Marry in a homey country house with organic farm in Montecorto

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Type Country House Farmhouse Country Estate
Features Yoga Terrace Swimming pool Professional Kitchen In-house catering Gardens Barn Spa Horse riding
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When staying at this Spanish country house, expect an array of nature attractions to delight your eyes - from the rolling hills and mountain range of Ronda, the old oak trees and olive groves, to the vineyards and green valleys of south Spain.

There are flocks of farm animals roaming around the estate and horses training on most days. Cute mules and donkeys are part of the scenes too. There’s just so much tranquility surrounding the estate because of the laidback farm life that you will witness everyday.

One of our favorite features of the venue is the medicinal garden with over 200 healing herbs and flowers on display. The aroma and relaxation brought by these herbs are just amazing.


After your celebration, you can rest in one of the nine unique rooms of the country house designed for different needs.

Some of them can accommodate two guests, while some a whole family. Some go straight up into the medicinal garden while some offer a gorgeous view of the rolling hills. We also love their rooms that open up to the oak trees and the mountain views outside.

The rooms may have different views, but all accommodations are on an all-inclusive basis with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even your drinks and snacks for your whole stay will be provided by the country house.


Moving on to your ceremony in this venue, the best spots are outdoors in the open field, where the rural setting is in full view. You can get married in the open terraces with wide spaces for up to 150 guests. The gardens are available for intimate weddings surrounded by the fragrant and aromatic plants.

Under the oak tree, the venue owners arranged stacks of hay covered in white cloth and piled with pillows. This area is where your wedding guests can be seated while you recite your vows in front of them. The big oak tree is so far-reaching that it covers the whole area in front for the ceremony and the guest area.

For a weather-proof celebration, you can tie the knot in the rustic nipa hut overlooking the olive groves of the estate. Your guests can remain standing while the ceremony unfolds or you can have them seated for more comfort. In any case, string lights can be lit up to make the area glow during the ceremony.


Just like the ceremony, wedding receptions can also happen in the open terraces or the garden. The venue owners will arrange long tables for a nice banquet in a rural setting. Tables and chairs are all wooden to create a country house and rustic vibe for the event.

A less spacious area for intimate groups of up to 20 people is located in front of the house right next to the relaxing trees of the estate. This is the perfect spot for your wedding dinner after your wedding ceremony.

Expect nothing less than a healthy, fresh, and delicious menu for the banquet. The country house’s chefs work hard to produce quality food for your special day. They get all the ingredients, from the eggs, milk, cheese, and vegetables from the venue’s farm to make sure they are all freshly served and prepared.

Most importantly, you can taste the best of wines since the venue is committed to supporting talented winemakers who use a no-chemical, no-pesticide approach to wine production.


Fill your honeymoon itinerary with different outdoor activities hosted by the country house. You can have guided tours to visit the animals and learn the farming approach of the venue, or you can go on guided hikes to the surrounding mountains.

Paragliding is also available for adventurous couples, and you can cap the night with a guided starry night exploration with the venue’s star specialist. He will teach you about the universe, the galaxies, and the moon with the help of the venue’s very own Celestron telescope.

Here in this country house, you will never run out of things to do and beautiful places to appreciate from the moment you set foot to your wedding day and honeymoon. When you’ve decided to have this country house for your destination wedding in Spain, feel free to get in touch with us.


At the top of the Andalusian mountain range lies 1500 acres of rural estate that offers a serene environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and a discreet luxury wedding venue at the heart of Málaga. Here, you can get married at the outdoor terrace overlooking the chic Spanish countryside, with a whole mountain range in full view.

Eat your heart out in an intimate wedding reception with food prepared from their own farm. Relax in their amazing spa, and enjoy an endless list of outdoor activities. A full itinerary for your destination wedding in Spain in a wonderful rural setting.


As you enjoy the food and elegant rooms of the venue, you can also relax in its world-class spa and the outdoor pool overlooking the awesome views of Ronda. The farm is open for you to explore, as well as the medicinal garden and the woodland.

The yoga platform is also available for your morning meditation just before taking your first meal.

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