Marry in an intimate Catholic church in Clare

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One of the most perfect venues for a unique Irish destination wedding that’s both legal and religious would be this medieval church built during the 12th century. With a historic facade of medieval masonry and early Christian markings, this intimate Catholic church in county Clare boasts of solemnity and authenticity from its gates leading up to its interiors.


This intimate Catholic church in Co. Clare was built and rebuilt during the 12th to 14th centuries. Its most salient features are the decorated arch located at the doorway south of the church and the medieval ringed cross standing on an altar. Near the altar is a graveyard that adds a more historic ambience to the whole venue. Despite the old age of this intimate Catholic church in county Clare, it is obviously well-maintained from the outside to its interiors. In fact, Noughaval Church has the same features of a modern Catholic church - coloured glass resembling the image of Jesus and other religious symbolisms filling all the corners of the site.


Walls are freshly painted with no cracks or damage. Although small on the inside, it can house up to 70 people.


Surrounding the church are ruins of other churches and castles with lush greeneries embedded on their walls. Aside from the old iconic structures, there’s a vast green field around the venue which is a perfect background for your wedding photos. Other scenic locations like cliffs and nature parks are accessible from here. You can reach these spots in just a few minutes by car.


In fact, you can book an accommodation in this hotel for wedding preparations and even for your honeymoon. This hotel has comfortable beds, an authentic Irish ambience, plus great food for the reception.

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