The 6 most awesome Amalfi coast wedding venues in Italy

So where exactly is the Amalfi Coast and what makes it so special?

We’re quite sure you won’t miss this vibrant coastline of Italy with its surreal clifftop resorts, century-old hotels, and scenic castles. There is no better way to describe it than a vertical city perched in the middle of glorious mountains and a perfect sea. This, my friends, is what makes the Amalfi Coast wedding venues the most dreamy locations for your ceremony in Italy!

This Italian destination spot is located at the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is divided among thirteen municipalities of southern Italy with people that are as amazing as the views that you can see there.

Their creative minds are to blame for turning this steep stretch of land, devoid of any agricultural and rural opportunities, into a unique paradise that it is today. After building hotels, castles, and pastel-colored establishments on the coast, this area fast became a destination spot that now enjoys UNESCO’s recognition as a World Heritage Site.

What can one expect from this Italian paradise?

Known as Italy’s best kept secret, the Amalfi Coast gives unprecedented views from any location – offering absolutely equal scenic backdrops to both luxury and budget brides alike. So if you are looking into a venue for your destination wedding in Italy, you better list this down as one of your options.

This magical place is more than just first impressions. It doesn’t amaze people only as they approach the coastline, but it offers more surprises as they embark from the vehicle to start their journey in the Amalfi Coast’s hotels, castles, churches, museums, and other attractions.

Now, how do you feel about getting married in one of the Amalfi Coast wedding venues with lush green gardens, gorgeous beach scenes, and balconies offering spectacular views of the sea?We have listed the top hotels that you can choose from!

5-star hotel with lush Mediterranean gardens

With a mix of modern amenities, classy interiors, and mediterranean gardens, this 5-star hotel in central Sorrento will easily earn your approval. We picked this hotel as one of the best Amalfi Coast wedding venues for intimate celebrations because it offers several options for the ceremony and reception.

One of which is the hotel’s garden with a dedicated space for special events. This space is open on the sides so guests can enjoy the fresh breeze from the garden but is covered with a roof so your day won’t be ruined by an unfavourable weather condition. You can also have your dream small wedding in Italy at the terraces of the hotel that offer a serene backdrop of the sea. Take the reception to one of the indoor areas of the hotel that are perfect for banquets and intimate occasions.

If you prefer a religious wedding ceremony inside a Catholic church, you have several options around the venue. There is no way you can go wrong when you choose Grand Hotel La Favorita as the venue for your wedding in Italy.

Medieval wedding palace in Ravello

Another wedding hotel in Italy is wedding palace that’s filled with antique furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries. What you can expect from this venue is an exclusive ambiance, having only 13 rooms in total, making it one of the perfect venues for small weddings and to elope in Italy.

It boasts of a unique setting for a garden wedding ceremony where your guests will be seated on the grounds of the hotel, enjoying the scenery of flora and fauna crawling on the walls of the building. You can also hold the reception at the hotel’s restaurant “Confalone” with a terrace overlooking the garden and the sea!

Not only your wedding will be special when you hold it in this hotel – you will also enjoy the unparalleled privacy of the hotel and the scenic backdrop of its terraces when you choose to book a room for your honeymoon here. Each day of your stay here is a chance to wake up to the view of the Mediterranean mountains and the vertical cities of the Amalfi Coast.

Terrace venue with ocean views for elopements in Positano

This romantic hotel in Positano is one of our favorites because of its location. It is one of those establishments that’s on the very edge of the Amalfi Coast, offering the best views of the sea day and night!

More than the view and the location, this hotel was built for the most intimate occasions. In fact, your options for the ceremony and reception can only fit 10 to 50 guests.

The terraces of this hotel are a bride and groom’s favourite areas there because they’ll have the unbelievable view of the sea as their backdrop for wedding photos. Some terraces within the hotel offer the backdrop of Positano’s vertical community of pastel-colored buildings and establishments.

The terraces are so plain, like a blank canvas, making them so flexible for any wedding theme. The hotel also provides long and round tables for the reception so you can choose which is more fitting for your wedding decorations.

What’s more is that only this hotel can offer access to a private beach in Positano! So if you and your future spouse would love to hang out on the beach after the wedding, this place will totally rock your honeymoon.

Modern Mediterranean wedding hotel

If you want something grand for your small wedding in Italy, we invite you to look into this hotel. This is one of the Amalfi Coast wedding venues that boasts of modern minimalism and true perfection as can be seen from its amenities, room interiors, and views.

When Casa Angelina says minimalism, it refers to the all-white interiors of its rooms and restaurants. Truly, less is more in terms of decorations and interiors here. But they give more emphasis on the quality of service and the taste of food that they provide to their guests. Prepare yourself for a grand fine dining experience, the Amalfi style, when you choose their restaurant as your reception venue.

Take a look at the rooftop terrace of the hotel and you’ll fall in love with the pale blue sky and the calm sea from all directions. You can hold a wedding ceremony right at this very terrace which is a perfect setting for an intimate occasion. All your guests will surely enjoy the amazing view of the sun setting behind the Italian coastal mountains. After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy cocktails at the garden and a fine dining experience at the villa’s restaurant.

Hotel for civil ceremonies in Amalfi

This luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast boasts of a private beach and a wonderful sunset view. That means you’ll have a perfect setting for a beach wedding with the sunset as your backdrop when you get married here!

We recommend this hotel for small weddings with 30, 40 guests or more, since this venue’s grounds are so wide that it can host events of all sizes. You’ll have a wide array of options for your ceremony and reception here, including indoor and outdoor areas, some on the ground, while some on the terrace.

The terrace location can accommodate over a hundred guests and it’s your best option if you want an area that offers the view of the sea and the mountains. The hotel can also make arrangements to secure your event from unfavourable weather conditions while still maintaining an elegant ambience with amazing views.

What we can assure you is that your wedding here will be astounding whether it happens in the day or at night. Both indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel will give you and your guests the chance to see the undying beauty of the sea and the mountains that the Amalfi Coast boasts about. Take note that the hotel offers a lower rate for weekday weddings than for weekend occasions.

Famous 5-star Amalfi coast hotel for elopements

What sets this hotel apart from other Amalfi Coast wedding venues is that it has cultivated olive groves and fruit orchards within its premises. Not all hotels have enough space for a scene like that and it could be the winning backdrop for your small wedding in Italy.

Upon entrance to the hotel, you will be amazed by the 19th century architecture of the building and the lush greenery around it. Enjoy the rooms and suites of the hotel with classic Italian interiors and fine furnishings in all corners. You’ll surely feel like a royalty once you enter these rooms.

The venue is also famous for its beach club that is located on the edge of Amalfi. Fall in love with the infinity pool and the beach which you can both enjoy from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Or simply watch the beauty of the sea while lying on the chaise longues which are placed on the corner of the coastline with sufficient steel bars for security.

As for your ceremony, it can happen in the beautiful garden on the hotel grounds, in one of the hotel’s terraces, or in its indoor restaurant that’s embedded with nature-inspired accents and decorations. If you want a religious ceremony, there are Catholic churches within the vicinity too. After the ceremony, you can head on to one of the hotel’s reception areas that all offer a spectacular view from the coastline.

Is an Amalfi Coast Wedding right for me?

The Amalfi Coast is suitable for both luxurious and budget weddings. Our advice is for you to wisely select very few guests for your small wedding in Italy and bring them to one of these Amalfi Coast wedding venues.

After that, you can take advantage of the wedding packages for Italy that are complete with the essentials for an elegant ceremony and reception. This way, all you have to do is to bring yourself, your future spouse, and your guests in Italy for that intimate destination wedding you’ve been dreaming of! Yes, no sweat and no preparations needed. All you have to do is to discuss your vision of a wedding in Italy with our local destination wedding planner and you’ll both decide on the package that suits you best. What’s even more exciting is that our packages are designed for flexible customization according to your desires!

So if you’re a couple who dreams of such kind of wedding and a honeymoon in this romantic country, then choosing one of these Amalfi Coast wedding venues and picking the right package for your destination wedding should be ideal.

Aside from the fine amenities and spectacular views for your wedding ceremony and reception in these Amalfi Coast wedding venues, you’ll enjoy loads of other activities here. You can have a Sorrento farm tour, a pizza making adventure, a full day of cruise in the surreal Capri island, or a sought-after sightseeing trip to Pompeii! Imagine all these adventures that will get you started the exciting way in your married life.

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