Unique wedding venue in Italy atop the South Tyrol mountains

We’re so excited to share with you yet another breathtaking wedding venue in Italy that we visited last year.

Just so all of you know, we’re actually writing a series of articles describing six wedding venues in Italy that we personally examined last 2017.

We went on this quest because we’ve always believed that only a personal, firsthand experience of our recommended wedding venues will allow us to give couples the best advice for a destination wedding location.

Just last month, we featured Château Monfort, a fairytale wedding venue in Milan, that’s perfect for elopements and intimate weddings.

Today in this post, we’ll talk about a dreamy wedding venue on top of South Tyrolian mountains. You can just imagine how scenic the views are from up here!

Mediterranean mountain views and waterfalls for your elopement

Castel Fragsburg is a five-star hotel located in South Tyrol with 20 uniquely designed suites. The view from this wedding venue in Italy will constantly remind you that you are on top of gorgeous Italian hills!

The suites are not your usual modern-day hotel rooms that look entirely similar. Instead, each suite in the Fragsburg is different from another, but all of them have that same classy, Mediterranean feel thanks to its rustic wooden floors, floral wallpapers, and antique pieces of furniture.

It’s a sanctuary where nature and the art of fine living come together. Albeit being the smallest 5-star hotel in the region, this wedding venue in Italy gives couples an opportunity to exchange their vows with the astonishing Mediterranean mountains as their backdrop. Not even the biggest and most famous Italian wedding venues can offer this chance for couples.

Castel Fragsburg offers another bonus, which is the tallest waterfalls in the entire Dolomites region. You can easily reach this spot on foot which is just 15 minutes from the hotel. Now, imagine having your elopement ceremony and saying your “I do’s” in this dramatic location. Waterfalls rushing on the background. Rock formations all around. Truly breathtaking!

But if you’re not a fan of gigantic mountains, tall trees, and waterfalls, you still have other options in this venue.

They have a private garden where an intimate ceremony can be held. Near the garden is a swimming pool where your guests can have snacks and cocktails while waiting for you to finish with your photo session. This alternative ceremony location in this wedding venue in Italy is perfect for elopements since the private garden is a great spot to take photos and videos.

An ideal wedding reception spot

As for our gastronomic experience here, we can say that the seasoned chefs of Castel Fragsburg have mastered baking South Tyrolean pastries, cooking homemade pasta dishes, and making pressed juices using the local produce of the region.

You can taste contemporary flavors and distinct Italian herbs and spices in their dishes!

Let your wedding guests savour these authentic Italian food on your reception. You can hold your after-ceremony party at the covered terrace of the Fragsburg that looks out onto the mountains.

This is the most ideal spot for your intimate wedding reception as it can accommodate up to 75 people who can be seated indoors or outside, making it flexible for whatever kind of weather.

If you’re lucky enough, you may also see a lightning storm happening in the mountains like what we saw during our stay here.

Bottom line

If it’s only possible to take all couples who dream of a wedding in Italy to this venue, we think Castel Fragsburg will be booked for the whole 2018 and beyond.

That’s the level of confidence we have about this wedding location because every corner and every view is painfully pretty.

Every bit of this place will remind you that you’re really getting married in Italy! In fact, from the looks of it, you don’t need to decorate the place any further because the panoramic views speak for themselves.

Castel Fragsburg is a dreamy wedding venue in Italy that’s perfect for the most intimate of occasions. This is our number one pick for dramatic elopements and small weddings in the South Tyrol region.

You might want to check out some of our past weddings and find other locations in Europe that you can consider for your intimate wedding or elopement abroad. Or if you feel like it, directly send us an enquiry!

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