Wedding Venues in Spain

You might be pondering about getting married in Spain because of the great things you've heard about this wedding destination. We are here to assist you as you try to discover more about the country and how suitable it is for your elopement in Europe. Here's a list of handpicked venues that we've prepared just for you! Feel free to send us a message if you see something interesting or if you're curious on how you can get married in Spain.

Famous wedding regions in Spain

There are plenty of reasons why couples are choosing Spain for their destination elopement, but one that stands out is the rich historical and cultural background of this country. If this is your reason for getting married in Spain, then you'll have a long list of venues to look into. Here's a peek to some of the famous regions in Spain to help you arrive at the right decision.


Have a ceremony in one of Barcelona's clean urban beaches and maximize your honeymoon by experiencing Spain's world-class nightlife! Tie the knot here and fill your stomach with world-class cuisines as you dine in one of Barcelona's Michelin-starred restaurants. Dive into the Spanish culture as you explore the beautiful buildings with Gaudi's architecture, Catan Modernism, and Spanish Late-Gothic styles!


Madrid’s main square has been the nation's historical centre for centuries. Aside from a face-to-face encounter with this historical spot, traveling to Madrid for your big day will be worth it because of its gorgeous elopement spots everywhere! Your options include garden ceremony locations, luxury city hotels, elegant venues for royal-type weddings, and iconic hotels next to Spanish museums! Extraordinaria, we should say!


Calling all history- and nature-loving couples! You'd love to get married in this Spanish island dotted with surreal beachside venues, limestone mountains, and remains of the Roman and Moorish culture. Have a beautiful micro wedding in one of Mallorca's intimate villas, rustic locations, and classic churches and you're guaranteed to have a picturesque wedding like no other!


They say, "You can’t throw a stone in Andalusia without hitting something historic!" That means you have a long list of historic and cultural venues to choose from when you get married here! Ruins of a centuries-old church, a restored boutique hotel, and venues with with outdoor terraces offering panoramic views are some of your options! After the ceremony, choose among the 18 Michelin-starred restaurants located in Andalusia for a world-class dinner!

Basque Country

This autonomous region north of Spain should be number one in your list if you're imagining dramatic cliff tops and dreamy villages straight out of a fairytale for your elopement in Spain. The Basque Country is a place of stunning views, beautiful panoramas, and the best food traditions in the world. But don't mistaken it for a backward community because this island also boasts of modern architecture and Michelin-starred restaurants.


From seaside elopement venues, rustic countryside hotels, and cliff-top wedding spots offering crystal clear beach views, there's a bunch of inexhaustible options if you will elope in Ibiza. Brides and grooms who are in love with boho-, mountaintop-, or minimalist-themed locations will find this island a dream come true!

Get married in Spain's breathtaking wedding venues

Spain's landscape is quite diverse. In one region, you'll see centuries-old villages and church ruins, in another, you'll find modern hotels and urban beach spots. To give you an overview of the locations that you're dealing with, here's a list of breathtaking types of venues that will make your micro wedding in Spain worth it!

Historic churches and castles

Here in Spain, Catholics can exchange vows in old churches located in the midst of old villages. Adventure-loving couples, on the other hand, can tie the knot in Spanish castles surrounded by woods and nature, with a lovely courtyard for ceremonies, or with a beautiful outdoor garden for a fairytale wedding.

Venues with mountain views

One of our favourite elopement venues in Spain is a garden overlooking the heavily-forested Andalusian mountains. It's perfect for couples who love nature and the outdoors! Other scenic venue options for your wedding in Spain are mountaintop castles and hilltop Spanish villas. Don't forget to bring a pair of boots for a mountain hike on the first day of your honeymoon!

Hillside villas

Adore the Spanish rolling hills and a countryside vibe when you get married in one of Spain's hillside villas. Turn your big day into an exotic affair when you opt to exchange vows in hilltop venues designed with medieval architecture. Some other options are Boho- and garden-themed venues, while other villas boast of dramatic sea and mountain views.

Wineries & bodegas

Attention, wine-lovers! Many Spanish regions are dotted with historic wineries and bodegas! Some have outdoor ceremony spots overlooking hectares of vineyards, while others offer indoor ceremony locations surrounded with authentic wine-production features! If this is the kind of venue that you're after, you'll never go wrong with a destination wedding in Spain!

Luxury hotels

Despite the historic character of several wedding venues in Spain, there are luxury hotels that compete in elegance and charm with world-class hotels in other countries. They include five-star hotels with wide gardens in Barcelona, urban beach hotels in A Coruña, historic art-inspired hotels next to Spanish museums, and coastline hotels in the breathtaking Balearic islands.

Beachside venues

All that you can say is "Magnifico" if you choose to get married in Spanish cliff-top wedding hotels with astonishing beach views! Fall in love with these elopement venues that line up along the coasts of the the Basque Country, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, and Costa del Sol! No matter what your desired wedding theme is, there's a perfect beachfront venue for you.

Heritage sites for weddings

Spain is the third country in the world with the highest number of heritage sites, 47 to be exact. Some of these sites include Catholic churches, religious fortresses and palaces, Gothic-style cathedrals, and a university city, among others! Explore these historic sites to know the spots that you should visit when you get married in Spain!


Salamanca itself is a UNESCO world heritage site, that's why couples choosing this location is guaranteed to have an authentic historic vibe for their big day! Pick from among the selection of boutique and historic hotels, castles, and palaces in the region for your micro wedding. One notable elopement venue is a medieval palace that's complete with coffered ceilings and a historic library.


From old palaces, to medieval castles, to homey hotels, there are numerous options for your wonderful elopement in Spain if you'll choose Càceres. One of the top venue choices here is a castle that dates back to the 15th century with a beautiful garden for wedding ceremonies. Other notable places for elopements are hotels with restaurants, bars, and outdoor pools, a modern 4-star hotel with an elegant and minimalist vibe, and town venues a few steps away from famous Spanish palaces.


Ávila is a hilly city northwest of Madrid with a charm of its own. Aside from the countryside vibe that it offers, Ávila also boasts of elopement venues with views of the Spanish rolling hills, garden wedding spots filled with archaeological features, a charming hotel with a restaurant that lends a view to the Gredos Mountains, and a highly-rated elopement venue that is loved for its panoramic views of the ancient city walls.


Cordoba sits in southern Spain and is best known for the La Mezquita, a huge mosque that dates back to 784 A.D. Prepare to be transported back in time when you exchange vows in one of its historic venues. Have a wedding ceremony at the terrace of an old hotel with panoramic views of the city, in a timeless protected building along a quiet cobbled Spanish street, or at an Andalusian-style building that features old Spanish architecture through its columns and arches.


Travel to Alhambra for a unique wedding in Spain where you'll see remains of Roman fortifications and the famous 14th-century Royal Complex. Here, you can get married in a courtyard surrounded by thick foliage of trees and bushes, in a wedding estate with historic buildings, or a ceremony spot offering a view to Granada's evergreen landscape. There's even a palace hotel overlooking a rugged natural park and scenic hilltop villages!

Santiago de Compostela

It's easy to recognize Santiago de Compostela as a religious site. It's known to the faithful for its Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, and the alleged burial site of St. James from the Bible. If you're rooting for a wedding in Spain for religious reasons, Santiago de Compostela is a great choice. Here, you can get married in a luxury hotel near the cathedral, a historical 5-star property that was once a convent, in a country house with individually decorated rooms, or in an idyllic hotel along the riverwalk surrounded by surreal nature!

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