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Nearly at the centre of the Country Cork's Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve is this beautiful rustic cottage wedding venue. It's the Earls of Bantry's former hunting lodge that has been renovated over the years to be a charming thatched roof cottage. We recommend this wedding venue in Ireland to couples who want a rustic or boho theme for their small wedding. This laid back Irish wedding venue near Cork is a beautiful disaster, with elements of nature that are devoid of any human intervention.


Owners of this rustic Irish wedding venue wanted everything natural in their property. By allowing pines, bushes, and flowers to grow naturally along its grounds, they were able to create a fresh forest ambiance with towering trees surrounding the rustic cottage. The calming stream in the middle adds even more magic to this already enchanting wedding venue.


Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve’s rustic cottage has a very authentic facade, with crawling greeneries around its windows. Other rustic elements can be added to your ceremony spot within the location, like wooden chairs, a minimalist wedding arch in the middle, and a few floral elements framing the aisle. Although the grounds of the venue are sufficiently rustic and elegant, you can add a few decorations to personalize the look of the ceremony area according to your preferences. If the weather will be a bit unfavorable, couples have the option to wait for the drizzle to stop before starting the ceremony. They can also choose to house their guests inside the cottage for an indoor ceremony. After all, the cottage’s interior is equally gorgeous and rustic.


Wedding receptions can also be held outdoors. While your guests enjoy their snacks, your photographer can take breathtaking newly wed images of you and your spouse anywhere within this rustic Irish wedding venue. If you get married here on fall, there are areas covered with vibrant leaves that fell on the ground.


The former hunting lodge can sleep up to 8 people on-site and offers facilities for intimate weddings of up to 30 guests inside the glass conservatory. Ceremonies can take place anywhere within the grounds of dense woodland or in the garden or even on the picturesque bridge over the river.

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