Join our growing team of independent local wedding planners to help organise elopements and small destination weddings for couples from all over the world who want to get married in either Spain or Portugal.


We are a small wedding planning agency based across Europe. Our team currently consists of 12 young professionals all based in different countries and all working remotely (with the exception when on-the-day coordination is required, see Job Description above).

We provide tailored packages for destination weddings in Europe to couples from all over the world (although the majority of our clients are from the USA and Canada). We focus on intimate weddings from just 2 (the couple themselves, without guests) up to 60 people. The average group size of our weddings is 10-20 people. Sometimes we do receive inquiries for larger weddings. It is up to you to decide if you want to take those bookings.

The most important thing about our service is that it is sold as a package: this shortens the required planning time and makes the planning effort more predictable from the start. This means we can give couples a fixed price for their whole wedding from the outset, eliminating guesswork and unplanned expenses from their side. For most weddings that we organise, we usually work with the same venues and suppliers (photographers, florists, etc.), but sometimes you will need to research and find new ones.


These are our non-negotiable requirements for this role:

  • Be physically based in Spain or Portugal - and confidently speak the local language!

  • Whilst this is mainly a work-from-home position, you will still be required to travel around the country – often to remote countryside venues – to coordinate events. You must therefore have access to a car and hold a full driving license.

  • Although you can set your own schedule and work whenever you prefer, you will need to sometimes take client calls during convenient hours in their time zone. As most of our couples come from USA and Canada, you will need to make yourself available on certain evenings and weekends.

  • Previous experience in a customer-facing role is essential to maintain a high quality service that clients expect to receive when dealing with our company.


Some nice-to-haves that will make it easier for you to do the job well:

  • Experience in the wedding, tourism or hospitality industry is a welcome bonus.

  • Experience in a sales environment (retail excluded) is also advantageous.

  • Enjoy communicating with the clients and suppliers – introverts may find this job stressful.

  • Have a genuine interest in weddings and customer service – communicating with couples about their big day with the same enthusiasm is crucial to their overall wedding experience.

  • Previous experience with freelance or remote work (i.e. working from home and managing your own schedule, tasks and workload) will help make your transition into the role smoother.

  • Have an active interest in further developing and promoting Spain or Portugal as a wedding destination to couples from abroad, for example by scouting new venues and suppliers or submitting your past events to be published in wedding blogs.


Your main task is to take care of couples who decide to get married in Spain or Portugal through our agency, from beginning to end, looking after all aspects of the wedding from initial enquiry (i.e. the sale process) to on-the-day coordination (executing the event).

Here is a rough idea how the process usually works:

  1. Your job begins with answering the couples enquiries by email – we have a very informative website, so when you get contacted by the couple, they already have a good idea of our services.

  2. After clarifying initial questions via email, most couples usually schedule a consultation call to learn about the packages, to ask questions and often simply to get to know you! (You don’t have to sit by the phone waiting for calls: the couple can only schedule a call with you a few days in advance based on your calendar availability, which you control yourself.) On this call you will gather more information about their requirements and answer any questions they have about planning a wedding in Spain or Portugal and our services.

  3. After the call and clarifying last details via email, you will need to check the availability of venues and key suppliers for their chosen date. We already have a very good database of contacts (built over the past 8 years) for you to start with and you can always research more venues and suppliers if needed. The longer you work in this role and establish your relations with venue and suppliers, the easier it gets.

  4. Planning process: Once the couple buys one of our packages, your next task is to book the required suppliers (e.g. venue, photographer, celebrant, florist, musician, etc.) You will collect quotes, check availability and complete the booking process up to the point of requesting an invoice from the suppliers. As their dedicated point of contact, you will stay in touch with the couple throughout the planning process and answer any of their questions and help with any additional requests. You will also prepare a detailed event timeline closer to the wedding day and make contact with suppliers again to check final details, confirm timings and logistics.

  5. On-the-day Coordination: Sometimes, when the couple specifically requests this, you will need to physically coordinate the wedding (paid extra). This can be anything from 4 – 10 hours on the day, but due to the small size of the events we typically book, 90% of the coordination bookings are for just 4 hours. The coordination consists of overseeing that all suppliers arrive on time, that setup on the ceremony and reception happens according to the couple’s wishes, ensuring that everything runs on time and being able to resolve any issue that might arise. The main job of a wedding day coordinator to ensure that the couple and guests are well looked after.

  6. Post-wedding tasks: After the big day you need to ensure the couple (and us) get back pictures/video from the photographer/videographer, ask the couple to write us a review, send them a thank-you gift if they write one, submit the wedding to be featured in blogs, etc.


Apart from your core responsibility of selling and planning the weddings, there are a few other things you can optionally get involved in to help further promote your destination for weddings and thus increase your earnings:

  • Research and sometimes visit / inspect new venues;

  • Help produce texts for our website (though you don’t need to be a writer – just some rough ideas, notes and drafts that our in-house content editor can expand on);

  • Provide us with feedback about working with clients, the tools you use etc., so we can further improve our services and systems that you work with;

These are not obligatory tasks, but it will help you in getting more weddings booked and help us improve your day-to-day workflow.


You will work as an independent contractor/ freelancer (self-employed) and invoice your earnings on a monthly basis. You must therefore take care of your own taxes.

  • You will earn a percentage-based commission for each wedding: the commission is calculated on the overall profit margin of each booking.

  • You will earn a fixed amount for on-the-day coordination.

  • If a venue or supplier offers us commission for the bookings we bring them, this commission is shared equally between you and the company.

  • We also offer various cash bonuses: for example when a client leaves you a positive review on Facebook or Google (or elsewhere publicly online), you will receive a review bonus. Other bonuses are also available when you help to promote Peach Perfect Weddings e.g. by having your client’s wedding published in a blog, etc.

  • Although exact earnings will depend heavily on your own skill and time dedicated to the role, the average annual earnings of our team range from approximately €25K for those working on a part-time basis, to over €50K for more experienced planners working full-time (before tax and not accounting for travel expenses incurred on coordination trips).

  • We have no fixed working hours! You can work at your own pace, when and where you want to – as long as clients are happy and you are successfully managing your workload.


If you think you’re a good fit for this role, please apply by sending your CV to Yana (the founder) with the subject line “Application for role of Wedding Planner in ___”. We strongly recommend to include a short 2-3 minute video or cover letter explaining why you would like this role and how you are suitable for it.

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