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Wedding Packages for Portugal

Bordered by the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the west, you’ll love to get married in Portugal’s romantic wedding venues found along its golden coastline. Over the years, modern hotels and lovingly restored villas sprung up along Portugal’s western coast, giving couples who seek a unique destination wedding in Europe the chance to say their “I do’s” with unparalleled ocean views. Aside from a breathtaking coastline, Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with a territory inhabited since prehistoric times. As such, it houses many ancient castles, medieval hilltop palaces and quaint old villages with ancient traditions - all of which end up as much sought-after wedding venues. Portugal also has some of the best golf courses in the world where sports competitions are held almost every year, leading to the rise of sleek modern hotels popping up in breathtaking natural sceneries. Ancient cities and golden beaches are your top options when choosing a venue for your destination wedding or elopement in Portugal.

Your wedding planner in Portugal

Alejandra started to love planning weddings since she became the head planner of her own wedding many years ago! Maybe it’s her attention to detail or her fear that something might go wrong (which is normal for 99% of brides!) that made her decide to be totally hands on in planning their big day. She understands how most brides want to have their wedding exactly tailored around what they want and the challenges of making that happen. She can identify with anxious brides-to-be who know what they want but don’t know where to start.

With her passion to rescue brides and grooms in this situation and her ability to speak three languages (English, Spanish and French), Alejandra took on a journey of destination wedding planning in Europe. As a ‘list-making’ type of girl with a knack for executing a detailed wedding plan, she can easily imagine the bride and groom’s vision and communicate it with the vendors. She also helps the couple make tweaks for an efficient execution of their plan without sacrificing what’s important for them.

She has been helping couples plan intimate destination weddings, elopements, and vow renewals in Europe for many years now. As your dedicated wedding planner in Portugal, expect Alejandra to be your guide, your alter ego, and your second set of eyes to ensure that your elopement in Europe will be as seamless and beautiful as you envisioned it to be.

Wedding planner organising weddings in Portugal

Couples' reviews

Sunny beach elopement in Portugal

Everyone was incredible to work with! Returned emails and phone calls in a timely manner and everything was arranged on our wedding day just as planned. I would highly recommend.

— Christen & Matthew
Bride and groom among blue hydrangeas

Peach Perfect were exactly what we needed to plan a wedding that was for us and about us. My husband and I realized early in the wedding planning experience that a small destination wedding was what we wanted, and Peach Perfect was able to give us everything we imagined and more.

— Maria & Thomas

Why get married in Portugal

Outdoor ceremony setup for a legally binding wedding in Portual

Convenient legal requirements

A legally-binding wedding ceremony in Portugal can take place at any location of the couple's choice and the venue does not need to hold a special wedding license. Beach weddings in Portugal are also possible with only one requirement - a license from the maritime police which is not too difficult to procure. Other than that, only the regular requirements apply when getting married in Portugal. Read more about these legal requirements in the section for Types of Ceremonies below.

Portuguese seafood restaurant on the beach in Cascais

The best seafood!

Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by the Atlantic so expect to have the best seafood experience when you get married in Portugal. After saying your I do’s in a seaside venue, enjoy loads of authentic seafood cuisines that fill the tables of every wedding reception in Portugal. There’s a traditional Algarve dish called Cataplana de Marisco containing clams, shrimp, and other varieties of shellfish mixed with peppers, onions, and garlic, then cooked in a special copper pan called cataplana. Another popular seafood dish that’s really fun to eat is the flavourful Sapateira Recheada. It’s not literally a meal but a sauce made of crab meat, mayonnaise, onions, mustard, paprika, and boiled egg. The sauce is poured into a crab shell as a dip for bread and biscuits. Don’t be surprised if you’ll encounter several variations of codfish dishes in your wedding menu - grilled, fried, baked, you name it!

Pink wedding palace in Portugal

Grandiose palaces

If you’re not really a fan of seaside wedding venues, your wedding in Portugal can be held in beautifully preserved medieval palaces with grandiose architecture. If you’re the kind of couple who takes travelling as a chance to discover new cultures, head on to the picturesque Schist villages all around the country where you can have your wedding in 13th century castles and medieval houses of granite built into the rocks. Or you can travel to Sintra and get married in a mountaintop palace surrounded by woodlands. In the heart of Chiado, there’s a popular historic palace that is loved by poets, artists, and architects for its splendid library and beautiful works of art!

Beach in Portugal for legally binding destination weddings

Beach weddings are legal

Portugal has an 1860-kilometer stretch of coastline on its western border where legally-binding weddings are allowed. You can recite your vows with the waves of the Atlantic ocean splashing endlessly on the background. The long stretch of coastline in the Cascais region is dotted with boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and elegant villas with perfect spots for a beachside marriage ceremony in Portugal. Some of them have beachfront spaces for weddings, indoor restaurants made of glass walls lending a view to the ocean, and beautiful interiors with modern facilities.

Gorgeous sunset view from a wedding venue in Portugal

Lovely sunsets

Most brides wish for their big day to be covered with an ambience of tranquility. However, weddings these days are the exact opposite. They are filled with stress, noise, and unpleasant surprises. Unless you’ll have a small wedding along a beach venue in Portugal. Our top tip is to get married during sunset and we guarantee that every stress will fade into oblivion. Having a sunset wedding in Portugal will be a breath of fresh air because on the west coast lies the best sunset all over Europe! When the clock strikes 8:30 PM, clouds begin to melt into a palette of orange, purple, and pink - what a heavenly backdrop for your wedding in Portugal!

When to get married in Portugal

Winter months of December to February

If you choose to get married in Portugal on the latter part of the year, you can attend the São Martinho festival or the St. Martin’s Day held in November to honour a Roman soldier to whom they attribute the warm winter days. The celebration is done by lighting bonfires and by partying the whole night with chestnut dishes and wine! Portugal is actually a wonderful choice for a year-end winter wedding in Europe. Although the temperature can drop to as low as 15°C in the day and 8°C at night, there’s lower chance of rainfall during this time. This makes for a perfect season to have an outdoor ceremony on a seaside wedding venue. As for your winter honeymoon, you can spend it in lodging houses and hotels near the snowy mountain range in northern Portugal.

February to May spring time

Unlike in other European destinations, spring in Portugal starts very early in February. You’ll see the countryside regions and city parks in bloom at this time of the year and by March, European tourists and students start traveling to the Riviera for excursions. It’s a good time to get married in Portugal because rains don’t often visit the country and the temperature remains mild, at 10 to 21 degrees Celsius! So if you’re dreaming of an outdoor elopement in the Portugal countryside, feel free to do it on springtime. It’s also a season of celebrations here - from the colourful Carnival Festival to the Festival of the Crosses, Flower Festival, and the International Sand Sculpture Festival!

Summer time!

There’s no better season to get married in Portugal than in the lovely summer season from June to September. With temperatures reaching up to 30°C at daytime, it’s the best period to bask in the sun and mix with the crowd to enjoy the festive atmosphere all over the country. Expect prices at their ceiling within these months, but what’s a higher cost if it means getting the chance to say your I do’s in a coastal wedding venue in Portugal at the peak of its beauty? You’ll have plenty of time to have a summer wedding here because among all countries in Europe, Portugal has the most number of summer days, totalling about 125!


By the end of September, the weather in Portugal begins to tone down into a mild and moderate temperature. For those who want more privacy and fewer crowds on your wedding in Portugal, you better choose any months in autumn for your big day. Be prepared, however, for more precipitation when October approaches and bring a cover up for your wedding gown in preparation for the higher frequency of fogs and evening chill. Our wedding planner will take care of an indoor option for the ceremony so as not to spoil your day. If you still want an outdoor wedding but the date has to be in autumn, you have another option for a Portugal wedding venue - anywhere in the island of Madeira! This region is not affected by the autumn season and summer continues until November!

Types of wedding venues in Portugal

Historic castle for destination weddings in Portugal

Historic castles and villas

History and nature enthusiasts will fall in love with medieval Portugal wedding venues such as 14th century villas and castles overlooking the ocean. Some are set in the middle of lush landscapes and rolling hills just beside the Atlantic while the most charming ones are located within natural parks. They have old monasteries and chapels that are perfect for a dramatic wedding ceremony in Portugal. On the Estoril Coast is a lovely 16th century Tuscan-style castle by the Tamariz beach that lends a view to the Cascais Bay on one side and the peaceful cosmopolitan areas of Portugal on the other. We also love beachside venues that feature medieval architecture and outdoor activities such as horseback riding and tennis. These will be amazing venue choices if you’re getting married in Portugal with your family.

Cute yellow country house wedding venue in Portugal

Scenic winter venues

Most people don’t consider Portugal a likely winter wedding destination, but we say it’s worth challenging those predispositions. There are amazing locations set in the romantic city of Óbidos with white houses, charming scenery, and picturesque bookshops! For more adventurous couples, you may want to have a symbolic Portugal wedding ceremony above the snowy mountains of Serra da Estrela which is home of the highest mountain range all over the country. For a more relaxed celebration, you can have it in any vineyard wedding venue located in Madeira, an island that is popular for its subtropical climate and overflowing wine.

Portuguese golf course where you can get married

Golf course wedding venues

Needless to say, Portugal is Europe’s best wedding destination for golf enthusiasts and those who want to play on a world-class golf course. Several wedding venues in Portugal are incorporated with golf courses, which serve as beautiful outdoor ceremony areas. Even if you’re not a golf fanatic, the gorgeous setting and stellar service of these golf hotels is reason enough to consider them when choosing your ideal Portuguese wedding venue.

Converted farmhouse hotel to cerebrate weddings in Portugal

Farmhouse venues

Want a Boho-chic wedding in Portugal? Do it in a wedding venue with a real farm and fall in love with its timeless simplicity and a rustic vibe. One particular location in the Eastern Algarve is a farmhouse venue set exactly between the ocean and the mountains. Here, your wedding ceremony in Portugal will be a combination of an ancient village ambiance and modern facilities. You’ll see fishermen and shepherds roaming around while you enjoy the luxurious amenities of your chosen wedding location. Get married in Portugal during harvest season and have a taste of the best fruits in the country!

Restored fort on the beach for destination weddings in Portugal

Beach & ocean view venues

Luxury hotels by the ocean ensure a celebrity experience for your wedding in Portugal. Imagine holding the ceremony and cocktail hours outdoors by the beach where your guests can enjoy the breathtaking scene. This will be followed by an indoor or outdoor reception at the fully-equipped restaurant with expert chefs serving sumptuous seafood for your dinner party. In the romantic city of Sintra, you’ll find historic Portugal wedding venues with chapels for a religious ceremony and spacious ballroom halls for rehearsal dinners, reception, and other wedding activities - all of which offer a scenic view to the blue Atlantic ocean. Most of these wedding venues also include on-site accommodations to give you a convenient intimate wedding in Portugal.

Modern venue to get married in Portugal

Modern venues with countryside views

One of our top recommendations for destination weddings in Portugal is the type of venues that break the silence of rural communities to give a spark of modernity to the whole area. They are modern day hotels and villas built in the midst of lush greenery and natural surroundings but fully equipped with advanced facilities to make your big day lively. These wedding venues in Portugal offer the best of both worlds - 21st century hotel amenities and breathtaking views of some of Europe’s oldest and most untouched landscapes.

Types of wedding ceremonies

Civil ceremony

There’s not much hassle in having a legal wedding in Portugal, even for non-residents. Portugal is one of the friendliest countries for destination weddings that provide convenient procedures for a civil ceremony. In fact, you won’t have to fly all the way to this destination prior to your wedding day and just authorize us, your planners, to submit an application to the registrar. You can also choose any wedding venue in Portugal as long as the ceremony is to be officiated by the registrar in the Portuguese language, but don’t worry about the language issue if you don’t speak Portuguese, you can have a translator present on the day. If you’re planning to have a beach wedding in Portugal, you just need to do an extra step of securing a marine police license.

Catholic ceremony

Want to get married in one of Portugal’s oldest churches in the scenic regions of Algarve, Estoril and Evora? That’s possible! A Catholic wedding in Portugal is considered to be legally-binding. All you have to do is to secure an approval for the religious ceremony from a local priest of a Portuguese church and the ceremony must take place within three months after you get the approval. Our dedicated wedding planner in Portugal can assist you in securing the documents and in making the necessary arrangements for your religious wedding. Similar to a civil wedding in Portugal, your ceremony must be conducted in Portuguese language and a translator can be present.

Other religious ceremonies

Although Catholic weddings in Portugal are considered to be legally-binding without the need to undergo a separate Civil ceremony first, marriage ceremonies of other Religions do not have the same privilege. That’s why, if you are planning for a religious wedding in Portugal that is not Catholic, you need to undergo a civil ceremony beforehand to give your marriage a legal effect.

Symbolic ceremony

To get rid of all the legal requirements, you can simply have a symbolic wedding in Portugal. This means less hassle with paperwork, less cost for securing and translating documents, and more time to focus on your favourite part of the wedding planning. A symbolic ceremony is a convenient and popular option for all destination weddings but it also carries no legal effect whatsoever. You can just do what most of our couples do, which is to handle all the boring legal bits in your home country but reserve the best bits (like the vows and ring exchange) for your symbolic ceremony in Portugal. After all, it’s the scenery and not the legalities that you’re after when you opt for a destination wedding in Europe.

Legal requirements

Just like in most European wedding destinations, you need to submit certain legal documents to a Portuguese registry office to prove your identity and capacity to marry, or remarry. All foreign documents need to be translated into Portuguese and authenticated with an Apostille stamp. In addition to a valid ID (together with any name change documents, if applicable) you need to submit a birth cert and a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry. If you were previously married before, you will need to provide a Death or Divorce Certificate. There are no minimum residency requirements for foreigners to marry in Portugal. After your Civil or Catholic wedding ceremony in Portugal, you can request for either an International Wedding Certificate or a national document with an apostille (this is in Portuguese language so you need to have it translated) that you can present back home to register your marriage and make it recognised in your country of residence.

Food in a Portuguese wedding

Caldo verde

Caldo Verde portuguese soup

The caldo verde soup will most probably open your dinner party as the first food to be served for your wedding in Portugal. The caldo verde, albeit being made out of ordinary ingredients, is one of the most traditional and most-loved soups by the locals in this coastal country. It’s a mix of onions, kale, potatoes, and some smoked pork cooked in olive oil with garlic.

Ameijos a bulhao pato

Portuguese seafood served at a destination wedding

Don’t be surprised if you’ll see clams on the reception table just before the main course is served. Clams, Bulhao Pato style, are usually served as appetizers for weddings in Portugal. It’s a flavourful snack with a hint of garlic and cilantro, which are the main ingredients in this dish. If not the ameijos a bulhao pato, you can expect similar seafood dishes cooked in wine and butter then garnished with herbs as appetizers for a Portuguese wedding.

Seafood fiesta

Seafood platter

A tray of huge shrimps either baked or fried, some shrimp spring rolls, smoked salmon and fish cakes usually invade the table of a wedding reception in Portugal. So if you’re crazy about fresh seafood, you will also love the idea of getting married in Portugal.

Portuguese black pudding morcela

Portuguese Black Pudding Morcela

Portuguese are also meat lovers so no need to worry if you’re not so much into seafood. In fact, there’s a popular traditional dish served in Portuguese weddings called the black pudding. This is far from the dessert we all love but is called as such because of its pudding-like texture that is a result of mixing suet in the dish. The black pudding morcela is a black sausage made out of pork meat seasoned with herbs, pepper, garlic, and onions, and sometimes mixed with milk. They can be appetizers or a main course in Portugal wedding receptions. In some regions, the black pudding is made with lamb or goose blood.

Portuguese wedding traditions

Portuguese wedding feast

Portuguese wedding feast overflowing with seafood dishes

What to expect at a wedding reception in Portugal? A feast of seafood, fruits and cheese! The Portuguese culture gives so much emphasis on food and this is very obvious in their wedding celebrations. The main course in a grand event like this is either fish or meat, whilst the dessert table overflows with cheese, fruits and traditional Portuguese pastries! They have egg pastries, custard pies, the traditional dessert pastel de Belém and much more! Alongside pastries are cheese plates filled with local and international varieties of cheese, grapes and cold meats. This fiesta of flavours is matched with Portuguese wine and port - which never goes empty when you attend a wedding in Portugal.

Papai’s blessing

Father of the bride hugging the groom

Some decades ago, weddings in Portugal used to be arranged marriages. However, as the country evolved, they started to abandon the forced setup and began to give brides and grooms the freedom to choose who they want to marry. Although family ties remain strong and that’s why event to this day, most grooms-to-be still ask permission from the father of the bride before they get married. While in other countries, the decision of getting married lies solely on the couple, in Portugal, it’s unusual not to involve the family, especially the father of the bride in such an important decision.

Noisy wedding car

Vintage wedding car with bride and groom standing next to it

Enter the married life with so much positivity, fun, and… noise! This is another tradition followed in Portuguese weddings, that’s why the guests never run out of creative ideas of noisy objects to fill the wedding car with. Things like cans, bells and other loud trinkets are tied to the wedding car through a cord to produce loud noises when the car starts running and the couple speeds away from the church.

Late ceremony

Wedding ceremonies typically start late in the evening in Portugal

While in most parts of the world, weddings last from afternoon until late in the evening, a marriage celebration in Portugal is quite different. Here, it’s normal for wedding ceremonies to start at 8:00 PM in the evening and, consequently, the reception then lasts well past 4:00 AM the next day. Blame the candle effect for this! Couples in Portugal love the candlelit drama on their wedding day and you can’t blame them! A seaside wedding in Portugal with candles lighting up the sandy coastal venue is such a magical sight!

Getting around Portugal

Flying to Portugal

It’s very easy to reach Portugal from another country because of its accessible geographical location. If you choose a wedding venue in Portugal’s capital or in the neighboring central cities, you can land in the Lisbon - Portela Airport. For the dramatic feel of wedding venues in Portugal’s Algarve city and nearby towns, there’s the Faro Airport at the southernmost part of the country. Another popular international airport here is the Funchal Airport in the autonomous region of Madeira that flies passengers from other European countries to this leisure destination. At the north of Portugal is the Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto while in the northeastern part nearest to Spain is the regional airport called Bragança Airport. The João Paulo II Airport is also one of the most well-known because it is located in another autonomous region of Portugal called Azores, a dreamy destination with its lush green landscapes and serene interior waters.

Train system

Traveling in Portugal through the Comboios de Portugal’s comprehensive train system is probably the most efficient way to get from one point to another while discovering the wonders of Portugal. Start your honeymoon trip by traversing each of the network’s five train lines that reveal the beauty of Portugal’s villages and natural environment. The Douro line is surrounded by lush greens and inland waters while the Cascais Line shows the blue shades of Lisbon consisting of rivers and the sea. The West Line is filled with interesting paths, hillside views, and charming communities, whilst the Sintra Line dazzles with breathtaking sunset views against historic backdrops and colourful landscapes. The Northern Line lets you experience the different temperatures hovering over the natural beauty of Portugal’s landscapes. Imagine getting around mainland Portugal without having to transfer vehicles. So convenient, right?


If you’re the adventurous type who also happen to have more time for a vacation after your wedding in Portugal, you can enjoy a more action-packed trip by riding a bus. Portugal has a good network of roads leading to interesting urban and rural areas. Ride away and witness these beautiful regions in slow-mo and get off the bus should you want a closer look into Portugal’s natural spots, historic architectural structures, inviting dining districts, and rural villages.

Car rental

A Portugal tour via a rented car is reserved only for the most adventurous couple. If you’re quite good with planning or you’re thrilled with the idea of exploring Portugal without any plan at all, then by all means, go for car rental. But first, you must be familiar with the two types of motorways in Portugal – the traditional motorways with toll booths and the motorways that have an exclusively electronic toll system. In traditional motorways, you can pay either in cash or by bank card while in electronic toll ways, you cannot pay cash but only through electronic means. Know more about the toll roads in Portugal here.

Cost of getting married in Portugal

Compared to other European destinations like Switzerland, Italy, France, and UK, Portugal is a far 21st when it comes to travel costs. According to the Travel Cost Index, the average daily cost of traveling to Portugal per person would be €97, compared to €175 or €160 for other European countries above the list. The same can be said about the cost of getting married in Portugal. They are far below what other destinations offer, if you know where to look! Remember though that the rates of venues and suppliers are at their peak during the summer season, which is actually uniform in all European countries. Get a gauge of the possible cost for your wedding in Portugal by getting an online quote from us.

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