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Type Castle Country House
Features Cloisters Courtyard Gardens Marquee Outdoor Terrace Panoramic View Restaurant
Exclusive hire from €5,000/night. Menus from €145/guest
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Spaces / Capacity

Pers. Purpose(s) Ref.
2 to 60+ Ceremony Drinks reception Dinner Party
Pool gardens
2 to 28 Accommodation

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Dating back to 962 AD, this venue in Umbria is more than just a historic wedding castle. It’s a medieval village that can serve as your temporary home for your wedding weekend in Italy. The village is complete with indoor and outdoor areas for wedding ceremonies, ancient trees, a swimming pool park for a relaxing weekend with family, and glorious views of the Martani Mountains and the evergreen valley at its foothills. There is more to discover about this ideal country wedding venue in Italy, so read on as we discuss how fairytale weddings unfold here.


Expect no less than a rich history from a castle that is centuries old. It has been standing since 962 AD, forming part of the faithful feudatories of the King of Italy and German Emperor in central Italy. 
 However, it was only in the eighteenth century when a noble Italian family worked wonders on the castle to turn it into a distinguished palace with a beautiful garden and a chapel. 
 It was passed on to two more families for more than four centuries, but was left in poor condition until the early 20th-century when the castle was bought by the Alcini family. 
 Under the Alcinis, the castle was transformed from an old structure and abandoned estate into a prestigious family residence, and later on, a luxury hotel. 
 Fast forward to 2009 until today, the castle estate opens itself as a laid back yet grand Tuscan wedding venue where history meets luxury. Situated at the heart of a lush green Italian region, it offers sweeping views of the mountains and valleys, with a sea of vineyards as far as the eye can see.


The castle is one of the select private properties in Umbria where civil ceremonies can take place with the Mayor as the officiant. 
 Couples who want to have a destination wedding in Italy with a legally binding effect will enjoy having their big day in a historic and nature-packed venue like this.  
 The ceremony can occur in an ancient hamlet with scenic medieval walls from all sides. Inside the hamlet, there’s a smaller area for intimate weddings where you and your guests will find yourself in the heart of an Italian garden surrounded by ancient walls and lovely roses, lavender, and hydrangeas.   We love another outdoor ceremony spot outside the castle where couples will be surrounded by olive trees with an astounding view of the vineyards at the foot of the mountains. Have a fairytale entrance as you descend from the long external staircase of the castle to the wide open space for the ceremony. 
 You can also exchange vows in the castle’s beautiful stone room with vaulted ceilings, ensuring a historic ambiance for the ceremony. Couples also love the castle’s pavilion, a white wooden structure with glass walls that offers relaxing views of nature while securing the wedding party from unkind weather. 
 If you prefer a Catholic wedding, there’s a good selection of churches just outside the castle estate where you can have a solemn ceremony.


The pavilion mentioned above is also ideal for intimate wedding receptions with a bright and airy atmosphere. A long table can be set up for your whole wedding party, while minimalist decor will hang from the trussed ceilings. 
 We highly recommend an outdoor wedding reception during sunset so you can have the most magical celebration. You can do that in the swimming pool park enclosed by beautiful olive trees or in the romantic cloister garden surrounded by ancient walls and vibrant plants. 
 The castle’s restaurant is another fantastic option for the wedding reception, with an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. Dine with class in candlelight dinner inside the ancient stone walls of the castle with period furniture and a lavish interior. 
 You can also choose any event room in the castle for your intimate wedding dinner.


From classic rooms to the grandest suite, all accommodation options in the castle are amazing. Equipped with a minibar and TV, you and your guests will enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience for the rest of your stay. Did we mention that the venue, including its 12 rooms, are pet-friendly? 
 Have the time of your life when you choose this fairytale venue for your destination wedding in Italy. We understand that not all your questions were answered in this article, but you can talk to our Italian wedding planner for more info to finally decide if this venue is a good fit for your dream wedding.

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