Elopements - what do they really mean?

We’ve heard it one too often where couples feeling overwhelmed with planning a traditional wedding just drop everything and go for an intimate and unique small wedding in Italy. This growing trend makes couples enjoy the intimacy of their big day all the more. Even celebrities have been known to do this.

What is an elopement?

It is when a couple decides to tie the knot in secret oftentimes at a distant location, sans the fanfare that traditional weddings usually entail. Wherein a ceremony for two used to mean just the couple and a witness, nowadays it could mean a much smaller wedding party. You can still have your family and closest friends around, it just means that you there will be less pressure for you to invite everyone!

Why do people elope?

There are many reasons why couples choose to elope rather than have a traditional wedding. Here’s a few reasons we have heard:

Save or splurge?

A traditional wedding can get really pricey. The Knot has established that an average wedding cost is around $30,000 USD. That is a lot of money especially if you still have to factor in your honeymoon and that downpayment on that dream home. Couples pick elopements over traditional weddings as a choice to start a new life together on a financially sound footing considering the affordability of an elopement package.

Travel to a dream destination to tie the knot…

Why not! With the huge savings that couples are making from deciding to do an intimate wedding, the dream of saying “I Do” at a romantic destination is now a reality. A scenic Amalfi Coast backdrop, a quaint English countryside cottage, or how about somewhere in the city of lights, Paris or Rome? All these and so much more are now viable with the savings you will be making from choosing to elope.

With modern day elopements, you can still have your dream wedding with flowers, beautiful gown, and festive receptions but less the stress and expense of a typical wedding.

Elopements... a trend?

Elopements have now become a trend because couples want to take full control over their wedding day. It is their way of saying “No” to a lot of drama that is oftentimes associated with traditional weddings and “Yes” to tying the knot in the manner in which they want to. If you want a secluded wedding or vow renewal or can only afford a simple nuptial, then elopement is for you.

Where to elope?

Once you have decided on eloping, it is time to pin down on where you will do it. We highly recommend any European destination. With an exquisite range of locations, Europe is high on most couple’s list of destinations for an elopement. Choices for venues can range from historic landmarks, to breathtaking landscapes to idyllic beaches, to luxurious hotels and so much more. Not only is it a top destination for weddings, but it is also a perfect setting for a memorable honeymoon right after!

Tips to consider when eloping

#1 Check the requirements

Way before packing your bags, find out the legal and local requirements. Save yourself the heartache from finding out you are not legally allowed to wed in the destination of your choice. Get all your documents and visas sorted out and do your research.

#2 Hire an experienced wedding planner

Experienced wedding planners who knows the ins-and-outs of getting married handling vow renewals in the locale you have chosen. They can guide you through all the legal requirements and also vet for vendors you would need for your wedding day.

#3 Make sure your photos will be taken by pros

Hire a local photographer and videographer who can take stunning photos and videos of your elopement. This way you have something to share with everyone else at home.

#4 Don’t hold back on food budget

Don’t hesitate on splurging on that intimate reception. Since it is just the two of you or maybe a little bit more, it won’t hurt to have an authentic gastronomic experience while abroad.

#5 Personalize everything on your wedding

By all means, try to incorporate your own personal style into your elopement. However, if you just want something simple and less expensive, elopement packages are also an option. Most of our packages can also be tailor-made to suit your needs and style!

#6 Choose the best, not the most popular venue

Don’t limit yourself to popular venues. With the help of a seasoned wedding planner, you can find your own piece of romantic haven without the high cost that most popular destinations demand.

Last but not the least...

Don’t feel guilty about eloping. You have a very good reason for choosing to do so. People who truly love you will understand.

If you would like to learn about our elopement packages or how we can organise a fully bespoke elopement for you, please contact Peach Perfect Weddings.

Happy eloping!

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