Why do couples love to elope in Switzerland

With 7000 lakes, 208 mountains, and approximately 180,000 tons of chocolates produced every year, no wonder a lot of couples are dreaming of getting married in Switzerland!

Needless to say, Switzerland is a landlocked paradise filled with breathtaking nature. In fact 15% of all the Alps in Europe belong to this mountainous country, so if you dream of having an adventure elopement with an Alpine scene, choose Switzerland.

But there’s more to this heavenly place in Europe than just a mountainous landscape. Here in Switzerland, you can get married along a crystal clear lake or beside a waterfall! Whether it’s a summer month or the winter season, Switzerland offers plenty of great elopement spots for your wedding in Europe!

To give you a clearer picture, read on to find out the top reasons why lots of couples are choosing Switzerland for their wedding and honeymoon!

The great outdoors

Strap your boots and climb up to your ceremony spot right above the Swiss mountains, in a ski resort, or in the courtyard of a medieval castle located in the midst of a woodland.

Alpine sceneries, dense forests, ancient glacial valleys, or breathtaking waterfalls will serve as the background for your ceremony here. Whatever your taste is, Switzerland will surely have a spectacular nature venue for you.

Historic and cultural elopement venues

If you wish to surround yourself with antique decorations and paintings inside a historical venue, it will be a good idea to celebrate your wedding in one of Switzerland’s carefully-preserved castles and villas.

One of our recommended venues is an 18th-century villa with a wide courtyard and lush gardens that takes you back in time the moment you enter its gates and indulge in its fairytale setting. It has a historic library, a portrait salon filled with paintings from centuries back, and a perfect view of Lake Geneva. You can privatize the whole place for your big day.

You might also find an 11th-century castle in the Murtensee Region an interesting option for your destination wedding in Switzerland. It has its own church, garden, and a professional castle kitchen that serves French-Burgundian cuisines.

Get married in the heart of Europe

As you might have seen from the map, Switzerland is ideally located in the heart of Europe just beside France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. From here, you can conveniently travel all around Europe as a perfect way to spend your honeymoon.

After reciting your vows on top of Switzerland’s mountain peaks, pay a visit to its southern neighbor Italy and witness the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. You can also stay for a day or two in a French vineyard to taste their excellent wines and cheese delicacies. If you’re more of a beer couple, how about joining the Oktoberfest in Munich?

When you get married in Switzerland, visiting the rest of Europe is at your fingertips!

Alpine regions for laidback elopements

If you want a more laidback ambiance for your intimate celebration, you better look at one of the cozy mountain lodges or lovingly refurbished farmhouses that offer a close encounter with nature.

15% of all Alpine mountains are located in Switzerland, which makes it a country with so many Alpine villages. Some of our top picks for adventure elopement venues inside the Alpine regions are castle hotels perched on top of the mountains, an Alpine village hotel with modern amenities, and the impressive Jungfrau Joch - also famously known as "The Top of Europe".

Since the best places in Swiss Alpine villages are usually not found online, contact our wedding planner in Switzerland for her most suggested hidden gems for wedding ceremonies here!

Marry in dreamy lakeside venues

Do you imagine yourself having dinner on an outdoor terrace, sipping the finest Swiss wine, while witnessing breathtaking views of Lake Geneva? That’s how you’re going to end the day when you decide to have an elopement for two in a Swiss lakeside venue.

Some of the most prominent lakes in Switzerland are Lake Thun, Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne, and Lake Lugano. Both the locals and tourists are in love with these lakes so if you love being surrounded by serene waters for your big day, choose from among the lakeside venues in Switzerland. There's a romantic hotel along the lake in Zurich, a pretty vineyard venue for wine-lovers along Lake Geneva, and a unique organic castle hotel along Lake Constance. These are just three of the thirteen lake elopement venues that we have on file for you!

Urban elopement spots

Switzerland may be popular for its spectacular landscapes but this landlocked paradise is not lacking in urban venues for elopements.

There are 5-star hotels with innovative facilities in the charming and buzzing Swiss cities of Zürich and Geneva. Your options range from boutique hotels, luxury residences, and city villas with modern or renaissance-inspired architecture. Most of them have modern restaurants, indoor courtyards, lavish halls, and salons that are perfect settings for your Swiss wedding!


Whatever your preference is for your big day, Switzerland will have a beautiful venue that’s right for you! Get a quote so you'll know how much it costs to have a Swiss elopement.

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