Marry in an incredible private castle ruin in Kerry

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Type Castle Historic Ruin Outdoor Waterside
Features Ocean View Privacy
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Little did we know, there's an awesome Irish gem right at the heart of the Co. Kerry that certainly steals the heart of everyone who sees it. It's a beautifully weathered 4-storey castle covered in crawling greenery, standing high above the hills. This castle ruin will truly be worth every penny you'll pay for an overseas travel.1


The centuries-old structure is perched above a hill just beside the North Atlantic Ocean, making it a scenic location for a dreamy elopement ceremony. Aside from the lush greenery covering the castle, another thing that will amaze you is the breathtaking view of the Kerry Cliffs from this location. Looking at the images of this castle ruin in county Kerry, you can already imagine how your wedding photos will look like. An old structure covered in fresh greenery against a clear blue sky. Whether you hide inside the arches of this site or you pose in front of its outer walls, you will have breathtaking images that will wreak havoc in your social media account.


Although not as popular as the Cliffs of Moher, the Kerry Cliffs are equally astounding and less crowded! That makes this historic castle ruin a desirable outdoor elopement venue for a Spiritual, Humanist, or Secular ceremony. A supplement fee is required for access to the castle via the land-owner’s private road. There is no other way to access the castle directly. Elope here with only you, your spouse, and an officiant in a symbolic ceremony or bring some of your friends and family members along. Whatever your choice is, you and your loved one will have the happiest day of your lives exchanging vows in a surreal location such as this castle ruin in county Kerry. Feel the breeze of Ireland’s calm weather. Enjoy the view of the calming sea. Witness this country’s evergreen landscapes when you choose to get married here.

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