Boutique hotel for intimate weddings overlooking Es Vedrà

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Type Boutique Hotel Hotel Outdoor Restaurant
Features Bar Courtyard Gardens Gazebo Gym In-house catering Ocean View Outdoor Terrace Panoramic View Parking Pergola Professional Kitchen Restaurant Roof Terrace
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Ibiza is a popular holiday destination, and there’s no doubt that it’s because of the magical party ambiance of the island that boosts its popularity. However, for your destination wedding in Spain, there are also spots in Ibiza where you can have a private ceremony with a serene ambiance and stunning views of the Mediterranean paradise.

This boutique hotel for weddings in Ibiza is one of them. Discover what this venue offers for couples tying the knot in Spain.


If you’re planning to stay in this boutique hotel for the rest of your wedding holiday in Spain, various exciting adventures await you.

You can explore the incredible coastlines of Ibiza via a zodiac boat that offers a chance to immerse in the island’s way of life. Food and drink will be on the boat upon your request as part of the experience.

After exploring the coastline, you can relax and watch the sunset in the most charming gardens of Ibiza and get lost in its natural magic. Feel the fresh air and soak in the fantastic views that assure you about your best decision to travel to Spain for a destination wedding.

If you want to explore this venue more for your dream seaside Spanish wedding, get in touch with us.


Natural light, comfortable space, and maximum comfort are the themes of Ibiza’s rooms. They offer eight types of accommodations ranging from suites with sea views for two persons to huge bedroom suites with a terrace. These eight room types guarantee a relaxing and luxurious honeymoon in Ibiza.


Situated near the Ibizan coastline, this hotel is ideal for celebrating an outdoor beach and boho-themed wedding. It offers a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, away from the parties and the noisy crowd Ibiza is known for.

In fact, this hotel is called an intimate hideaway with lush nature as its fortress. What views will you have for your outdoor ceremony, you ask? Nothing less than the magical Es Vedrà, a rocky island formed from limestone known as one of the most magnetic spots on earth next only to the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle.

You can have this magnetic and magical rock formation as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony in the hotel. Aside from Es Vedrà, you can also witness the unparalleled views of rural Ibiza from the ceremony areas of the hotel.

There are three options that you can choose from. You can hold the ceremony in the restaurant with roofed and outdoor areas that can fit up to 70 people. A more extensive outdoor space surrounded by trees that they light up through fairy lights in the evening is a better option for groups of up to 100 people. The biggest ceremony area in the hotel is the rooftop, that is spacious enough to accommodate up to 150 guests.

The hotel’s rooftop is the most magical place in the venue, with mood lights creating a wonderful ambiance for evening celebrations. It looks straight into Es Vedrà and the illustrious Mediterranean Sea in the daytime.

A true Mediterranean lifestyle with a dream-like ambiance awaits you and your guests in this wedding hotel.


Prepare for an explosion of flavors with the Mediterranean cuisine traditionally prepared by the local Ibizan chefs using fresh home-grown ingredients. You can have a Spanish buffet for breakfast, Mediterranean seafood dishes, local vegetables, and pizzas for lunch. If you want an evening celebration, the venue offers fine and traditional cuisine for dinner.

The hotel has two onsite restaurants where you and your guests can dine in and party all night. The second restaurant is right next to the pool, with an enthralling ambiance from day to night.

At the rooftop, the staff will serve raw food, such as ceviche, and prepare a cocktail bar for the night.

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