Wedding insurance exists! Here’s why you should get one for your destination wedding

“It is not urgent.” This is the core idea in our minds that’s why most of us naturally have the reluctance of getting an insurance. Whether it’s a car, health, or life insurance, we think it’s not as important as buying your immediate needs for the next couple of months. We don’t see the urgency of getting one so we easily shrug it off and dump the idea.

It would be a lengthy discussion to go into the details of insurance benefits. That’s not what this writeup is all about anyway. This is a wedding blog so we’d like to tell you about a unique type of insurance that covers all unexpected “disasters” when you get married. Yes, a wedding insurance! If you’ve not heard of it, we’ll gladly walk you through the details of these contracts and why they are essential for destination weddings.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Vendor-related problems

“I can’t make it to your wedding. I am so sorry.” Imagine hearing this from your photographer a week before your big day and right after an accident she just encountered from her last project. How can you blame her if she’s in the hospital, suffering from pain and injuries? The sad part is, you have no one to blame yet you’re in deep trouble. Even if your photographer returns the deposit, it would be too hard for you to find a replacement just a week before you get married at a price that is not double the rate or even higher. Now imagine hearing that from other wedding vendors.

Some brides encountered this problem before that’s why we have what is called a wedding insurance that covers the costs of vendor-related problems such as this. Whether you’re having a bespoke destination wedding or an intimate wedding in Germany, France, or Italy an insurance will be your safeguard.

Lost items

This contract covers all unfortunate events happening before and during your wedding in europe or vow renewal abroad. Aside from vendor-related problems, wedding insurance also saves couples from mishaps like missing wedding rings, lost suit of the groom, and one as tragic as seeing your wedding dress in flames.


What if the venue you rented becomes inaccessible on the day of your wedding because of extreme weather conditions or other causes beyond your control? Change of date and rebooking with vendors often require an additional fee and worse, some of your wedding vendors may not be available on the new date of your wedding. This will force you to book another at a higher price. Wedding insurance also covers these unexpected events by giving you a reimbursement for all the additional costs you need to incur.


When someone gets hurt during your big day, you won’t have to spend your honeymoon fund to answer for hospitalization bills or property damage. Wedding insurance will reimburse you for every single cent you spend on such expense.

Why is it essential for destination weddings?

Generally, wedding insurance is important for all kinds of weddings. But what makes it more essential when you marry in a destination spot are the following.

You're an alien in that country

As simple as that. When you choose to get married in Italy, Ireland, France or any place outside your own country, you have no idea how wedding industry works in that place. You have scarce knowledge and zero relationships with vendors, making it extremely difficult to solve an unexpected problem.

Imagine when a cab that’s supposed to take you to your destination wedding venue does not show up. You will be forced to hire someone else immediately and you’ll settle for anyone who offers the same service even if he charges triple the price of your original cab driver. Doesn’t sound like a wonderful start for a happily ever after, right? Wedding insurance can save you from that disaster.

Liabilities are covered

When you’re outside your own country, you’ll be under the legal jurisdiction of the state where you are. You follow its laws and regulations, including those referring to personal liabilities. With an insurance for your destination wedding in Europe, expenses for any accidents or personal injuries will be covered so you won’t need to go through the complexities of appearing before foreign courts. Your local insurance company will take care of absolutely everything, including the payment of anyone affected by the untoward incident.

In the chaotic world of weddings, getting your big day insured is a safeguard that you won’t be hopeless when something really bad happens. Having planned so many weddings and vow renewals for the past few years, we understand the need to have this layer of protection for your big day. In fact, in the consultations which are included in our elopement packages, we help clients find the best insurers for their wedding.

Contact Peach Perfect Weddings to learn more about this and enjoy your wedding planning process in total safety!

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