Small Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

Is it an intimate small wedding in Italy what you’ve always dreamt of? Getting married in Italy easily becomes reality with our all-inclusive packages. From the food and wine tradition, to the gorgeous landscapes and the ancient art and culture, you truly can’t go wrong when choosing to have your destination wedding in Italy.

Our packages are ideal for smaller size wedding ceremonies and receptions, from approximately 20 and up to 60 guests.

Suggested Package for Small Weddings in Italy

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive wedding package for your small wedding in Italy, we recommend you to start with our Orchard Package and tailor it for your own needs and personal preferences. If this doesn’t sound quite right, have a closer look at other wedding packages in our brochure.


No need to try and stay in touch with several different people to plan your Italian wedding: your dedicated planner will be your single point of contact when answering to your enquiry, scouting the best venues, choosing and booking vendors and coordinating your small wedding in Italy on-the-day, ensuring everything runs smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your big day.

Probably the element you’re most excited about your Italian wedding: the venue! Following your requests in terms of type of ceremony, desired scenery and atmosphere, area of Italy and budget your dedicated wedding planner will help you pick the perfect venue for your small wedding in Italy.

Choose to have your reception in an intimate Italian restaurant, or dine in your very own private villa surrounded by your loved ones and with some delicious Italian food and wine. The options are multiple and will be hand-picked for you by your local wedding planner to fit the preferences you have for your wedding reception.

Your Italian wedding planner will plan every detail for your reception too, from the setting of the reception venue to the logistics, catering, décor and more. This way, you’ll just think about enjoying your time and having fun together with your family and friends!

You might have chosen to have a small wedding in Italy to keep things simple, but based on our experience, everything above two dozens of people requires a dedicated person to coordinate your event on site. On your wedding day, you won’t worry about a single thing: your personal wedding planner from Italy will be there for 8 hours to make sure everything runs smoothly. From coordinating the vendors, to keeping up with the timeline, to resolving any issues that might arise, to checking the setting, all is taken care of by her.

Whether you choose a  legally-binding ceremony or just a symbolic blessing for your intimate wedding in Italy, we got you covered! From a civil registrar, to an English-speaking symbolic celebrant or a Catholic priest… every type of ceremony requires its specific kind of officiant and we’re able to provide you with any of them.

A photographer will be at your wedding for a full day of 8 hours: in maximum 8 weeks after your wedding day you’ll receive a set of at least 200 of your most beautiful pictures (already edited) via a downloadable and shareable gallery. For purchasing prints or a wedding album, just contact your photographer directly after receiving your photos!

Our florists are experts in their field and will be able to fulfill all your wishes for the bridal bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere. Just tell us your color preference and/or the type of flowers you like most and that’s what you’ll receive!

Not just the Bridal bouquet and Groom’s boutonnière, but a whole additional set of flower elements is included in our Orchard package:
3 x Bridesmaids’ bouquets
5 x Extra boutonnières
1 x Arch for the Ceremony
10 x Pew ends / Chair ties
5 x Table centrepieces
Everything will all be created according to your wedding theme and to complement the style of your wedding location.

A pamper session in the comfort of your room is exactly what you’ll need before the ceremony, right? Just relax and trust that our hair & makeup artists will make you look and feel simply gorgeous for your wedding day!

We think your bridesmaids will very much appreciate a pampering session together with you in the comfort of your accommodation, right before the ceremony. Our beauty team will take care of you all and make sure you will all feel like queens!

*Price based on a bridal party of 3 Bridesmaids and 2 Mums

A talented solo musician will be the one playing a romantic melody during your ceremony, to set the mood and accompany your vows. You can directly pick the music you prefer from its repertoire, or tell us your preferences.

It’s time to party, isn’t it? Our DJ will set the right party mood with some cool tracks and maybe even a few evergreen Italian hits to complete your destination wedding in Italy.

Our packages are made to be personalized by you, so let us know if you’d like to add, remove or substitute any services. The easiest way to do this is to contact our local wedding planner by sending her an enquiry or scheduling a consultation call with her. Alternatively, you can create your Italian wedding package from scratch with the help of our package builder.

From €13200 for up to 60 people
(excluding venue hire and catering)

Enquire about this package

Create your own from scratch

Schedule a consultation call

Floral Arch at a small wedding ceremony in Italy

Customize Your Italian Wedding Package

What you’ve seen above is just an example of a suggested small wedding package for Italy: you can always customize it by adding or removing services, to make it perfectly fit your number of guests, budget and vision!

Add extra services
Name something you would like to experience at your small wedding in Italy… We can make it happen! Have a look at our downloadable brochure for Italy with all our optional services, then tell us which ones you’d like to add to your package. You can even ask us about something special you don’t see listed!

Replace or remove
See something in our all-inclusive wedding package for Italy that you’re not interested in? Choose to remove it or substitute it with some other service of your choice, either by looking at the list of optional add-on services on our downloadable brochure for Italy or directly telling our dedicated local wedding planner your preferences.

Tell us your preferences
Talk to your personal English-speaking planner about your preferences to make your intimate small wedding in Italy truly yours. Lets discuss your taste for hairstyles, flowers, wedding cake flours, catering, entertainment, etc… We partner with established local wedding professionals to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

to see more information regarding…

  • Pricing details and breakdown

  • Package customization options

  • Legal marriage requirements

  • FAQs & other useful information

Bridal Bouquet foran intimate small wedding in Italy

Wedding Venues in Italy

No worries about having to search for venues from the other side of the world! We already hand-picked the best venues and ceremony locations suitable for a small wedding in Italy.

From the most famous Italian regions for weddings like Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, South Tyrol or Lake Como, to the countries’ most historic and artsy cities like Venice, Florence, Rome, or Milan… We have selected villas, boutique hotels, historic buildings, beaches, vineyards and more for your intimate Italian wedding!

To find out more about the best Italian wedding venues, stunning ceremony locations and best places to elope, have a look at our page for

Wedding Venues in Italy


Who will be the officiant for our wedding?

First off, there’s a difference between an officiant and a celebrant. An officiant is one who marries couples in a legally binding ceremony while celebrants perform non-legal ceremonies. All our officiant partners are accredited while all our celebrants are trained in performing ceremonies. Your celebrant will work directly with you to write your very own personal wedding ceremony.


How does a symbolic (non-legal) ceremony look like?

Exactly the way you want it.

Because this is a symbolic and non-legal ceremony, you can customize it the way you want to. Your only limitation is the location’s rules and regulations. However, if you wish to have a format similar to a legally-binding wedding, you can have it! You can have an exchange of vows and rings and do virtually everything that couples do in a legal wedding.

What is SIAE and why do I need to pay it?

SIAE is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers ( Italian law requires that those who organize a private event (be that a wedding, party or any form of show) where intellectual works are used (i.e. live or recorded music) must obtain a license to be able to play music at this event. This applies to ALL intellectual property on music, not just Italian works.

Inspectors from the SIAE will issue heavy penalties to anyone who does not obtain the license. Most importantly, the arrival of the SIAE inspectors will cause a big disruption to your big event especially if the SIAE fees have not been paid beforehand.

Please note there are NO exceptions for the SIAE tax. We do not work with companies or musicians who do not ask you to pay SIAE tax because it is illegal.

The good news is we will always take care of the SIAE license at your behalf. The SIAE license cost is always included in our fees for ceremony and reception music, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected additional costs!

Do we have a choice in what flowers, music and wedding cake we get?

Absolutely! Once you’ve booked and began the elopement planning process with us we will ask you to tell us your preferences for each element. For flowers, send us reference photos of bridal bouquets that you like and our florist will match this as closely as possible. For music, work directly with the musician to establish your music preferences or choose from a list of songs recommended by us. For wedding cake, tell us your preferred flavour and finishing style. A reference picture also helps here!

How do we choose the vendors booked within our package?

We’ve already chosen the best vendors for you! When booking your elopement, small wedding or vow renewal with Peach Perfect Weddings, you are hiring a team of established wedding professionals working together to produce the perfect wedding experience for you. Over the years we hand-picked a group of reliable suppliers for each location and have been working with these suppliers for every elopement. By always working with the same team of people are have been able to negotiate the best rates for your clients as well as ensuring that each supplier is very familiar with the location, flow of the day and their role in producing the perfect wedding day for you.  So when you book an elopement with us we will assign specific vendors to your wedding based on your requirements and ceremony location.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take payments in Euros (€) or British Pounds (£) depending on the local currency where you get married. Payment can be sent by direct bank transfer (international wire transfer) or paid via credit card or PayPal. Payments made by credit card and PayPal are subject to a 3% transaction fee.

However, we also understand that majority of our clients operate in other currencies.  For this reason, when converting currency, we highly recommend skipping the high transfer fees levied by the banks and using a reputable third party international money transfer service such as Transferwise.

Will you be there in person on the day of our wedding?

We always recommend that our couples book on-the-day coordination as part of their wedding package with us. However we also understand that there are budget restrictions and other things to consider. For example, we know from experience that due to the intimate nature of elopements, having too many people around you can spoil the delicate nature of this private moment.

So unless you have booked on-the-day coordination with your wedding package, the day will run without an ‘orchestrator’. However, we are always available on the phone to fix any (highly unlikely) issues!

Do you help us write the ceremony?

Yes, the Celebrant assigned to your wedding will reach out to you directly and work with you to personalise the ceremony following your desires. He will also help you write your own vows to design a truly unique ceremony.

Vineyards for a Small wedding in Italy


Consultation Call
Phone or Skype call with Eleonora to talk about venues, create your package and to answer any questions.

Enquiry Form
Eleonora, our local planner in Italy, will reply within 1-3 days.

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Being that we were booking a destination wedding, and had to ensure all of our trust in someone else, it was so scary at first. Thankfully, Yana made this process smooth and non stressful! She was always quick to respond, and very attentive to our needs. Yana made sure that everything went smoothly and I would absolutely 100% recommend her to others in the future. Thank you, Yana for making our day so special!

Krista & Joseph, from USA

If you want to throw a good wedding, you hire a planner. If you want to throw a GREAT wedding, you hire Yana. I cannot begin to tell you how easy she made everything for us. She even considered details we hadn’t (table arrangements, seating, the send-off). Yana always worked with OUR interests in mind first and took our budget concerns into account. AND she even volunteered to do little things for us, like put together the welcome bags or pick up the favors we’d created. On the weekend of, each event flowed seamlessly into the next. We didn’t have to waste a single moment worrying about how the wedding and reception were going. I highly recommend.

Jo & Ariel, from USA

We’re just emailing you to say thank you for coordinating our wedding day. We had a beautiful day and it was all thanks to you. We really appreciate you taking care of our families as well (and arranging for my guests to be transported back)! All of our guests are still complimenting your services and we’re amazing with our our day went. We regret not being able to say goodbye and to thank you because we had THE perfect day. We only wish we had a picture with you! We’re so happy we went with Peach Perfect Weddings, our day was a dream come true!

Ashlee & Kevin, from Canada

Weather… When To Get Married in Italy

We all have in our mind pictures of Italian landscapes blessed with sunshine, a cool breeze and bright vibrant colors. While this might be the case often times, Italy is actually pretty diverse in terms of climate and you can easily travel from the highest mountain of the Alps to the warmth of the coastline in just 2 hours!

We suggest opting for the spring months – from the end of March until the beginning of June – to really admire the beauty of Italian nature, when flowers are in full bloom and the greenery is flourishing. Rain is just around the corner, yes, so set some budget aside for a marquee or take into consideration an indoors option as plan B.

From the middle of June to the end of August cities in Italy are on fire, from the North to the South of the country. Why not choosing a beach elopement in Italy then? Summer is glorious in Portofino, on the Amalfi Coast, in Apulia or in Siciliy… and the beauty of warm summer nights is truly something to experience there.

But we are all for the unexpected and dramatic landscapes (and temperatures!) too! To have falling leaves and orange tones as your wedding backdrop, you can choose the hills of Piedmont or Tuscany during fall. Fancy some snow and freezing cold? Then the Alps and the South Tyrol region are some of the most breathtaking mountainous regions you would find in Europe, and an elopement there would be best between December and February.

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