Marry in a seaside restaurant with Boho vibe in Silveira

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Type Beach Restaurant
Features Ocean View Restaurant
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Warm white sand under your feet, the sun shining so magically in the morning and late afternoon, the ocean splashing wildly, and a boho restaurant ready to serve authentic dishes from their fresh catch.

This seaside venue in Santa Cruz is a dream come true for couples who want panoramic sea views and the white sand beach for their big day. It’s a wonderful place to make memories with your loved one and favorite people at your intimate wedding in Portugal.


This elopement venue is a long stretch of coastal beach directly in front of the Atlantic Ocean. It is popular among the locals as a surfing destination with its strong waves, fine white sand, and astounding rock formations. Despite its beauty and pristine nature, only a few foreign tourists visit the place because it’s one of those off the beaten path Portuguese destinations with less crowd, making it ideal for elopements and intimate weddings.

The coastal beach is part of the Santa Cruz locality in Torres Vedras, and is mostly known for its quality and less cosmopolitan beaches. There are many establishments around the area, from guest houses to villas and hotels, so you can always find a place to stay should you decide to get married in one of the venues along the coast.


We recommend this seaside restaurant for beach elopements in Portugal because of its wonderful areas dedicated for special events.

There’s no better place to say your I dos than in front of the restaurant, along the shore with the ocean and the waves splashing right before you. All you need is a wedding arch, wooden chairs for your guests, and a stress-free state of mind to appreciate the perfection of your beach ceremony here.

Whether you’re having a simple elopement for two or an intimate wedding with a few friends and family, the ceremony spot along the shore will be fitting for your celebration.

With the Atlantic Ocean and the sandy shore in the background, what else do you need for a perfect beach wedding? Hold the ceremony late in the afternoon and your wedding will be filled with the magical sunset and beach palette.


When it’s time for your wedding dinner, the restaurant has no shortage of sun-basked areas for an unforgettable celebration. Prepare to make your big day a lot better whatever spot you choose for the wedding reception.

There’s a glass-walled room for a weatherproof dinner whilst providing astounding views of the glittering ocean and the clear skies. The area is completely boho, with wooden chairs and tables and hanging bohemian tapestry on the ceiling. This spot is ideal if you want to be protected from the sun or if you don’t want external sounds and music interfering with your celebration.

However, the outdoor area is more stunning, with the sounds of the waves in the background and the warm sun shining magically above you. It is completely open if not for the reed roof that adds an authentic boho vibe to all celebrations happening here.

You can have a mini stage in front for the musician or the DJ whilst you and your guest enjoy fresh seafood and a variety of authentic dishes under the warm sun. This outdoor area is most suitable for informal, intimate celebrations of couples who love a raw beach setting with unimpeded sunlight and crashing waves in the background.

Sing, drink, and party all you want after dinner. Make the most out of your destination wedding in Portugal by savoring every second of your special day in the magical beach venue that you picked.


After the ceremony, all the drinking, and the crazy fun party, you’d want to just rest your head and relax with the love of your life. You will find a selection of hotels, guest houses, and villas to choose from. Some of them are beachfront properties just a few steps away from the restaurant.

We recommend that you schedule your Portuguese destination wedding when the peak season has ended, just after summer to avoid skyrocketing prices for accommodations. Get in touch with our wedding planner in Portugal to know the do’s and don'ts of getting married in this location.

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