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Tamariz beach in Estoril is the exact location of this wedding castle, and it promises not only stunning views of the sea but of Sintra Mountains, other castles, national parks, and golf courses. The venue offers multi-faceted views that you would love for a wedding backdrop.

Aside from the views, the castle sits on a location with a fantastic climate too. There is plenty of sunshine almost all year, so you have a wide range of options on when to get married here. Portugal is also known for its warm winter sun, so you can have your big day scheduled even in the early or latter part of the year.

Needless to say, its location in Lisbon makes it an ideal venue for your destination wedding in Portugal because it’s the city center where all the action happens. Enjoy Lisbon’s historical sights and nature scenes which are perfect for your honeymoon trip. The beachfront castle is also very accessible, being only 20 minutes from the Lisbon Airport.


Bring your guests to the beautiful tent for the wedding reception that accommodates up to 250 guests. This is the best option for big wedding dinners, but we always prefer the terrace for intimate events.

The terrace is available for cocktail hours and wedding receptions where you can enjoy the best sea views from the castle. If there will be unexpected rains on your wedding day, you can always use one of the castle’s historical rooms with a historical and royal vibe to them.

After enjoying the Mediterranean cuisines prepared by the venue, you can proceed to the spacious disco room where you can dance the night away.

If you think this is the perfect venue for your dream beach wedding, and you want to explore more, get in touch with us, and we’ll show you the way to achieve that dream wedding.


Picking the perfect venue for the wedding you envision is probably the most challenging part of wedding planning, but it’s the most rewarding. Once you get this piece right, that’s half the battle won for your special day.

If you envision a seaside wedding in Portugal in a venue that shouts history and royalty, this beachfront castle in Cascais is worth considering. You cannot go wrong with Portugal’s golden coastline.

This specific venue sits on an extensive coastline of Estoril, with lovely white sand and a beautiful ocean background. That’s a stunning and relaxing atmosphere for your beach wedding in Portugal.


The history of this castle goes as far back as 1896 when the locals gave it its name from the palm and tamarind trees that surrounded it at that time. The place was then converted into a luxury tea room along the streets of Estoril, where the royalties of Portugal used to roam around.

Even up to the mid- and late 20th-century, the venue has been frequented by celebrities and artists for leisure and inspiration. The castle even became a shooting location of various films, thanks to its historic facade and terraces and superb sea views.


If you’re wondering where you can have a ceremony in the castle, the answer is anywhere! You can have an outdoor wedding in front of the ocean, with the historic castle in the background or you can hold your intimate exchange of vows at the terrace, overlooking the scenic Tamariz beach. The terrace has an elegant and rustic feel to it, that makes every ceremony here look grand.

If you’re not a fan of outdoor weddings, but would like an intimate, indoor space for your ceremony, you can reserve one of the function rooms of the castle. There’s also a much brighter brick-walled area with huge glass windows that gives the room plenty of natural light. This brick-walled spot is perfect for small weddings with up to 20 guests.

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