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Wedding Packages for Switzerland

Celebrate your small wedding or elopement in Switzerland and make your intimate wedding in Europe a memorable and hassle-free experience. Nature has truly outdone herself in Switzerland! The landlocked country in the heart of Europe boasts a staggering number of natural wonders in every direction, a dream come true for all adventurous couples. In the Swiss cities and villages, history and modern life seamlessly intertwine and urban chic venues invite you to explore and get married in beautiful Switzerland.

Switzerland wedding planner at Peach Perfect Weddings

Your wedding planner in Switzerland

Nicole joined Peach Perfect Weddings in 2019. Having lived in Austria most of her life, she has come to love the beautiful Alpine landscape of Austria and its neighbors - and nowhere are the Alps more impressive than in Switzerland! Nicole will be your dedicated wedding planner for Switzerland and share her passion for the outdoors and the beautiful historic venues in Switzerland.

Most of all, she is passionate about intimate outdoor elopements in the mountains or subtly elegant weddings at lakeside venues. She will gladly show you her favourite places to elope in Switzerland or recommend the ideal wedding venue for celebrating your intimate destination wedding in this gorgeous European country.

Get in touch and tell her how you envision your wedding day and she’ll be happy to suggest the best places for your wedding, advise on things to do and places to see and help you set up all the details of your wedding in Switzerland!

Couples' Reviews

Couple who booked an all-inclusive package for their elopement in Europe

Peach Perfect was absolutely wonderful for our small, intimate wedding... so easy to communicate with, very responsive, and very helpful when it came to dealing with the registrar's office, which we had some issues coordinating with. It all came together perfectly, and we really can't recommend Peach Perfect enough.

— Keri & Uwe
Happy couple who used an elopement package to elope in Europe

Peach Perfect is definitely the way to go. We wanted to do something big and amazing for our wedding, we both have small families so we knew it would be just the two of us for our special day. Everyone at Peach Perfect knew just what we wanted and needed they made our day the most amazing day. It was absolutely perfect. Thank you for being so patient and kind with us.

— Rebecca & Dimond

Why elope to Switzerland

Stunning mountaintop castle for weddings in Switzerland

The Great Outdoors

Switzerland is just overflowing with spectacular nature. In every corner of the landlocked country, you’re bound to stumble upon surreal scenery and natural places that will take your breath away and give you a sense of the powerful natural forces that shaped this country. Alpine scenery and dense forests, ancient glacial valleys and an abundance of waterfalls are just a fraction of what you can expect to find when celebrating your wedding in Switzerland. Switzerland is heaven for adventurous couples that feel most comfortable with their hiking boots on and are not afraid of heights. But even if you are not the hiking type, you will find your place to elope in Switzerland. The country boasts beautiful lakes such as Lake Lucerne or Lake Thun that are worth a visit in every season of the year. For elopements for two, you can choose a nice spot at your favourite lake and let the Alps and the clear water be your wedding ceremony backdrop. Villas, manor houses and even castles are scattered in the countryside as well as on the shores of Switzerland's lakes. And all of these places can become yours to elope in Switzerland!

Historic wedding venue in Switzerland for intimate destination weddings

History & Culture

«La suisse n'existe pas» (Switzerland does not exist) – was the key sentence when Switzerland introduced itself at the World Exposition. And to this day, there is no one single Switzerland but rather countless regions that each have their very own variety of cultures, dialects, traditions and local customs. And those traditions are still lived and celebrated in every part of the country. Chic metropolitan cities like Zurich and Bern await you to discover avantgarde galleries and museums. Relax in riverside bars and explore the inner city streets of Salzburg where urban chic blends seamlessly with historic architecture of past centuries. Carefully preserved renaissance castles and lakeside villas can become your perfect place to get married in Switzerland. If you prefer the picturesque views from the Alpine villages tucked away between mountain peaks, you’ve come to the right place! Cozy mountain lodges or lovingly refurbished farmhouses make for beautiful wedding venues in Switzerland.

Cloisters inside a Swiss wedding venue

Heart of Europe

Switzerland is ideally located in the heart of central Europe and is, therefore, a perfect starting place for you to discover the rest of Europe while you are here. Pay a visit to its southern neighbor Italy to relax on the beaches and be amazed by the stunning Amalfi Coast. Or are you perhaps rather in the mood for some excellent French wine and cheese delicacies? Then head over to Alsace or the Côte d'Azur. If you are getting married in Switzerland in October, don't forget to pack your Dirndl and Lederhosen! The annual Oktoberfest takes place in Munich, Bavaria and will offer you the best from the world of beers that Germany has to offer. The best thing is that it will only take you a relatively short amount of time to travel to any of these destinations from Switzerland. We highly recommend taking a train or renting a car to get around Europe instead of booking flights. That way you can take in more of the Swiss landscape and travel in your own pace.

When to get married in Switzerland?

Nowhere is the weather more unpredictable than in the mountains. Switzerland is a beautiful place to elope in every season - as long as you are properly prepared.


The weather starts to get warm enough for an outdoor ceremony from April on. Though, this is often also the time when the weather is the least predictable. April can bring you sunshine and blooming nature or be filled with drizzling rain from morning to night and even some last traces of the winter chill. The most important thing when eloping to Switzerland in spring is to be prepared. Either bring some umbrellas or have a backup ceremony location on hand.


The warmest months of the year are July and August with temperatures of up to 35°C (95F) in certain regions. While it still might be chilly in the mountains, less elevated regions such as Lake Geneva are summerly warm and Switzerland’s sunniest regions even grow palm trees! But this is also the time when most tourists come to Switzerland and prices for hotels rise significantly. A good place for a warm outdoor wedding in Switzerland, is the Rhône Valley, which is one of the driest regions of Switzerland and gives you a good shot at a rain-free wedding day. It also provides most of Switzerland’s wines!


From early October, the fall colours start taking over and the temperatures can become a bit more chilly. But on the good side, the summer tourist crowds will mostly have gone and you can expect cheaper prices for accommodation and other perks such as empty hiking trails, better seats in public transportation and shorter waiting queues for cable cars. Many places in Switzerland will also celebrate harvest festivals.


If you’re getting married in Switzerland in winter, expect some snow! Depending on where in Switzerland you are getting married, you can usually expect snow in December, January and February. The major ski resorts will attract many tourists during this time and prices will go up again. The higher passes and roads might be closed due to the heavy snow falls. A winter wedding in the Swiss Alps can be a beautiful once in a lifetime experience if you’re properly prepared. Winter is also the time when some of Switzerland’s regions are at its very best: cosy mountain lodges with view of the snow-capped peaks are best experienced in winter. Not to mention the christmas markets in every village and town across the country.

Places to elope in Switzerland?

Bride and groom eloping in the Swiss Alps

Alpine regions

It’s the tall mountain peaks and valleys of the Alps that define Switzerland’s unique beauty. Naturally, this is the first place that comes to mind when thinking about eloping to Switzerland! There are countless gorgeous spots for your intimate outdoor wedding ceremony - be it on a mountain plateau, beneath a waterfall or in a green valley. Rustic mountain lodges or exclusive mountain resorts will accommodate you and your guests and also offer ceremony locations with unparalleled views. One of the most amazing places for outdoor elopements in Switzerland is the impressive Jungfrau Joch - also famously known as "The Top of Europe". Though this ceremony location is only for the bravest couples who are not afraid of heights and the icy air of the mountains. Of course, no trip to Switzerland could be complete without seeing the iconic tooth-shaped Matterhorn peak. This place is equally gorgeous in summer as in winter and you can get to the best viewing spots by cable car. Since the best places can usually not be found online, get in touch with your wedding planner to hear her personal tips for the best outdoor ceremony location in Switzerland!

Snowy castle for winter weddings in Switzerland

Wedding Castles

Should you be looking for an elegant and historic wedding venue in Switzerland, have a look at the carefully preserved castles and villas throughout the entire country. These wedding venues often have accommodation on site for you and your guests and are a perfect setting for your wedding day. Many castles are situated at one of the beautiful shores of the Swiss lakes and therefore offer not only the comforts of a first-rate hotel but also a great lake view that guarantees amazing wedding photos. Most castle wedding venues in Switzerland can be found a bit outside of the main cities in a more tranquil setting amidst fields or vineyards. These wedding venues are ideal to be rented out entirely by you and your family and friends for some days before and after your wedding day. This way you can enjoy your stay in Switzerland in privacy and share some quality time with your favourite people. Castles in the cities are often available in form of castle hotels with beautiful spaces that can be rented for your elegant castle wedding. What's a more perfect time to let yourself be pampered by gourmet food, relaxing spa treatments and excellent service of a first-rate hotel than on your wedding day!

Swiss wedding venue wit stunning lake and mountain views

Lakeside venues

The combination of gorgeous villas, a picture-perfect lakeside location and the majestic Alps rising up in the distance, makes lakeside wedding venues in Switzerland some of the most beautiful places to get married in Switzerland. The most prominent lakes are Lake Thun, Lake Geneva, Lake Lucerne or Lake Lugano. Many of these places are immensely popular with locals and tourists alike. So if you are opting for an elopement at the shore of one of these lakes, you should be prepared for some curious onlookers. For more privacy, we'd recommend booking one of the villas or charming boutique hotels that can guarantee you more privacy on their private property. In summer, the lakeshore or the garden of your wedding venue at the lake makes for the most beautiful place for your outdoor wedding ceremony. But even in winter, the lake setting makes every wedding venue special and provides the perfect background for your wedding photos!

Aerial view of a lakeside town in Switzerland popular for weddings

Urban venues

Not only the Swiss mountains and countryside boast stunning places to get married. If you want to experience the charming and buzzing Swiss cities up close, choose a wedding venue in Zürich or Geneva. Boutique Hotels, luxury residences and city villas await you with tasteful luxury and will make your wedding day in Switzerland unforgettable. Depending on your preferred style, you can go for a classic historic wedding venue or opt for a modern look for your wedding in Switzerland. Historic castle hotels or city villas can sleep you and your closest family directly on site of your venue so there is no need for travel on your actual wedding day. Some venues can be rented exclusively while the majority will offer certain spaces or areas that you can use to celebrate your day. Spaces range from intimate restaurant settings, tucked away city gardens to lavish halls and salons as a setting for your Swiss wedding!

Types of ceremonies


In most cases, a legally-binding wedding in Switzerland is possible for American, UK and Canadian citizens as well as many other nationalities. You should know that the paperwork might require some time and bureaucratic effort. But no worries, we will tell you exactly what you need and who to contact! A legally-binding ceremony can only be performed by a licensed officiant and takes place in certain approved venues and at certain times. You should keep in mind that you might be more restricted in your choice of wording for your ceremony.


A religious wedding in Switzerland performed by a priest or pastor is not legally binding. It is a form of symbolic ceremony and can be officiated by, for example, a protestant or Catholic priest. Swiss couples usually have their church wedding after having their official wedding at the registry office. But you can still say your wedding vows in one of Switzerland’s beautiful churches or intimate chapels and elope with a religious ceremony in Europe. We recommend choosing a privately owned chapel for this purpose.


A symbolic ceremony in Switzerland (not a legally-binding one) is definitely the best way to celebrate your destination wedding and elope in Europe. If at all possible, we recommend taking care of the legal paperwork back home and then having your “real” wedding, a meaningful symbolic ceremony, in Switzerland without worrying about any legal requirements. This way you are not restricted in your choice of ceremony location and can also choose your individual bespoke wording for the ceremony.

Legal requirements

This is only relevant if you are having a civil wedding ceremony! In most cases, a legally-binding wedding in Switzerland is possible for American, UK, and Canadian citizens as well as many other nationalities. You should know that the paperwork might require some time and bureaucratic effort. But no worries, we will tell you exactly what you need and who to contact! A legally-binding ceremony can only be performed by a licensed officiant and takes place in certain approved venues and at certain times. You should keep in mind that you might be more restricted in your choice of wording for your ceremony.

Swiss Food

Food, the arguably best part of a wedding celebration! Your wedding menu will be created according to your personal wishes. But since you are in Europe, why not include some local Swiss delicacies into your wedding day!

Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue in Switzerland wedding receptions photo by The Spruce Eats

Almost everything tastes better when it’s covered by delicious melted Swiss cheese. The cheese fondue is a classic Swiss specialty that can be prepared with bread cubes or all kinds of other food to your liking. Best enjoyed in winter after a long day in the snow or a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony!

Swiss Chocolate

Swiss chocolates served at a destination wedding in Switzerland

Switzerland’s most famous delicacy! Once you’ve tasted Swiss chocolate from the local chocolatiers, you will know why. Pieces of different types of chocolate can be added to the buffet, served at your drinks reception or be a part of favours for your guests.


Tartiflette image from Hive & Hob

If you've been to Switzerland before, you have probably tasted Tartiflette! It is a hearty soul food dish that goes perfectly with the snowy temperatures of the Swiss winters. Made from finely sliced potatoes, caramelized onions, smoked bacon and - most important of all - the melting, nutty Reblochon Cheese.

Salée Sucrée

Salée Sucrée Swiss dessert

As the name promises, Salée Sucrée is a sweet dessert with a salty note. The creamy pie has originally been introduced in Vaud and has since conquered the rest of Switzerland and even beyond. Due to the interesting combination of sweet and salty, the Salée Sucrée can be enjoyed both with coffee as well as with a good wine.

Swiss wedding traditions

Pine tree planting

Pine tree gift favors to honor Swiss wedding tradition of tree planting

An evergreen tree such as the pine tree has long been considered as a symbol of fertility and good luck. This is why couples in Switzerland sometimes plant a pine tree sapling in their backyard once they arrive back home after their wedding. This wedding tradition can be beautifully incorporated into your ceremony by planting a small pine tree sapling in a pot and including it as a unity ritual into your ceremony instead of the usual unity candle.


Bride giving a gift to her groom on the morning of their wedding

The “morning offering” or “morning gift” is a lovely small tradition where the newlyweds give each other a small gift on the morning after their wedding night. In some variations, the Morgengabe becomes a competition between the newlyweds. It is said that the person that manages to give his partner his gift first, will have the upper hand in marriage.

Log sawing

Log sawing at a Swiss wedding

Especially in the German-Swiss regions the traditional log sawing is still often practised by newlyweds. After their wedding ceremony, the couple faces the first challenge as husband and wife in their marriage that they must overcome together. Using a long, two-handed saw, the bride and groom must work together to saw a log in half. This demonstrates their teamwork as well as their willingness to face all obstacles as partners. And also gives the guests a good laugh as the couple struggles to get the job done.

Spalier stehen

Spalier stehen with spraklers

The Spalier stehen is one of the most practised wedding traditions in Switzerland. After the wedding ceremony, the guests get up and form an honour guard, a sort of “tunnel”, in front of the church or wedding venue that the couple must walk through into their new shared life. Often the guests will hold up sparklers, roses or other objects representing the hobbies or interests of the newlyweds. So don't be surprised if you see wedding guests arriving with skis or tennis rackets at a Swiss wedding ceremony!

Getting in and around Switzerland

At the airport

When flying into Switzerland, Zurich is the main hub for all international flights. Most major American and European flights will land there and often offer direct connections to Zurich. There are several national and international flights to the airports in Geneva, Bern or Basel as well, but these tend to be more pricey. As an alternative, you can also fly into a neighboring country such as France or Germany and take the train to your wedding location in Switzerland or rent a car. For example, it only takes 2.5 hours to drive from Stuttgart Airport in Germany to Zurich. This option can be more budget-friendly in some cases and also gives you the great opportunity to discover some more of Europe while you are there!

Rental Car

A rental car will allow for more freedom when moving around Switzerland. While you can reach most places in Switzerland by train or bus, you will have to adapt to the schedule and might need more time to get where you want to go. When you arrive in Switzerland, you can rent a car directly at the Airport. Though we would definitely recommend making these arrangements with a rental agency well in advance your trip to safe cost. Fuel is also usually more expensive than in the USA or other European countries. An American driver’s licence is sufficient to drive in Switzerland. If you want to visit neighbouring countries, you might need an international driver's licence.


From Zurich Airport, you can easily and comfortably get around Switzerland by train, bus or rental car. The public transportation network in Switzerland is greatly popular with locals and tourists alike and is one of the very best in all of Europe. High Speed trains leave from all major cities and will get you to where you have to go in a couple of hours. Remember to buy your tickets before you board the train since it is not always possible to buy them in on board.The trains are usually very punctual and reliable and also significantly more cost-friendly compared to rental cars. Most places in Switzerland, even a bit more remote ones, can be reached by trains.


Switzerland is ideally situated in the very heart of Europe. Within just a couple of hours drive, you can reach the border to Germany, Italy, France or Austria. Similar to the trains, buses in Switzerland are usually also very comfortable and reliable. All major cities will have a station with buses leaving to all parts of the country. Even the smallest villages usually have at least one bus that can take you there so you do not have to always rely on your car. It is important to mention that on Sundays, the schedules might be very limited in some areas with buses only leaving a couple of times per day. So make sure to check the schedule beforehand!

Intimate destination wedding in Switzerland

Cost of getting married or eloping in Switzerland

Switzerland is famously one of the most expensive places in Europe with the main cities such as Zürich or Geneva being the most costly ones in the country. Prices for venues, food, and services like photography or musicians are on average noticeably higher than in the other European wedding destinations.

To avoid breaking the bank, we'd recommend getting married in Switzerland outside of the peak tourist season in summer. Another good way to save some money is to get married on a weekday instead of a weekend. Hotels and venues often will offer better prices here since most Swiss couples prefer weekends! Wedding ceremonies on Saturdays might come at an additional cost in certain wedding venues.

The costs of a legally binding wedding in Switzerland will usually be around 300 - 400 Swiss Francs for the registration fees. To this, you will have to add the cost of having your documents translated into one of the Swiss official languages as well as any costs for obtaining the required documents from your home country.

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