Romantic Bavarian mountain lodge for small weddings

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Type Chalet Mountain Lodge
Features Gardens Panoramic Mountain Views Parking Spa Swimming pool
The minimum consumption fee is €9500 with the maximum of 70 guests. Even if you have fewer guests, price remains at €9500 for food and beverage.
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Located next to a hotel, this Bavarian mountain lodge exudes an authentically rustic charm with a uniquely wooden facade and vibrant plants projecting from the terrace, giving the venue a fresh and fragrant vibe.

This place is made for families and couples who love an extraordinary celebration at the foothills of the Alps, as it offers a direct view of a wide green field and the mountains, along with two German castles. This perfect combination creates a romantic ambiance for your destination wedding in Germany.


Sitting at the heart of the Tegernsee Valley, you are guaranteed to have an authentic Bavarian experience in this location. The Tegernsee Valley is world-renowned for its gastronomic experience, lake and mountain views, and outdoor activities all year round.

If you’re getting married in summer, spring, or autumn, take advantage of the hiking, biking, and boat riding activities in town where you can have a close encounter with nature. Winter is a wonderful time to ski along the trails of Tegernsee that locals and tourists rave about during the snowy months.

No matter what season you choose to get married in Germany, Tegernsee offers Michelin star restaurants and cafes that serve unparalleled Bavarian cuisine that you will never taste elsewhere. This full itinerary of places to visit and things to do for your honeymoon will leave you falling in love with the natural beauty, culture, and tradition of Tegernsee.


Coziness and a traditional vibe characterize this Bavarian mountain lodge. Complete with wooden walls and a heavy rustic door, the venue exudes an authentic country ambiance that takes you back in time.

It’s just fitting for a home at the foot of the Alps to feel traditional and rustic, so expect your indoor ceremony to have the same vibe. Glam up the venue’s interiors by requesting for a particular color motif that you like, flowers and greenery for decor, and vintage items to add elegance to the venue.

The wooden elements and large windows of the mountain lodge create a perfectly rustic ambiance with plenty of natural light. Wedding ceremonies at day time inside the lodge will surely feel airy and homey. The events room can accommodate up to 70 guests but we advise that you bring a smaller group to keep the room more spacious and comfortable for everyone. A more intimate group of only 10-30 will create more space for the center aisle and the dance floor later during the reception.

Instead of an indoor ceremony in the lodge, you can recite your vows in the spacious area outside with open views to the mountains and the huge grass field. If you prefer to have an outdoor wedding like this, the rustic lodge will be your backdrop while you and your guests enjoy the nature views as the ceremony unfolds.


The events room in the lodge can also be used for the wedding lunch or dinner after the ceremony. As mentioned earlier, the rustic wooden room can accommodate up to 70 guests, but it can also be arranged for smaller weddings of only 20-30 people.

If your wedding party is smaller than that, take advantage of another unique area in the mountain lodge that is reserved only for the most intimate and the wildest celebrations. This is the vaulted cellar of the venue that is designed for partying, drinking, singing, and as a dance location. The cellar has a similar rustic vibe, but with a more rugged look.


This beautiful mountain lodge in Tegernsee will not offer a cozy reception room without the accompanying in-house catering services. Enjoy the fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes prepared by the talented kitchen team.

Since it is your special day, you can request for dishes and menus that fit your preferences. No matter the dish or cuisine to be served, freshness is guaranteed in every bite because the ingredients come from the town’s fresh produce.


After the party, you would love to rest in a cozy bedroom with all the amenities for a comfortable sleep. You’ll have that and more in the venue’s two suites with rustic elements and modern luxuries for maximum comfort. Each room can accommodate two persons, so you and our spouse can enjoy one of them, while your special guests can use the other.

As for the other guests, they can stay in the hotel walking distance from the venue. Both the hotel and the mountain lodge are located in the same property so your guests who are staying in the hotel will be a stone's throw away from you.

As you can see, this mountain lodge in Bavaria is complete with all that you will ever need for your destination wedding in Germany. Check out the photos of the venue again, and read the description above. Once you’ve made a decision to tie the knot here, just get in touch with us and we can set the planning in motion.

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