Top reasons why getting married in Spain is for you

If you’re dreaming of a perfect sunset while reciting your vows in a holiday destination, you might want to consider getting married in Spain. This less popular European wedding destination may not sound as fancy as Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, or France but there’s a reason why it ranked as the most visited country in the world in 2018.

Imagine 75.6 million people from all around the world coming all the way from their home country to Spain just for leisure. There must be something about Spain that lures many to its borders.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing out, it's the best time to share the top reasons why Spain could be the best wedding destination for you.

Who knows? You might find your dream wedding venue here. After all, the cost of getting married in Spain is relatively cheaper than in other European destinations like Switzerland, Italy, France, or UK.

Diverse landscape for adventure elopements

Spain offers a unique choice of landscapes for just about any kind of couple.

You can get married on a mountaintop palace, along a scenic coastline during sunset, in an old hilltop village, at the edge of dramatic cliffs, or inside a medieval structure of some historic significance. In the world-renowned Spanish region called the Basque Country, there are locations with stunning modern architecture too.

Spain’s diverse landscape is one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back here. After visiting a Spanish region on your first tour, there will always be new adventure sites to discover for the next.

Lots of wedding beaches!

A beach elopement in Spain is for you and your fiance if you’re both lovers of the sun and the sea.

Spanish beaches range from scenic coastlines in northern Bilbao to the golden beaches of Andalusia and San Sebastian to the least crowded and pristine beaches of southeast Almería.

Some of these beaches offer scenic views of the lush hillsides and are surrounded by alluring dining scenes, which make them perfect elopement venues for stress-free weddings in Spain. Imagine watching the sunset on the beach while enjoying your cocktails beside each other after a long wedding day. Talk about a perfect holiday!

Spanish culture & fiestas

One of the most fascinating things about the Spanish culture is their celebration of fiestas all year round.

The most popular is the Carnival celebration every February where streets are filled with parades, entertainment, glitter, glamour, fun, and music. The Carnival is followed by The Fallas in Valencia where gigantic statues fill the city square for several days and finally burnt to the ground on the last day of the celebration.

Semana Santa in Seville and the Holy Week in Malaga during late March to early April are also significant national fiestas that showcase the country’s strong Catholic faith.

Set the date of your big day on one of these holidays so you can dive into the Spanish culture on your wedding and honeymoon tour.

Museum venues & heritage sites for weddings

How do you feel about getting married inside a museum?

Here in Spain, there’s a specific museum that permits wedding ceremonies right inside their building where there are horse-drawn carriages and harnesses on display. If unique is what you’re searching for, what can be more extraordinary than a wedding inside a museum?

For something more historic, choose the city of Salamanca for your wedding in Spain. Salamanca was declared a world heritage site for carefully preserving the Romanesque, Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque monuments in the city, making it an interesting destination for history-lovers.

You can also get married in a historic fortress ruins in Carmona where everything is available for your big day. They offer indoor and outdoor ceremony spots, a roof terrace for wedding receptions, and several rooms to accommodate you on your whole stay.

Marry in historic Catholic churches

Speaking of culture and history, religious couples are also flocking to Spain for a solemn wedding inside an old Catholic church.

If you’re a Catholic who dreams of having a Princess Diana-Prince Charles kind of wedding, choose one of the old Spanish churches steeped in history for your wedding in Europe.

Say yes in beautiful wineries & bodegas

You may be fascinated by the gorgeous vineyard wedding venues in Italy and France, but you may not have heard of bodegas and wineries for wedding ceremonies in Spain.

As a popular wine-producing country, Spain is dotted with wineries and bodegas that are good not only for wine production and storage, but for celebrations and events too.

Some Spanish wine producers renovated their properties to add wedding ceremony and reception areas. The most elegant ones are located in Salamanca, Catalonia, and Barcelona where wedding spots include huge historic gardens, breathtaking vineyards, and reception rooms decorated with wine barrels.

For your convenience, some of these winery venues constructed luxury hotels and stylish houses right next to their bodegas to accommodate guests during their whole Spanish tour.


As wedding planners in Europe who have seen different venues all around the continent, we can say that Spain is quite underrated as a European wedding destination.

Although it’s popular as a travel destination, only a few couples are noticing Spain as an amazing choice for their wedding abroad. This has to change because Spain has so many regions, cities, and venues that compete in beauty with other wedding venues in Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, and Germany.

Take a look at our wedding venue page for Spain to see the complete list of our hand-picked Spanish wedding locations. You might be convinced that it’s a great place to have your European destination wedding.

Take note that elopements in Spain can cost around 80-175 euros per person per day and around 1,500 - 2,000 euros per week. Not bad for a wedding and a honeymoon wrapped in one, right? Contact our wedding planner in Spain and start wedding planning!

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