Destination Wedding Venues and Places to Elope in Europe

Check our small selection of unique wedding venues from our files or feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a location for your destination wedding in Europe.

Our venues include indoor and outdoor wedding locations, exclusive villas, resorts and beach wedding venues. Are you after an elegant and classic wedding in a medieval chateau in France? Or want to throw a party in a shabby-chic farmhouse? How about saying “yes” with a dramatic backdrop of Cliffs of Moher in Ireland or among the scenic landscapes of Tuscany?

Ideas Where to Get Married in Europe

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Enjoy the panoramic views of Chianti hills as you exchange vows in Italy or be at the centre of an enchanting garden in Germany on your big day. Venues in Italy are known for their nature-packed landscapes and vibrant gardens in front of chateaus. German wedding locations, on the other hand, always aim to surprise with breathtaking mountain panorama and cosy conservatory lodges! But when it comes to scenic outdoor views, it’s hard to beat Ireland’s small wedding venues, like a glass conservatory overlooking the ocean at the Blasket Island Centre and a thatched roof cottage in County Cork. Whatever your taste is, we have hundreds of wedding venues on file for those who want to get married outdoors in a very intimate celebration!

Dreamy Castle Weddings

If getting married inside a charming castle is your dream wedding, you have plenty of options in Europe. Historic circular towers in front of calm bodies of water. Germany’s medieval castles situated in the middle of unspoiled nature. French vintage castles with luxury interiors and spacious courtyards are too gorgeous not to mention. There’s also an observatory castle in Ireland with neo-gothic features and a dramatic elopement castle in Northern Ireland which is considered as a Scheduled Historic Monument. These are only some of the most gorgeous ones we’ve hand-picked for you! 

Quirky Wedding Spots

If you want to find something extraordinary from the wedding venues in Europe, simply browse through the locations we’ve personally examined for you! The ones you’ll see are a farmhouse in Toulouse and a Game of Thrones shooting location in Ballintoy! A neoclassical church ruin on top of a hill high above gorgeous Italian villages will certainly not disappoint. And who would’ve guessed that you can get married in a natural wonder? One of which is a place in Northern Ireland where hexagonal-shaped, basalt columns were formed after an ancient volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Yes, we can arrange a wedding right at this spot for you!

Mountain Wedding Venues

If you’re one of those brides who are haunted by the idea of getting married in a mountain, thousands of feet above ground, there are fitting wedding locations for you in Europe. There’s that boutique castle in South Tyrol with breath-taking mountain views. It’s “the one” for couples who dream of a gorgeous landscape on the background for their big day. We also suggest a cosy wooden Mountain Lodge in Bavaria with splendid outdoors overlooking German mountains and forests.

A hidden away wedding castle on a mountain for eloping to Germany

Say “I do” on Top of the Mountain

A church ruin on top of a hill and a boutique castle in South Tyrol with breath-taking mountain views are some of the destination wedding locations that Europe offers for couples who dream of a gorgeous landscape on the background for their big day. They’re all waiting for you here!

Gorgeous Lake on the Background

Some of the most unique destination wedding locations in Europe are those amid a serene body of water. We have seen some of them like a tiny chapel on an islet in the middle of a lake, a wedding estate with an unmatched scenery of Lake Como, and a romantic 5-star villa hidden in Florence.

Exclusive Wedding Venues for Utmost Intimacy

Rent a whole island in County Fermanagh or a medieval abbey in Carcassonne and make it yours exclusively on the day of your wedding! These wedding destinations abroad with large sleeping capacity will give you and your guests a taste of European living at its finest!

Classy Luxury Hotels

Elopement packages for Italy in a Boutique Hotel

If you’re not into castles and nature, we picked luxurious palace resorts in Tuscany, hidden villas in Venice, and fairytale chateaus all over Europe. They’re perfect for brides who want nothing less than a grand celebration!

Intimate Beach Weddings

Bring your family and closest friends to one of Ireland’s best kept secrets –  a small rocky beach upon which overlooks an ancient castle ruin. Hear the splash of the ocean against rocks carved by nature itself for hundreds of years in a lovely coast of Northern Ireland. Dramatic sceneries await you here.

Best Places to Elope in Europe

Mountain Elopements


Yes, you can elope hundreds of feet above Italian villages and on top of gorgeous German mountains covered in rich greenery. If a mountain elopement is your goal, there are several spots in Europe just for you!

Elope at Ruins

Dramatic and historic ruins of castles and churches are the best places to get married in Ireland and Northern Ireland. You can see these perfect elopement locations in elevated spots above Atlantic ocean and the Celtic sea!

Eloping in a Small Castle

Historic castle as the backdrop to your wedding ceremony in Germany

Since it’s just the two of you celebrating your marriage abroad, a medieval castle in the most secluded part of Germany or Italy is your best option. We personally visited them for you!

Beach Elopement

Northern Ireland’s dramatic beaches are some of the best places to get married in Europe. Let your eyes feast on a three-mile long sandy beach in Ballycastle or marvel at the sight of a rugged coastline in one of Ireland’s elopement locations. A white-sand beach enclosed in County Antrim’s lush green hills and a World Heritage at the north coast of Northern Ireland are among your options too. They are natural wonders you won’t see elsewhere!

Elopement in a Forest


Dreaming of a Game of Thrones-themed wedding? We have woodland wedding locations on file for you, including a 630-hectare forest park at the foot of Mourne mountains. What’s even more exciting is that it offers a view of Victorian follies from above!

Elope at Cliffs

Bride and Groom in front of Moher Tower at Hag's Head in Ireland

How about a thatched roof cottage in County Cork for your intimate rustic wedding? Or a private celebration in a glass conservatory overlooking the ocean? We have hundreds of other similar wedding venues on file for you!

Elope at a Historical Ruin

Pick from the unusual wedding venues in Europe, including historical castle and church ruins, fields, farms, and hilltop locations. They’re all certified unique places for a destination elopement!

Eloping in a Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotels with magnificent city views from their terraces are scattered in Venice, Rome, Florence, and Milan! They are some of the best elopement destinations in Europe that enables you to witness Italy in full bloom!

Elope in a City

Wonder what sunset looks like in European cities? Choose to get married in a unique intimate wedding venue near Paris or in a hotel near Dublin just a few minutes away from a waterfall! Yes, there’s that kind of place in Europe!

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