Charming 1000-year old castle for weddings in Sant Martí de Tous

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Features Cliffs Gardens In-house catering Outdoor Terrace Panoramic Mountain Views Panoramic View Parking Reception Room
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This Spanish venue offers plenty of options for a wedding ceremony. If you’re lovers of bright outdoor weddings, you can tie the knot at the garden with the fragrance of the blooms and herbs planted in the open space. The garden is a wonderful choice for a civil ceremony with a small guest list. Alternatively, you can tie the knot in the open terrace and just use the garden for the cocktail hour.

The open terrace overlooking the cliffs and mountains is perfect for bigger groups of 100 or more. White chairs can be arranged on the spacious grounds, and you can place a beautiful wedding arch in front for your lovely ceremony. The terrace balcony is just in front of one of the castle walls, which means you will have these historic walls as the other backdrop, opposite the cliff and mountainside.

In case it rains on your wedding day, you don’t need to worry because there are indoor salons in the castle with classy, historic interiors and plenty of natural light.

You can also get married in the church just 50 meters from the castle if you prefer a solemn, religious ceremony with your friends and family. The church is also oozing with history, just like most Spanish churches. Even if you choose a church wedding, you can still use the castle for the wedding preparation and the reception.


History, beautiful scenery, and bright warm sun are the general ambiance of this wedding castle near Barcelona. With 1000 years of history, you can expect the Spanish culture etched on every nook and cranny of this fantastic venue.

Whether it’s an outdoor or cozy indoor wedding in Spain that you are dreaming of, this place will exceed your expectations. Keep reading as we tell you more about getting married in this Spanish castle.


The history of this castle stretches as far back as the year 960. It’s one of the most unique castles in Spain mainly because of its old age and location on top of a hill. Even the gardens and the interior rooms of the castle are all over 1000 years old, and they were carefully preserved to be enjoyed by the present and future generations.

Although the place has been modernized over the years, they were mainly addition to the already majestic original architecture and interiors of the castle.


The castle’s several indoor salons offer a medieval ambiance for your wedding reception. Whether you’re a group of 10 or 100 people, there is a fitting salon for you.

You can expect each indoor reception area to be full of sunlight to guarantee that you will enjoy the great views from the castle. The decor and wedding menu will be personalized based on your preferences, so if you have food allergies or vegan requests, rest assured that it will be accommodated.

Not only will your wedding lunch or dinner be exceptional. There are also special nooks in the castle for late-night bars, drinking parties, and cocktail hours. Imagine watching the sunset on the mountainside while enjoying drinks with your favorite people on the most special day of your life.

If you want to learn more about this Spanish wedding castle, get in touch with us and explore the possibility of having your destination wedding here.

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