Panoramic beach for elopements in Antrim

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Type Outdoor Beach Waterside
Features Beach Ocean View Panoramic View
Free public space
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This three-mile long beach ceremony venue on the cost of Northern Ireland is a peaceful and scenic spot to exchange vows with your loved one. This spectacular sandy beach forms a white arc between two headlands on the North Antrim Coast. Sheep and cattle graze on the hills and dunes that enclose the bay. In this secluded location, even on a busy day there is plenty of room (and most likely no curious onlookers) for an intimate celebration. Lovers of old buildings and all things rustic will enjoy a photoshoot next to the abandoned storage shed overlooking the beach.


Enjoy walking along the vast green field above beach ceremony venue and appreciate nature in all forms. Breathe in fresh air, enjoy the scenic view of the sea, and the feel of fine white sand on your feet. Hear the splash of waves against the sand and you will realize that you are saying your “I do” in one of the hidden gems of Northern Ireland - a beach ceremony venue unlike any other. As we’ve said, only a few people have discovered the place, much less had the chance to visit it, so expect unparalleled privacy for your elopement ceremony. If you want to imagine how your wedding will unfold in this stunning beach ceremony venue, just think of lush greeneries and an unspoiled white-sand beach at your disposal, plus the temperate climate of the Northern Ireland to set a beautiful mood to your ceremony. Everything will probably start with you walking on the narrow pathway in the middle of the vast field that leads to the beach. This will serve as your unique aisle when you marry here.


You have two options for the ceremony - the white-sand beach or the field. If you choose the latter, there’s a chance that you’ll see groups of cattle roaming around. They will be a pleasant addition to your wedding photos. Then you’ll recite your vows with the view of the beach and Northern Ireland’s surreal landscape. Some people compare the vast field and this beach ceremony venue to the shooting locations of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. It’s not hard to see why. After the ceremony, take advantage of the sceneries for your photo shoot. Take as much time as you need. You can even wait for the sunset to add more magic to your photos. After that, you can head on to some of the best hotels and restaurants for your dinner or reception if you’re bringing a group with you.

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Photos: Iain Irwin

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