Elegant hotel for royal elopements in Estoril

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Type Luxury Hotel Golf Club
Features Golf Function Room Spa Swimming pool Parking Ocean View Bar
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Built for the grandest of occasions, this luxury hotel in Estoril shouts elegance, royalty, and timeless beauty. The venue oozes nature, from the gardens to the tall trees and open fields, but it never lacks the facilities for a luxurious and comfortable stay. Above all, the hotel’s surreal areas for Portuguese destination weddings will make your big day unforgettable.


The Cascais coast is one of the prestigious destinations in Portugal because of its scenic beaches, cultural attractions, and historic sites. This wedding hotel sits at the heart of the Cascais coast in Estoril, just a few minutes away from the ocean.

Estoril invites you to its fusion of historic scenes, cosmopolitan living, and breathtaking ocean views. Around the hotel are fabulous attractions worth a visit, including prestigious golf courses, a range of beautiful beaches, and a collection of historic villas and mansions.


The hotel is complete with regal indoor areas for the most classy ceremonies, from event rooms that can fit up to 400 people to outdoor areas offering the facade of the timeless hotel as your wedding backdrop.

Choose from among the three timeless wedding halls with royal interiors and antique furnishings for your ceremony. In front of the hotel is a vast green field fit for all kinds of occasions and perfect for intimate weddings. It offers a backdrop of the hotel’s timeless facade, a peek at the fabulous pool, and precisely trimmed hedges and shrubs framing your wedding ceremony.

All the indoor and outdoor areas for the ceremony are spacious enough for less than a hundred guests. Intimate weddings look surreal in these spaces, with lots of room for decor, a wedding arch, photobooth areas, and snack bars.


There’s one crucial thing you have to know about this hotel in Estoril - every nook and cranny is made for an elegant, high-end celebration. It’s not laidback, shabby, or homey, but grand and classy! If that’s the kind of vibe that you want for your destination wedding in Portugal, then you will be pleased to get married in this hotel.

One of the three event rooms boasts marble finishes, crystal chandeliers, and large palatial windows for a fairytale vibe. At the same time, another is considered the grand salon because of its high ceiling, distinctive European style, and a large seating capacity of up to 400 people.

If you want a bright and airy ambiance for your wedding reception, pick the sophisticatedly designed event room with abundant natural light and refreshing garden views. There are dedicated bar areas in each event room to guarantee overflowing drinks for your big day.

If you want something more casual yet still elegant, take your guests to the hotel’s terrace for an open-air wedding reception where they can enjoy the panoramic views of the city’s golf courses and the Atlantic Ocean. The upscale restaurant is an excellent option for a luxurious dinner for two or a posh reception for a small group.

Each reception area and the menu offering of the hotel is made for a refined evening and a purely luxurious experience for you and your favorite people.


This all-in-one venue for your Portuguese destination wedding also provides luxury accommodations for you and your guests.

Its spacious suites have a rich, stately ambiance with stunning garden views to refresh your mornings. There’s a mix of modernity and elegance in each room while preserving the rich heritage of the hotel.

You don’t need to look for another place to accommodate your small group because this hotel has enough rooms and suites for your whole wedding party.


While you stay in the hotel for your honeymoon and Portuguese exploration, take the opportunity to bask in the sun at the hotel’s glittering pool and play at the Estoril Golf Course for a world-class experience.

If golfing is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy the hotel’s spa and its unique treatments as a honeymoon treat. The following day, invite your intimate group of friends and family to an outdoor brunch overlooking the hotel’s luxury pool.

As you can see, the hotel’s facility and offerings reveal its dedication to providing a complete, grand, and unforgettable experience to every couple tying the knot here. From the wedding preparations to the reception and honeymoon, you are guaranteed a sophisticated experience in the hotel.

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