Travel tips for your wedding in Switzerland

Seeing the breathtaking Swiss lakes, the majestic alpine views unparalleled in the whole world, and to experience the quality of life that Swiss cities have to offer should be in the bucket list of every adventurous couple.

Switzerland is a sought-after European wedding destination because of its pristine environment, stable, prosperous, and high-tech economy, and the fact that it ranked as the wealthiest country in the whole world. These are the top reasons why couples choose Switzerland for their destination wedding. However, traveling to Switzerland is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

If you’re one of the lucky couples who have the chance to get married in Switzerland, we’re very happy for you! Keep reading because in this blog post, you will learn how to maximize your stay in Switzerland and discover the best ways to get around this landlocked paradise.

Airport ride for elopements in Switzerland

Zurich is a chic metropolitan city that offers the best of both worlds - the modernity of Swiss urban living and the astonishing Swiss nature, particularly Lake Zurich and the Alps. That’s the reason why the Zurich airport is usually the best starting point for a trip to Switzerland. Most major American and European flights will land and often offer direct connections to Zurich.

You can also land at the airports in Geneva, Bern or Basel, which can be more pricey, but they will bring you closer to the countryside and the hidden gems of Switzerland. A cheaper option would be to fly into France or Germany, and take the train to your wedding location in Switzerland. Some cities in the neighboring countries are only 2 hours away from Switzerland by car. By driving from Germany or France to Switzerland, you will have a closer and longer encounter with Europe, seeing their pristine nature and joyful communities whilst traveling.

Traveling via Swiss trains after eloping in Switzerland

Switzerland has the best public transport system both in ​​its integration with other modes of transport, timeliness. From the airport, you can easily and comfortably travel to every corner of Switzerland via train or bus. High speed trains can take you to major Swiss cities in just a couple of hours, and some even extend to neighboring countries. Swiss scenic trains offer tour packages that will treat you to an Alpine exploration with all the highlights.

You can choose between urban and tourist railways that will take you to your desired destination with much comfort. What a wonderful way to get around Switzerland during your whole stay. Just remember to buy your train pass beforehand since it is not always possible to buy them on board.

Riding Swiss buses

Ideally situated at the heart of Europe, you can reach the border of Germany, Italy, France or Austria within just a couple of hours drive from Switzerland. Similar to the trains, buses in Switzerland are usually also very comfortable and reliable. Major cities have a station with buses leaving to all parts of the country. Even the smallest villages have at least one bus that can take you there so you can get around Switzerland comfortably and conveniently without renting a car. Take note that bus rides are limited on Sundays, so check the schedule beforehand.

Car rental after marrying in Switzerland

Albeit a more expensive option, renting a car for your Swiss travel can give you the freedom to roam around and go from one place to another at your own pace. There are car rentals directly at the airport to save time. You can use your USA or European driver’s license when you drive around Switzerland. Just take note that the fuel prices are much higher here than in the US or other European countries so make sure to allocate gas money if you will travel by car. By renting a car to get around Switzerland, you can visit the notable wedding venues in Switzerland, and visit the famous places in the country.

Final note

Couples who are getting married in Switzerland choose to stay here for a week or two to maximize their once-in-a-lifetime trip to this landlocked paradise. One to three days are certainly not enough to savor the beauty of this European country. If you’re considering a destination wedding here, you can start sending an enquiry so you can be connected with our wedding planner in Switzerland who will fill you in with the details that you need to know.

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