Austria vs Germany: where is the best place to elope in Europe?

For couples longing to get away from their day-to-day routine and familiar scenes, the outstanding wealth of natural havens of Germany and Austria may be the perfect place for your grand escape. Below are the reasons why these two breathtaking European destinations could be the best wedding location for you. We also wrote some tips to consider in choosing between Germany and Austria as a better destination for your epic wedding in Europe.

Outdoor elopements: Austrian mountains vs. Germany’s alpine lakes

Do you marvel at the thought of having an outdoor wedding with a mountain panorama and scenic lakes in the background? Read below to know what Austria and Germany have to offer for couples like you.

Elope to Austrian mountains

An outdoor ceremony in this landlocked paradise is a no-brainer because Alpine sceneries define the Austrian landscapes. Despite the lack of ocean views here, Austria should not be underestimated as a great destination for an outdoor wedding. The serene landscapes at the foot of Tyrolean mountains, bolstered by crystal clear lakes and lush rolling hills are an unbeatable backdrop for your elopement in Austria.

After saying your vows during the ceremony, you can continue enjoying this impressive view by having a picnic in the meadow or by the lake or hosting an intimate dinner inside the restaurant of your chosen venue.

Germany’s alpine lake weddings

If you’re having an adventure wedding for two in Europe, a ceremony spot along one of Germany’s scenic alpine lakes can be a perfect venue for you. Bavarian lakes offer a wonderful backdrop to your wedding ceremony, especially if you’re a nature-loving couple.

The unparalleled views of the Alps are the defining features of Bavarian lakes. According to our wedding planner in Germany. Your top options for a lakeside wedding include Eibsee, which is located just below the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze, or the impressive Königssee that sits next to the Austrian border!

Our tip

Whether you choose to get married at the foot of the Austrian mountains or along a German lake, one thing is guaranteed: You will enjoy amazing views of the Alps. If you’re getting married in summer, the rich vegetation of Austrian mountains and rolling hills will make yours an epic outdoor ceremony. On the other hand, tying the knot in winter along a frozen German lake with views of ice-capped Alpine peaks will make your winter wedding dreams come true!

Marry in fairytale venues: Austria’s castles vs. historic German castles

With fairytale castles and breathtaking nature surrounding Austria and Germany, no wonder they were able to inspire the likes of Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, and Bach. Get married in a German or Austrian castle and you might find the artistic inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Austrian castle elopements

Fairytale castles are some of our most recommended places to elope in Austria because of their glamour, historic flair, and royal ambiance. If you want your wedding day to be extra special, you won’t regret choosing an Austrian castle for a venue.

There are about 40 wedding castles within the Austrian borders, and the most magical ones are these: A 12th-century castle in Tyrol, a lakeside castle museum near Salzburg, a historic garden castle in Styria, and an isolated castle estate along the Wörthersee. Look at the photos of these places on our list of wedding venues in Austria, and see for yourself how breathtaking they are.

Historic German wedding castles

Castles in Germany will give you a preview of the country’s history, plus the feeling of being king and queen even just for a day. There are more than 20,000 castles scattered across Germany, including ancient and medieval ones.

Some castles are located in the middle of a forest. Some are on top of the hills while some are next to vineyards. Castle styles range from baroque, rustic, traditional, and luxury. Name it, Germany has it!

A castle elopement in Germany can take place inside the halls of the building, complete with palatial interiors. You can also have a ceremony outdoors at the castle's park with views of the impressive historic building behind you.

Our tip

Since Germany is 4.3 times bigger than Austria, it has more wedding castles that you can choose from. Having more options is a plus point but that doesn’t mean that Germany gets our vote. At the end of the day, you’ll choose only one castle for your fairytale wedding in Europe so quantity must not be the foremost consideration. Look into the capacity of the castle, the premises, the surroundings, and the features, and see which of the options fit your preferences best. One thing's for sure. The charming castles in Austria, albeit fewer in number, can compete in beauty with the thousands of castles in Germany.

Rustic elopement spots: Austrian chalets vs. Germany’s mountain lodges

“Some people are worth melting for,” says Olaf from Frozen. Melt in the arms of the one you love as you stare at the beauty of mountain peaks and rolling hills of Europe. We recommend holding a laid-back elopement ceremony and spending your week-long honeymoon in a German lodge or a chalet above Austrian mountains!

Marry in Austrian chalets

If you’re not familiar with the term, ‘chalet’ is a wooden house or cottage with overhanging eaves, typically located in alpine regions of Europe. Chalets sitting atop Austrian peaks are some of the most unique places to get married in Austria. Some of them have ceremony spaces and rooms overlooking scenic vineyards and farms. Some are located above the Tyrolean mountains, designed as retreat houses with wide outdoor spaces and stunning views of the Alps.

Germany’s mountain lodges

In Germany, romantic mountain lodges by the sea or next to a forest are available as elopement spots for adventurous couples. The most dreamy mountain lodges in Germany are those surrounded by tranquil woodlands that you can stare at while swimming at the venue’s outdoor pool.

These wedding locations are often found in the secluded parts of Bavaria, along German lakes, or literally on top of the mountains. Most of them are cozy and rustic while some were transformed into hotels for a more luxurious experience. Whatever rustic elopement venue you choose, you’re guaranteed to have striking photos for your elopement in Germany.

Our tip

We’d like to emphasize that many of these mountain chalets and lodges are a bit difficult to get to since they are situated off the beaten track. Bring your most comfortable clothes. Prepare to hike and trek, and don’t wear your wedding dress and suit just yet!

Festival weddings: ​​Vienna festival weeks vs Oktoberfest

For the unconventional couples who want to get married the most exciting way, we can suggest tying the knot in Germany or Austria while festivals are ongoing. Below are the two most famous festivals all over Europe.

Vienna Festival Weeks

The Vienna Festival Weeks is a series of celebrations of different art forms. Ranging from music, dance, art installations, theatre performances, and more, this Austrian festival will show you the finest works of art from around the world.

We believe this is something that couples who love music and the arts will enjoy witnessing when they marry in Austria. After tying the knot in the venue of your choice, head to Vienna's city center and join the fun. The Vienna Festival is a free event that happens every summer at the open square in front of the City Hall.


Germany has been dubbed as the country with the best beers, but that’s not the reason why Oktoberfest happens here. This world-renowned festival began in 1810 not as a beer festival but as a celebration of a royal wedding. Later on, however, the festivities turned into a fun-fair when the hosts placed different rides and put up beer-selling tents in all corners of the venue.

Since then, Oktoberfest has become a festival of beers celebrated every year in Munich from mid-September to the first week of October. Experience this amazing festival when you get married in Germany and witness firsthand the tapping of the first beer barrel by the Mayor of Munich that marks the start of the celebration.

Our tip

Lovers of music and the arts may find Vienna Festival Weeks more enjoyable than Oktoberfest because the former is focused on music, dancing, theatre performances, and all contemporary works of art. But for couples who love a fun-filled celebration with concerts and the best beers, Oktoberfest is our recommended festival for you.

Wedding dessert: Austrian Sacher torte vs German pretzels

If you're a sweet-tooth, you'll find this competition between Germany and Austria a rather interesting one. Austria’s entry is a unique cake called Sacher Torte while the authentic plump pretzel is Germany's choice.

Austrian Sacher Torte

The original Sacher Torte is one of the most famous cakes in the world because of its distinct texture and taste. It has been a trademark of Austrian pastries since the 19th century when it was created by a 16-year old boy named Franz Sacher. Sacher prepared the cake under the instruction of the Prince of Metternich.

To date, the original recipe has been well-kept as a secret by the family, but when you taste Sacher Torte, it’s not hard to guess that it's made of chocolate and apricot jam with whipped cream on the side. Something not to be missed when you marry in Austria.

German pretzels

You probably tasted pretzels in your home country but nothing beats the original baked by the German locals. Do yourself a favor when you choose to get married in Germany. Include pretzels in your wedding menu and enjoy every bite. This plump bread that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is perfect for your intimate dinner. Request for melted chocolate or fresh goat-cheese to match.

Our tip

Both German pretzels and Austrian Sacher Torte are amazing inclusions to your wedding dinner. With German pretzels, you can add other spreads and sides to complement the taste. An Austrian Sacher torte, on the other hand, is complete in itself and is sweeter than pretzels. Pretzels afford more flexibility in taste while Sacher Torte is a class of its own.

Waterside weddings: Lakeside spots in Austria vs beach venues in Germany

There are couples who love to be surrounded by the ocean waves or a calm lake as they exchange vows. If you're one of them, here's an idea of what Germany and Austria offers for waterside weddings.

Lakeside spots in Austria

With over 300 lakes in its landlocked paradise, there is no doubt that you will find a perfect lakeside elopement venue to fall in love with.

Your options range from simple castles within quaint old villages to luxury villas complete with reception rooms, roof terraces, and wide gardens that offer stunning lake views. If you don't know where to begin looking, start with Salzburg, Carinthia, Linz, and Vienna!

Beach venues in Germany

Beach weddings have become a trend in young Germans that a high percentage of them are tying the knot along a sandy coast.

Join the trend and choose a beach spot for your elopement in Germany. If you prefer a festive atmosphere, pick a venue along the long sandy coasts of Sylt or Usedom. If you want a more private ceremony, the Amrum island could be the perfect spot for you. It's a 10-km ocean sandbank that you can have all to yourself on non-peak seasons.

Our tip

Lakeside weddings in Austria are more fitting for elegant and chic wedding themes with the calm lake waters in the background as you recite your vows. Beach elopements in Germany, on the other hand, are reserved for couples who prefer rustic and rugged, and with a more lively vibe for their big day.


Whether it’s Germany or Austria, you will not run out of places to visit and new experiences to discover in these European paradise.

Both are rich in history and stunning natural landscapes that are perfect for adventurous couples longing for that grand escape. In these destinations, you can create wonderful memories to keep forever.

If you want to know how possible it is to have an adventure elopement in Austria or Germany, start by checking the cost estimate here. You can also schedule a call with our wedding planner to ask specific questions.

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