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Dreamy lakes, alpine views, and beautiful castles are what most couples expect from a destination wedding in Germany. These three nature scenes are also the top reasons why many of them are getting married here. In our experience as destination wedding planners in Europe, the dreamiest elopement ceremonies that we have seen are those that happened in the surreal nature spots in Germany.

If you don’t believe it, try checking out our dedicated page for the best places to elope in Germany, and be overcome by the whimsical venues listed there. But before you explore specific venues, read below to find out the most astonishing regions for a wedding in the Land of Poets and Thinkers.

Alpine elopement venues in Bavaria

What we love about Bavaria is that it’s bursting with alpine sceneries that are perfect for adventure elopements. From breathtaking lakes with turquoise waters and a mountain backdrop to secluded lodges and farmhouses on top of the mountains, there are plenty of choices for couples who want an adventure wedding in Germany.

What’s more is that some of the most beautiful alpine venues in Bavaria are open to public, which means no cost to our couples who want to have a symbolic ceremony there. Don’t worry about the accommodation because there are plenty of inns and hotels surrounding these nature spots where you can spend a night or two after your wedding.

Historic elopement castles scattered across Germany

If you’re the kind of couple who loves medieval architecture and a historic vibe for your wedding day, you should definitely see the historic castles scattered across Germany. One of our favorites is this medieval castle in Hessen with a small chapel for religious wedding ceremonies.

You can find this castle in the midst of a woodland, giving couples a real experience with nature for their destination wedding in Germany. Other castles on our list include an ancient castle in Bavaria, a hilltop castle with a courtyard and gardens in Franconia, and a historic vineyard castle in Württemberg.

Mix of historic and urban wedding venues in Dresden

Dresden is an interesting place with a great mix of historic old towns and modern sceneries. No wonder it’s the most visited city in Germany. Here, you can have a private ceremony inside a charming villa with beautiful gardens a historic castle complex, or a modern restaurant at the heart of an urban setting.

What’s great about getting married in Dresden is that you can visit a lot of tourist spots after the wedding, making it a perfect starting point to discover Germany.

Hilltop elopements in Franconia

Some brides and grooms just want a quiet wedding day away from the busy streets and the crowded tourist sites. If this is the vibe that you want for your destination wedding in Germany, see the hilltop castles and quaint villages in Franconia.

There’s one medieval castle for weddings in this region that is literally situated in the middle of a woodland, so you can see deers roaming around any time of the day. Despite the castle’s isolation from the city, it has everything you need for a wonderful European wedding - a solemn chapel, a fairytale courtyard, and a dreamy terrace overlooking the greenery in Franconia. This is the perfect spot to have your wedding photos taken.

Fairytale weddings in the Rhine region

There’s a reason why many great poets came from Germany. The country is surrounded by so many charming locations like villas and palaces built against a fascinating nature backdrop. One such romantic region is the Rhine where you will see lots of vineyards and rolling hills.

It’s a perfect location for couples who love the surreal countryside for their wedding ceremony. If you love the views of the vineyards and rolling hills, choose a wedding venue in the Rhine region, and you’ll have the lineup of grapevines on the backdrop for your elopement ceremony.

Oktoberfest destination wedding in Munich

Beer-loving and party-loving couples find Oktoberfest one of the great reasons to get married in Germany. This more than 200-year-old festival is celebrated in almost every German region and city, but it’s undeniable that the grandest and most festive Oktoberfest celebration is in Munich.

If you want to have this one-of-a-kind experience, pick a venue in this popular German city and get married within the 16- to 18-day Oktoberfest celebration. This festival happens in mid- or late-September to around the first Sunday in October. You have plenty of options for a wedding venue in Munich, including historic buildings, neo-Renaissance venues, baroque-style structures, and luxury hotels.

Final note

The perfect balance of buzzing cities and natural havens of Germany make it a wonderful choice for a destination wedding in Europe. Some of the most stunning nature locations are free of charge, so you don’t need to account for any wedding venue cost. Nevertheless, even if you rent a castle, a villa, or a hotel in Germany, the prices are still lower than its neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland. If you are seriously considering a destination wedding in Germany, you can get a quote to know the cost, and you can also schedule a call with our wedding planner in Germany.

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