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Top reasons why you should elope in Germany

Aside from beers, cars, and chocolates (arguably the three best things in the world), Germany is also known for music and fairy tales that have gone far and wide throughout the history of mankind.

Having seen Germany from east to west, we do not doubt that its stunning landscapes and dreamy castles are to blame as the inspirations behind the best music and the grandest of fairy tales ever created.

Why Germany for European destination wedding?

As European wedding planners, we would be amiss if we don’t show our couples the beauty of getting married in Germany. Towards that end, we created a list of wedding venues in Germany that future brides and grooms can look into as options for their dream wedding.

Think of Sleeping Beauty's and Cinderella’s castles, which were both inspired by the Neuschwanstein castle sitting atop the German Alps. This dainty Romanesque-style castle and other royal residences scattered across Germany are some of the reasons why we recommend this country for a destination wedding in Europe.

Whether you’re planning for your big day right now or you want to travel to Europe for a vow renewal, we advise that you keep reading. We’ll share with you the top reasons why we believe that eloping in Germany could be the best decision you’ll ever make for your wedding day.

Lovely wedding castles

Fairytale German castles are some of the loveliest places for a wedding in Germany. With their royal and romantic vibe, no bride will ever forget the day they got married here.

Castles in Germany are usually centuries old, filled with classic and royal indoor features, antique Victorian furniture, spiral staircases, high ceilings, and intricate carvings. Most of them are situated on top of the hills overlooking the whimsical view of old villages and thick German forests.

Your options for a wedding castle in Germany include summer residences of former royal families to large fortresses and complex castles turned into luxury hotels, among others.

Marry in dreamy nature spots

There’s something magical about German lakes and forests that make them some of the best nature spots for wild elopements.

If you’re an adventurous couple who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, this one’s perfect for you. Germany is dotted with majestic woodlands and dreamy Alpine lakes for a scenic destination wedding.

One particular forest in Germany that stood out to us is hidden at the heart of thick Bavarian woodlands. Going further unto its trails, you’ll see naturally-formed stone ruins where an intimate ceremony can be held. This spot in the forest, where one of our couples brought their wedding party for a small ceremony, literally looks like a page from a fairytale book.

Aside from awesome forests, there are two Alpine lakes that we highly recommend for symbolic elopements in Germany. One is located in Königssee, with calming blue waters that mirror the skies, whilst the second is hidden at the heart of Bavaria, just below Germany’s tallest mountain - the Zugspitze. Both lakes offer a scenic backdrop of Alpine mountains and crystal clear waters.

Adventure elopements in rustic cottages and lodges

A wedding in Germany is more than just a ceremony that binds the couple together. The more exciting part is always the honeymoon.

In the Bavarian regions of Germany, you’ll find awe-inspiring rustic cottages where you can stay for the rest of your trip. Some of them have perfect ceremony spots with panoramic alpine views and nature spas that you and your loved one can enjoy after the wedding.

You can also get married in one of Germany’s luxurious mountain lodges with 5-star accommodation that offers the same panoramic views of the Alps, but with better facilities to make your wishes come true.

Your options are wide should you decide to recite your vows in German cottages and lodges. Take your pick from among the secluded mountain lodges in the middle of a woodland, cozy mountain lodges with luxurious hotel features, and romantic cottages by the sea.

Renew vows in stylish villas and manor houses

Expect nothing less than romance and elegance from historic manor houses and stately villas in Germany. Some of them served as residences of the royalty some centuries back while some used to be vacation houses of the rich and the famous.

Just like beautiful German castles, you’ll see charming gardens, lavishly decorated dining rooms, and beautifully furnished bedrooms when you get married in one of these venues. Although often surrounded by rivers and greenery, German villas and manor houses are equipped with modern luxuries for a grand reception.

World-renowned German food and drinks

There’s a long list of delectable German cuisines that can be served for your adventure wedding in Germany. Among the long list, we have top recommendations that you shouldn’t miss at your wedding dinner. Pretzels, German beer, and beef dishes must be the non-negotiable parts of your wedding menu.

German Pretzels

Get the chance to taste authentic German pretzels with plump bread and a crispy covering. You’ll know it’s authentic when you bite that heavenly soft dough inside. Serve pretzels with creamy fresh-tasting goat cheese during the reception and your guests will surely love it!

German beef dishes

German weddings always have beef dishes on the table. In this European country, beef is the favourite meat that natives cook. Whether it’s fried, roasted, braised, or ground and flavoured, German beef dishes will always be astounding!

One of the most popular of all is the Sauerbraten. It’s a traditional German pot roast that is heavenly tender with a sharp, tangy flavor. Thanks to a lengthy marinade of tart vinegar, red wine, and spices.

You’ll be equally delighted with Königsberger Klopse, a German dish that originates from Königsberg. Simmered in broth and drenched in cream or sour cream sauce, this meatball-style dish is definitely a must-have in your dinner table.

Authentic German Beer

And please, don’t miss the chance to drink authentic German beer which is a major part of the German culture. Every region of the country is represented by a unique brew with its own twist! There's the popular Beck's from north Bremen, Kreuztal’s five-star premium lager called Krombacher, and one of our top recommendations - Hefeweizen - that is loved for its yeasty sweet taste! While wine is automatically included in weddings, you can have beer for you and your guests instead!

Unforgettable honeymoon in boutique German hotels

After the formalities and the obligatory dinner, you deserve a perfect honeymoon with the love of your life. For most of our couples, their stay in the hotel, the activities offered by the venue, and their long drive along the streets of rural Germany were the most unforgettable parts of their destination elopement.

If you want to experience maximum pampering and tiptop facilities, book a suite in a boutique German hotel for a posh honeymoon. You can find some in little German towns and mountain villages where you’ll get the best of both worlds - panoramic scenery and luxe hotel facilities. After all, you deserve the best for this once-in-a-lifetime event of your life.

Final words

Germany’s wedding venues will surely guarantee a one-in-a-million celebration for you and your fiancé. Search for the best venue from among the stunning nature spots and lavish castles and hotels for your adventure elopement in Germany, and we'll take care of the rest.

We have wedding packages in Germany that cover everything, including the photographer who will capture every minute of your exchange of vows.

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