Wedding Venues in Portugal

We've rounded up some of the best Portugal wedding venues and elopement locations for you.Take a look at the jaw-dropping regions and venues that we carefully handpicked for your wonderful intimate wedding or elopement in Portugal. We've searched this historic country from coast to coast to give our couples the most romantic places for a micro wedding. Send us a message if you've chosen one and would like to start planning for your wedding!

Fascinating regions to exchange vows

Whether you want a hilltop wedding ceremony overlooking the rural landscapes of Portugal or an elopement ceremony along a white-sand beach on a perfect sunset, there's a fascinating region in Portugal that will make your dream come true. Let us launch you into your search for the best wedding venue in Portugal through the list below.


Marry in the hilly and coastal capital of Portugal with picturesque palaces offering postcard-perfect panorama, beachside boutique hotels, historic ancient ruins, and domed-cathedrals built centuries ago! Lisbon offers a great mix of historic and modern luxury elopement venues.


Braga is a city in the far north of Portugal that is popular for its numerous religious heritage sites. Catholic couples dreaming of a solemn ceremony in an old church with medieval architecture may find Braga an interesting region to get married in.


Fall in love in the riverfront city of Coimbra in central Portugal where you can get married on top of a hotel terrace overlooking medieval towns, in a 4-star hotel fronting the river, or in a luxury elopement venue that offers an authentic historic vibe.


Alentejo in south Portugal is said to be the heartland of the country because of its compelling sceneries ranging from white beaches, historic Roman ruins, hilltop castles, and old towns. One of the most beautiful places here is a UNESCO designated medieval town called Evora that dates back to the 14th century!

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is the oldest demarcated wine region in the whole world. Marry in one of its breathtaking vineyard wedding venues, historic hotels, and villas overlooking the scenic terraced fields, or in a particular favourite of ours - a glass-windowed venue that offers tip-top views of the Douro river and valleys!


Be transported back in time when you set foot in this Portuguese coastal city where a medieval riverside district, stately bridges, and narrow cobbled streets will surprise you. Choose a romantic villa with a picturesque courtyard, a parklike elopement spot with wide open gardens, or a farm venue with its own lake and chapel!

Unique wedding venues in Portugal

You're traveling all the way to Portugal for a destination wedding in Europe like no other. Better make it a unique wedding experience in an extraordinary venue that only a few adventurous couples thought of tying the knot in. Here are some of the unique wedding venues in Portugal that will surely wow your friends and family!

Beachside hotels

Luxury hotels by the ocean ensure a celebrity experience for your wedding in Portugal. Have an outdoor ceremony by the beach with breathtaking ocean views, and follow it up with an indoor reception at a fully-equipped restaurant. Here in Sintra, you can also find historic Portugal wedding venues with chapels for a religious ceremony and spacious ballroom halls for grand receptions.

Golf course venues

As one of Europe’s best wedding destination for golf enthusiasts, some couples travel to Portugal for a beautiful wedding ceremony on a huge golf course. Needless to say, golf courses are perfect outdoor ceremony areas that offer scenic views of the golden Portuguese coastline. These types of venues are great options for couples who want a world-class golfing experience at least once in their lifetime.


Have the Boho-chic wedding or the rustic elopement celebration that you've always dreamed of when you get married in a farmhouse in Portugal. In the Eastern Algarve, there's a farmhouse wedding venue set between the ocean and the mountains where you can have a ceremony overlooking the rural landscapes of Portugal. Witness the beauty of ancient villages in farmhouse elopement venues while you enjoy the taste of the best fruits in the country.

Hillside villas

Fabulous views while you exchange your vows await you in Portugal's hillside wedding villas. They are no doubt some of the most romantic venues for weddings in the country where you and your loved one can have a ceremony on top of a terrace overlooking the picturesque landscapes of Portugal. Some hillside villas are located in ancient villages while some along the country's golden coastline.

Top beach spots for elopements

With its wide stretch of coastline with countless hotels, villas, and beachside elopement venues, we will be amiss if we won't feature the top beach spots for a destination wedding in Portugal. If you're dreaming of a ceremony by the ocean, here are some locations to consider for your elopement.


Cascais is a tourist destination along the coastline of Lisbon that houses historic wedding venues and modern elopement spots. While the venues here try to keep up with the demands of modern tourists, Cascais still managed to preserve its identity as a traditional fishing town with medieval buildings and priceless heritage sites. Have a ceremony along its sandy coastline, in a modern golf resort, or in a boutique hotel along the coast.


Have the best seafood feast during your intimate wedding dinner in one of Algarve's beachside elopement venues. An elopement in this region guarantees the best beach views, the best Portuguese seafood experience, and a taste of excellent, inexpensive wines! Your options for a wedding venue here include Atlantic beachside hotels, golf resorts, a secret sea cave, and a private yacht floating on a glorious ocean!


Get a glimpse of the lives of Portuguese royalties when you travel to Sintra for your elopement in Portugal. Within its green mountainscape, are some of the most treasured palaces, parks, and historic spots in Portugal. Choose an intimate wedding venue in Sintra's pastel-colored villages and you'll have the sweeping views of hilltop palaces, forested terrains, and rippling mountains as the backdrop for your ceremony!


Elegant wedding venues await you in this Portuguese region that is known for posh holiday venues and grand vacation resorts. If you want a luxurious elopement experience with unparalleled ocean views, this entertainment destination on the Portuguese Riviera will give you what you want and more. Estoril houses some of the most expensive palace hotels and beachside villas with the finest amenities that Portuguese wedding venues can offer.


Lagos is a scenic town south of Algarve where you can have a destination wedding away from the noise and busy crowds of luxury hotels. In Lagos, you can have a simple ceremony along the coast fronting the ocean, in a humble resort overlooking a beautiful nature reserve, or in a hotel that offers an authentic cultural experience. If you want a unique elopement celebration, get married in one of Lagos' hillside parks and restaurants.

Parque Natural da Arrábida

What can you expect from a Portuguese region that has been protected since 1976 to preserve its surreal natural beauty? None other than a dramatic coastline, white-sand cove beaches, and calm waters. For obvious reasons shown in the image above, you'll never go wrong if you choose Parque Natural da Arrábida for a dreamy micro wedding along a beach in Portugal.

Historic sites for weddings in Portugal

Dive deep into Portugal's history and be astounded by their carefully preserved palaces, castles, and churches where you can tie the knot. There's also a museum in Lisbon that allows wedding ceremonies for couples who want an extraordinary venue for their big day!

Picturesque palaces

As one of the oldest countries in Europe, it won't be a surprise to see beautifully preserved medieval palaces anywhere in Portugal. If you chose to have a destination wedding here because you want to witness rich history and culture, then get married in one of the venues for micro weddings in the Schist villages or in Sintra's mountaintop palace in the midst of a woodland. You may also find interest in a historic elopement palace in Chiado with an amazing library and extraordinary artworks!

Medieval castles

How about a destination wedding in a medieval castle overlooking the ocean? If that caught your attention, then Portugal's historic castles located in lush landscapes and rolling hills might be the perfect venue for you. Tie the knot along beachside Portuguese castles with well-preserved medieval features and your wedding photos will surely be amazing!


Believe it or not, you can have an elopement in Portugal inside a museum! In fact, there are several museums for weddings in this country that allow couples to have a ceremony within their grounds. One notable venue on top of the list is a museum inside a royal palace in Lisbon with the biggest private collection of Portuguese carriage! Image source here.

Old historic churches

Being a predominantly Catholic country, Portugal is dotted with old historic churches where you can have a solemn traditional wedding ceremony. You have countless of options, including a 16th-century cathedral near Lisbon, a humble old church in the village Estoi in Faro, and a 3rd-century Gothic-style cathedral in Braga.

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