Wedding trends to look out for in 2021

Thousands of weddings take place each year, and with every turn around the sun comes a new set of trends. And with most weddings in 2020 postponed due to coronavirus, 2021 has quickly become one of the most popular years to tie the knot. Most couples spend 1-2 years planning their big day, so paying attention to the most popular wedding fashions of the time is an important part of the planning process for couples wanting to create a stand-out event. If you’re planning your big day—or know someone who is—read on!

Social media-friendly

Nowadays, social media is a big part of every event and celebration—and weddings are no exception to this rule.

With couples wanting to create the Pinterest-perfect, Insta-worthy day for their guests and attendees wanting to document the entire event to look back on in years to come, social media has become a big part of creating the perfect modern wedding.

Some popular social-media wedding inclusions are:

A photo filter (SnapChat) – What better way to make your wedding social-media friendly than with a bespoke Snapchat filter.

A wedding day hashtag (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) – See coverage of your wedding from others through a unique hashtag (eg. combining you and your partners names with the word wedding and the date of the big day)

A designated highlights page (Instagram) – See all the pictures and videos from your special day that would otherwise be lost through Instagram and Facebook highlights!

Live stream (Facebook & Instagram) – Share parts of your big day with those who couldn’t be there with a live stream.

Wedding insurance

The average cost of a wedding reached an all time high in 2018, with Mr & Mrs’ to-be in the UK forking out an average of £30,335 for their big day. Costing more than a house deposit, alongside the unforeseeable disruptions to wedding plans highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it’s easy to see why getting cover for weddings has become more common as the cost of couples’ dream days continue to rise.

With bridal gowns setting couples back on average in the region of £1000-£2000 and catering coming in at £2500-£5000, it’s easy to see how the seemingly big-budget soon gets eaten up.

And while the wedding planning process is fun, it’s important to prepare for the big day with a worst-case scenario situation in mind. With thousands of pounds paid out early on to secure suppliers, it’s important to ensure you’re covered.

Whether you decide to call it off, cannot hold the wedding due to extreme weather, have issues with the venue or vendors or unforeseen external events prevent the wedding from taking place, wedding insurance gives you peace of mind when you need it most.

With a quality wedding insurance in place, you’ll be covered for:

Vendor Issues (permits being revoked, bankruptcy or failures) Cancellation Public liability People getting sick or injured Property damage Extreme weather Wedding attire Lost or stolen gifts Dress damage or wedding attire coverage

The microwedding

As we’ve already mentioned, weddings are now a costly affair. And for some, the cost of their dream day is ludicrous—and in a lot of cases also unattainable. This, alongside a new widespread avoidance of large gatherings caused by months of lockdown in 2020, has led to a rise in the popularity of micro weddings.

Typically having fewer than 40 guests, intimate micro weddings have always been popular for the more introverted couple, but COVID-19 and more wed-to-be’s choosing to splurge on the honeymoon rather than the wedding in recent years, it’s a trend that’s grown in popularity.

DIY elopement planning

Once upon a time, a personal wedding planner was the dream of engaged couples planning their big day. But, with the power on the internet in 2021, many couples are now opting to plan their own wedding, for the full wedding experience as much as to save money.

With everything from virtual wedding planners that help you organise your schedule and keep track of your budget to online resources offering advice on all things weddings and directories helping couples find the perfect vendors for their big day, it’s now easier than ever to do-it-yourself with wedding planning.

This blog post was contributed by the team at Wedding Suppliers, the complete Irish wedding directory helping engaged couples find the best suppliers for their wedding day.

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