Elopement Packages – Reasons Why Couples Choose Them

Find something you like. Pin it. And poof! It’s in your board. No cost. No hassle.

How every bride hopes wedding planning is just like pinning pics on Pinterest, right? Unfortunately, that’s not even one-tenth of a percent in this long and stressful journey of wedding planning. Choosing the venue for the ceremony, selecting a theme, and finding the perfect wedding gown are only few of the tiny pieces in this whole ordeal of planning your dream wedding.

What makes conventional weddings so stressful?

Even with all these elements prepared, you still have to work on a lot of other things like selecting a reliable hair and makeup artist, meeting photographers and videographers, arranging hotel accommodations for your family, and checking on each of your hundreds of guests to make sure they will get to the venue on time. Oh, and did we mention the legal paperwork you have to personally take care of?

Selecting the venue is one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning because your budget does not always correspond to the rental fee for the place that can accommodate your immense number of guests.

This problem gives birth to other issues such as the amount and price of food needed to feed your guests, the price of the groomsmen and bridesmaids’ attire, and the fee for venue styling which is usually more expensive if the place is bigger.

With all these things to think about after the proposal, a bride-to-be is off to a real battle! And most of them become so consumed to the point of being jaded when their big day finally arrives. So if you’re just starting out with wedding planning, we tell you, don’t do it alone!

You’ll need more than just a wedding planner, but a team that will take care of all the items in your wedding checklist and those that you probably even forgot to put there!

Why elopement is a wiser option

Small wedding for two in Germany

Now, what if we tell you that you can actually ditch all these stress-causing elements of a conventional wedding and just opt for an elegant, memorable, and genuine ceremony where only the real essentials to get married are present? What if we tell you that this heartfelt wedding of yours can happen in a destination spot with breathtaking views at a price that will definitely fit your budget? A price that will give you real value for your money?

And what if all you have to do is to pick a destination where you want to say “I do,” and then let the experienced warriors of wedding planning manage everything for you? Will you take it?

A lot of couples actually did and boy did they enjoy every minute of their big day. So close all your wedding apps right now and focus on what we are about to say. Here are the reasons why more and more brides-and-grooms-to-be are choosing to elope to Ireland, Italy, and other destinations instead of stressing themselves out in planning a conventional wedding.

Elopement is legal!

What a relief, right? We’re really surprised to hear couples asking if a ceremony for two is actually a real wedding. Some of them think that elopements are just symbolic ceremonies that are not recognized by the state. Woah! Wait! This is a misconception.

While you can opt to have an elopement ceremony that does not have any legal effect at all, an elopement can also be one that legally binds you and your loved one as an officially married couple.

At Peach Perfect Weddings, we provide help with legal paperwork to ensure that your elopement will be considered legal back to your home. We can even provide witnesses to your ceremony to avoid any loophole as regards the binding effect of your elopement.

So if the question of legality is what keeps you from going for an elopement, then we tell you, there’s no cause for worry. By complying with some legal requirements, your elopement will be legal whether you hold it in your country or wherever.

You can sit back and just wait for The Day to come

Eloping these days is not limited to saying your “I do’s” with just the two of you and the officiant in a place where no one can find you. We have to break the misconception that elopement is similar to a “secret wedding.”

Intimate Wedding for two in Germany

The truth is, it could be a ceremony with the bride and groom plus a few select guests, including the couple’s immediate family and a few of your friends. We’ve written earlier about the basic idea of an elopement to make sure you understand what it really means.

So here’s why you can sit back and relax until The Day comes – small wedding packages for Italy, Germany, Ireland, or France literally include all the essentials of a wedding that you’ll need in order to pull off a memorable elopement ceremony. The inclusions of these packages are the following:

  • Ceremony Location & Set-up
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Photographer (and you can be sure they are the skilled, tried, and tested ones!)
  • On-the-day Coordination
  • Wedding Planning
  • Officiant / Celebrant
  • and yes, even the Musicians for the ceremony!

So all you have to do before the wedding day is to pack all your things, fly to the destination where you will marry the one you love, and let the trusted suppliers chosen by your wedding planner do everything for you.

Well, we don’t mean that too literally. What we’re saying is that with Peach Perfect Wedding’s packages to elope in Europe, we will do all the face-to-face meetings with these wedding vendors, make all the arrangements on-site for the location setup, and ensure that the accessories you’ll need will be complete on the day of your wedding. We take all the stressful part so you can prepare yourself (and preserve your sanity!) for The Day.

Planners know the “right” wedding vendors

Do you know that there are thousands of wedding vendors all around the globe that brides-and-grooms-to-be can choose from? The wedding industry has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar industry and it’s hard to fish for the right suppliers in the vast sea of photographers, caterers, videographers, and florists.

Wedding planners offering elopement packages are experts when it comes to finding the right suppliers. Peach Perfect Weddings has worked with many of them and will definitely choose those who will give you the wedding that you deserve. In fact, it’s also for our sake that we pick trusted and experienced wedding vendors who won’t give us a hard time planning a perfect wedding for you.

So stop trusting your instincts that this could be the right photographer, stylist, or makeup artist. By choosing one of these packages to elope in Europe, you are also hiring a team of established wedding professionals who work together to produce the perfect wedding experience for you.

Your wedding budget will certainly fit

How will it not when you have only a small handful of guests to feed, a small venue to rent, and a few gowns and suits to pay? When you opt for an elopement, your multiplier for all the wedding essentials will be a smaller number. Budgeting will be more of a subtraction rather than infinite multiplication which normally happens when you choose to have a conventional wedding.

Fewer people, fewer mistakes

Another cause of a headache with wedding planning is deciding who to include on the guest list. Certainly, not all of your friends can come. You really have to choose only those closest to you. In the process, you can’t help but worry about how the others would feel.

But take it from wedding planners like us. The more guests you invite in your wedding, the more latecomers and the more awkward moments seeing some guests not enjoying the whole thing.

Less is always more and this is the central idea of an elopement. Not that we are against big weddings but couples of Peach Perfect Weddings who chose to elope did not need to deal with all these guest-related issues.

You’ll get the intimacy your wedding deserves

Lest you forget, your big day should be about you, not about your family, friends, or guests! It’s about time we get this right. Bride, don’t stress yourself out! You know in your heart that you are getting married to officially tell your groom that you are his’ and vice-versa.

More and more couples are starting to realize this so they choose wedding packages for France, Ireland, or Germany because they know that with this option, there’s a guarantee that their wedding will get the intimacy it deserves. Just imagine these:

  • All the unnecessary elements will be gone.
  • There will be no awkward moment with a guest who needs to leave early or who is obviously not enjoying what’s happening.
  • You can be sure that these are the ones who really want to stay until the end
    • who will listen to every word in your vow
    • who genuinely celebrate with you
    • and who will be excited to say their heartfelt speeches for you and your spouse?
  • You can give yourself, your family, and closest friends a wedding feast that you all deserve

It will be a ceremony with only the two of you or with a small group of important people with whom you can be who you are. Based on our experience as wedding planners, that is what a truly perfect wedding means.

It’s a honeymoon and a wedding wrapped-in-one

Finally, you don’t have to set a separate budget or a different schedule for your honeymoon! When we crafted these packages to elope in Europe, we thought of making them customizable by including add-ons for hotel accommodations. You can take advantage of this add-on after the day of your elopement so you’ll have a place to stay while doing tours and activities in the destinationpack you’ve picked.

Imagine visiting the breathtaking shooting locations of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, or dining in several popular restaurants located in France, or drinking the most delicious wine you’ve ever tasted in a fine Italian restaurant with the view of the Tuscan hills. Aren’t these the best honeymoon experiences you can have?

Wedding planners from Peach Perfect Weddings know that these things are the best that you can have for a honeymoon. Trust us on this because we don’t only research online, describe the places based on websites or online photos, or call the managers of these venues for details.

We spend several months every year checking these venues out personally to have the feel of what our couples are about to experience for their elopement and honeymoon. Our Instagram feed can attest to that!

As we’ve said, you can extend your destination elopement to a few more days for you to have an unforgettable honeymoon in these iconic places that others can only dream of visiting.

Convinced? Then send us an enquiry to reveal us all your wedding wishes!

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