations. We blame it on none other than the turquoise waters and unique architecture where you can see hundreds of hotels and villas vertically arranged next to each other along the entire Amalfi Coast. Brides who enquire with us easily fall in love with the idea of having these scenes as the backdrop for their destination wedding in Italy. Feel free to choose any of these hotels and villas and we’ll help you arrange a wedding ceremony on one of their rooftop terraces with breathtaking sea views! Some of these beachside venues are licensed for a legal wedding ceremony too. This way, you can fulfill your dream of getting married in an outdoor beach wedding venue in Italy!

Italian wedding packages by Peach Perfect Weddings


We’re sure you’ve heard of this Italian region (or rather, island!) somewhere sometime. You’ve probably seen photos of ancient Roman ruins, crystal clear beaches of the Sicilian coastline and the famous Limoncello! The region of Sicily is just too gorgeous not to be included as our recommended wedding location in Italy. If you’re obsessed with the idea of getting married on the beach or an important historic spot in Italy, we can help you plan an intimate wedding in Sicily!

Destination wedding in the Tuscan countryside at sunset

The country feel of Tuscany

You will no doubt be familiar with Italy’s most well-known region of Tuscany, famous for its peaceful landscapes, artistic influence and high culture. Not to mention the wine! This Italian region is known for its medieval castles, vast vineyards, rustic farmhouses, impressive country villas and, of course, scenic green hills and valleys that are much sought after by couples from all around the world! These nature’s elements and honest cultural experiences will be your backdrop when you choose to get married in a Tuscan wedding venue. What a perfect setting for couples who picked an Italian destination wedding for its dreamy countryside views. Enjoy a relaxed elopement for two or an intimate wedding with your small group of guests when you celebrate it in a Tuscan venue with a glass of Chianti wine.

Urban destination wedding in Rome

Cities of love: Rome & Venice

Why are Rome and Venice called cities of love? Is it because of the romantic novels set in these areas or their popularity as honeymoon destinations? You’ll get different answers from different people but for us who have seen the depths of Rome and Venice, we can say that they are called cities of love because of their romantic architecture: Renaissance-inspired banquet halls, terraces that offer a clear view to the cities’ medieval churches and Roman buildings and last but not least, the famous Grand Canal that cuts between the scenic landscape of Venice, or no other than the Coliseum itself! Every wedding venue there shouts of romance and majesty. No wonder Rome remains the most popular destination in Italy with almost 27 million visitors while Venice ranks second with 4.3 million arrivals.

Urban wedding location for elopements in Italy

Historic Milan & Florence

How about a small destination wedding held inside a piece of Italian history, somewhere in the middle of Milan’s urban setting? As the fashion capital of Italy, you’ll never go wrong with the classy wedding venues in Milan such as historic or modern luxury hotels and gorgeous Catholic churches. Or what about a private elopement in a wedding villa high above Florence? You’ll love to get married in this Italian city if you want a small wedding on a terrace with views of Italian gardens, vineyards, and Florence’s urban scenery.

When to get married in Italy

Spring wedding season: April & May

May marks the start of peak season in Italy because the cooler months have just ended and the country is beginning to feel the warm weather. For us, late April or May is an ideal time to get married in Italy because the number of tourist visits has not reached its peak yet. This season is just preparatory to the busier months of June to August. We also recommend May for your destination wedding in Italy because at this time, flower fields and vibrant gardens covering the Italian countryside start to bloom! If May has a special significance for you, let our Italian wedding planner help you book the perfect venue and all your wedding vendors ahead of time.

Summer months: June to August

June, July and August are the official summer months in Italy and obviously the busiest too. It’s when summer beaches are fully packed and weddings are held in all Italian regions. Some couples fly to the Tuscan countryside at this time to avoid the hot and crowded cities of Rome and Venice. Some prefer to get married in a waterside wedding venue where they can recite their vows along the glorious sea or next to a romantic Italian lake. As expected, venues and hotels also increase their rental fees and accommodation rates at this time. But it’s also the season in Italy when nightlife is at its merriest and the atmosphere is alive all day and all night!

Fall: Season of love in September & October

Temperature starts to dwindle all over Italy after the month of August. On mid-September all throughout the month of October, the colors of the gardens, the fields, and the rolling hills in the Italian countryside fade from vibrant to autumn red and brown. Italians will be back to work and the atmosphere starts to shrink to the ordinary. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best times to get married in Italy because it marks the harvest season of food and wine! Enjoy the rich harvest on your wedding feast along with fewer crowds, lower accommodation rates, and decreasing venue fees. For us, it’s also a perfect time for a peaceful honeymoon trip following your private elopement in Italy.

Winter season: November to March

The winter season in Italy is cold and damp and it’s the time of year when rain frequently visits the country. Temperature can change from zero to fifteen degrees Celsius and can drop to below zero degrees in the Northern regions. Winter season is an advisable time to get married in Italy only for couples who want a winter wonderland kind of wedding where snow covers the hotel roofs and the green Italian countryside. It’s also a good time to take advantage of winter sports activities for your honeymoon and the declining rates for accommodation and venue rentals all over Italy.

Types of wedding venues in Italy

Castle wedding venue in Tuscany


Are you looking for a wedding venue with an elegant and historic vibe? You should see the castles in South Tyrol and in the Northern lakes region, or in Umbria. These Italian wedding castles were built hundreds of years ago but were preserved carefully as historical evidence of Italy’s past. Despite their old age, they have been immaculately preserved to retain their majestic vibe and iconic features.

Elopement in an Italian wedding villa


The Italian villa - perhaps the most iconic type of venue for a destination wedding in Italy! Whether you prefer a private elopement for two or a small wedding with friends and family, there’s an Italian villa with a size that’s right for you. These elegant Italian villas with fresh and blooming gardens are some of the best wedding venues in Italy. They have all that you need for a memorable wedding in Europe - an outdoor ceremony spot with gardens in the summertime and an indoor reception area for a weatherproof wedding feast.

Destination wedding in a boutique hotel on Amalfi Coast

Boutique hotels

Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan are bursting with elegant and luxurious wedding hotels aimed at impressing the millions of tourists visiting these popular cities all year round. Elope to Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, and have an elegant small wedding in an Italian boutique hotel. Or have your wedding photos taken against the popular establishments in Rome, Florence or Venice such as ancient churches, medieval buildings, and decades-old restaurants!

Bride and groom walking among Italian vineyards


Sipping a flavorful glass of wine preserved from the wine cellar of an Italian wedding venue with a nice vineyard is a great way to cap your celebration. If you’re a couple who’s in love with fine wines, it’s a great idea to elope to Italy’s wedding estates with hectares of vineyards. The regions of Barolo and Barbera, Prosecco, Chianti and Lambrusco house the best wine estates here!

Mountain wedding venue in South Tyrol


Though not as sought-after as the Italian beaches and historic hotels, luxurious mountain resorts and cosy chalets make for an interesting wedding venue in Italy. Imagine getting married with views of the Dolomites or the charming villages up in the Alps! Other venue options for a unique wedding in Italy are quaint chapels and ancient castles perched high above the mountains! Isn’t that lovely?

Beach venue in Italy for a destination wedding


How can you resist the beautiful views in the Amalfi Coast, or in Portofino? Or the charm of the old and peaceful villages of Sicily? Celebrate your big day in one of the hotels and villas lining up along the coast in Capri or on the secluded island of Sardinia! Such long and sun-kissed coasts from the North to the South of Italy make for a perfect backdrop for your beach elopement or small wedding! Hold the reception in an impeccable restaurant within these venues and you’ll have a perfect experience of an Italian destination wedding.

Types of wedding ceremonies

Civil ceremony

A civil ceremony in Italy is the official legally-binding and non-religious type of wedding ceremony for the Italian law. It must be performed in a licensed venue or town hall and must be conducted in the Italian language by the local mayor (or his/her appointed representative). No worries because we will provide you with an English interpreter so you can understand what is going on! There should be at least two mandatory witnesses of 18 years or older. For the ceremony to take place, legal paperwork must be issued and it only takes around 20 minutes.

Religious ceremony

Another legally-binding type of wedding in Italy is a Catholic ceremony performed in a Catholic church. The requirements for it to be legally recognised are that it must be performed by a priest, it must contain a portion of the civil ceremony under the Italian laws, at least one of you should be Catholic, and both your religious and civil documents must be issued prior to the wedding. Unlike in a civil wedding, the ceremony can be officiated in English so you can get an English-speaking priest if you prefer not to have a translator. A Catholic marriage ceremony usually takes about 45 minutes. In case you are already legally married, or would like to sign the legal papers in your home country before coming to Italy, then your Catholic ceremony can have religious value only. You’ll need to present your marriage certificate along with your Catholic documents, and your ceremony won’t contain the civil portion mentioned above.

Symbolic ceremony

There’s always an option to elope in Europe without any strict legal requirements. Have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy that does not require any annoying paperwork. This option will allow you to choose just about any wedding venue in Italy and any arrangement for your big day. You can take care of all the legal requirements at home and then have your intimate wedding celebration abroad anywhere Italy. You won’t be restricted to only licenced venues and you’ll be able to personalise the ceremony to your heart’s content!

Legal requirements

Compared to France and Germany, for example, legally-binding weddings are realistically more possible in Italy. Nevertheless, you need to present proof of No Impediment to marry, along with proof of identity and other documents before you can be allowed to have a civil wedding in Italy. Your citizenship plays a role in the legal process as there are some variations in requirements for different nationalities. Our advice is always to check with your consular office in Italy for any unique requirements that apply to nationals of your country. Our Italian wedding planner can also assist with legal paperwork should you want a legally-binding marriage in Italy.

Italian food and drinks


Italian Limoncello served at a destination wedding on Amalfi Coast

Some ice cream shops all over the world may have tried to perfect a sorbetto, but only in Italy will you taste the real deal. Sorbetto may be similar to ice cream in some respects but it’s unique actually, because it’s served in tall glasses and makes the perfect end for any meal. This icy dessert should be part of your wedding. Choose from the best flavours - strawberry, lemon, mandarin or mint - or better yet, have them all on the desserts table of your wedding reception.

Wine & liquors

Waiter pouring Italian wine at an intimate wedding in Italy

A destination wedding in Italy is never complete without Italian wine and liquors. Dance the night away with a relaxed mind after sipping a good amount of delicious wine from the vineyard and cellar of your selected wedding venue. Choose from among the top wine regions in Italy: Sicily, Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto and you’ll have the best of both worlds - a perfect venue and an experience with the best-tasting Italian wines.

Cheese & pastries

Cheese tower serves as wedding cake at an Italian wedding

Never ever get married in Italy without cheese on the table! Whether you’re eloping with zero guests or you’re celebrating an intimate wedding with your favourite people, be sure to have a taste of Italian cheese from the regions of Trentino, Veneto, Lombardy or Piedmont! They are the best in Italy! As for the sweet additions to your dessert table, try the world-famous tiramisù, sweet cannoli from Sicily, and the traditional “panforte” with its rich fruity taste!

Pasta, pizza & risotto

Chef cracking an egg to make fresh pasta

Everywhere in the world you can buy these popular Italian foods, but only in Italy you can have the authentic, best-tasting pizza, pasta and risotto! Make sure to have Italian natives at your wedding who will bake and cook these sumptuous traditional dishes. Cliche as it sounds, authentic Italian pizza is the best appetizer that you can have for your wedding in Italy. As for pasta and risotto, they are automatic inclusions in wedding receptions in Italy.

Italian wedding traditions

Everyone waits outside!

Groom and guests waiting outside the wedding venue for the bride

Yep. If you’re getting married in Italy, one of the things that you should know is that all the guests do not sit comfortably inside the venue as they wait for the bride to arrive. This includes the groom who, along with the guests, eagerly wait outside of the ceremony area until the queen shows up.

No coordinated outfit

Bridal party on a boat in Lake Como

Don’t be surprised if you attend a wedding in Italy and there seems to be no ‘motif’ so to speak. Weddings on this side of Europe usually don’t have any coordinated colors for the members of the entourage and the guests. Anyone invited can wear whatever color they want and that’s totally fine!

Toc ferro

Italian wedding tradition Toc Ferro piece of iron

Another unique tradition in Italian weddings is that grooms carry a small piece of iron called the toc ferro the whole time. They believe that this small item will shoo away all the evil spirits and bad luck on the wedding day. That includes the tragic situation in weddings where the bride doesn’t show up after changing her mind.

Vase breaking

Large outdoor flower vases in Italy

Italians also observe the tradition after a wedding where the couple would break a vase to show how lucky they will be in their marriage. How does breaking of the vase predicts that? Well, according to this Italian tradition, the more broken pieces scattered on the ground after the vase was broken, the more blessings it will be for the couple!

Getting around Italy

Air travel

For those who are pressed for time and would want to get around Italy in the most convenient way possible, traveling by plane might be your best option. Here in Italy, there are a total of 77 international and regional airports that can take you almost anywhere within these 20 Italian regions, and to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Arriving from outside Europe, you will most likely be landing at Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Naples Capodichino or Florence Peretola, all of which offer onwards regional connections.

Car rental

Renting a car is perhaps not the best way to get around Italy if this will be your first time driving in Europe, or you are a new and nervous driver. Driving along the narrow city streets can be a real headache, not to mention the questionable driving skills of local road users (Italians are famous for bad driving!). We advise that you take public transport instead, to avoid the hassle of driving and the expensive parking fees. However, if you are traveling to the Italian countryside such as in Tuscany, Veneto and Apulia, or if you want to reach smaller villages and coastal regions, then car rental is a viable option for better exploration.

Train system

Public transportation is the best way to travel in Italy. As a tourist destination, the train system there is quite comprehensive with lots of options for different preferences. If you’re traveling between small and big cities, there are ordinary and high-speed trains that will get you to your destination. Always pre-book your tickets, especially if you’re getting married in summer time. For a luxury trip by rails, you can take privately owned train lines with Wi-Fi and beautiful interiors. However, expect slower and simpler trains with no air conditioner if you’re trying to get to smaller rural towns.

Ferries and hydrofoils

As you may know, most Italian towns and cities are surrounded by inland and coastal waters, making ferries and boats popular modes of transportation in Italy. In Positano, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast, hydrofoils are even better alternatives than cars because hydrofoil trips are shorter and more convenient. Italy has over 80 ports to serve you as you explore the lovely spots in Portofino, Genoa, Venice, Ravenna, and Naples! You’ll find ancient town squares, centuries-old cathedrals, and historic palaces within these regions.

How much does it cost to get married in Italy?

Your budget for a wedding in Italy will depend on many factors such as the number of guests, the type of wedding venue, and the extra services that you might want to add to your wedding package. As mentioned above, summer is peak season here so prepare a higher budget if you’re getting married in Italy between June to August. To get a better gauge of your wedding cost in Italy, tell us more about your vision for your wedding and get an instant quote for your custom Italian wedding package.

Sunset rooftop elopement in Rome

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