Marry in a boho beachfront restaurant in Alicante

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Magically lying on the seafront of the most beautiful cove in the Mediterranean, the Cala del Portixol, this wedding venue guarantees tranquility and seclusion from the big crowds for your special celebration.

The exact place where it is located is called Javea, and it lies between the historic Mediterranean city of Alicante and the charming old town of Valencia just in front of the world-class club destination Ibiza. The skies are blue, the waters clear, and the sun sets magically on the horizon with an enchanting sunset palette every day!


After the ceremony, enjoy a wonderful dinner with your family and friends in a unique and memorable gastronomic experience brought to you by the amazing chefs of this boho restaurant. They pride themselves in using only fresh products of the highest quality for your big day.

You and your guests will be seated at the restaurant grounds or at the terrace, depending on your preference. Whatever you choose, an amazing boho vibe will definitely be there, complete with tapestries, vintage decor, a warm tone, and fairy lights hanging above. There’s a stage for performances to keep the whole night alive.

While you’re having a good time, the restaurant’s professional staff will serve sumptuous fish and meat dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, and unique cocktails. All of these are on top of the amazing sea views at the time of the day when your wedding reception begins and ends.

The perfect view of the sunset can be seen from the terrace, while at night, you’ll be amazed at the sparkling lights all over the cove and how the sea reflects their beauty. It’s all up to you when you want your party to begin.

If you’re looking for a venue for a perfect boho wedding in Spain, and you think that this seaside restaurant is perfect for you, contact us to get in touch with our wedding planner.


The restaurant has been hosting symbolic weddings and different events for many years now so rest assured that your celebration will be well taken care of. You can have a boho beach wedding on the terrace of the restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean sea, that can accommodate up to 180 guests.

Small weddings of up to 20 persons are best celebrated at the edge of the shore in front of the restaurant, with white sand under your feet and rustic chairs arranged for your guests. A boho outdoor umbrella will be placed above you to create a chic boho vibe for your event. You’ll be surrounded by wild vegetation with views to the rocky islands on the other side as you recite your vows. You can even request for additional decor to create a hippie chic beach ambiance for the ceremony.


If it’s a boho theme that you want for your big day, there will be no additional decoration needed in this seaside restaurant to achieve the boho wedding of your dreams. Wooden chairs with white accents, straw terrace umbrellas, warm tones, tapestry, drapings, greenery, and vintage trinkets are only some of the treasures that make this place a bohemian chic space.

The beauty of this restaurant does not lie solely on its authentic Bohemian vibe, but on the natural and wild environment around it and the amazing views of the Portixol beach that you can witness from any point in the venue. It’s worth checking out if you want a relaxing atmosphere in a boho venue for your destination wedding in Spain.

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