Elope to a neo-gothic castle in Cork

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Type Castle Museum
Features River Function Room Privacy
€500 - €1200
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This elopement spot in Ireland is a castellated fortification located at Blackrock, about 2 kilometers from the centre of Cork on the banks of the river Lee in Ireland. This structure was built in the 16th century originally to repel pirates threatening the kingdom’s safety - the reason why it’s on the water’s edge. Now this serves as an observatory, a museum, and a wedding ceremony venue in Cork.


Small weddings of up to 25 people can take place inside the historic Fireplace Lobby whilst larger weddings of up to 100 can make use of the Forum & Long Room in the main castle building. This iconic castle has undergone major and minor renovation throughout the centuries but the circular towers and their 2.2-meter thick walls have remained until today. Prices for this ceremony venue in Cork vary depending on day of the week and time of ceremony. Since this castle has become an observatory and a museum, several events take place here on a regular basis. Some rooms and areas inside the castle are also dedicated to the museum features. But weddings are allowed here, so you can rent either the Fireplace Lobby or the Forum & Long Room exclusively for your big day.


Expect your wedding photos to be astonishing when you choose to marry in this ceremony venue in Cork. Historic circular towers as your backdrop and a calm body of water surrounding the structure as your view are certainly winning elements of a unique destination wedding. You can take wedding photos in almost all parts of this venue, including the highest point of the castle where its neo-gothic features against the sky will be your background. Wait for the moon to show up and your photos here will even be more magical. You can also walk around the beautiful grounds of this Irish castle, pose in the middle of its huge gates, and enjoy a soft touch of nature appearing in different parts of the venue to maximize your wedding here.

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Photos: Bartek Witek Photography

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