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Type Castle Historic Ruin Outdoor Waterside
Features Cliffs Ocean View Panoramic View
£750 for legally-binding ceremonies
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The remains of this elopement location in Co. Antrim may not be as impressive as Dunluce or Kinbane, but it has an equally dramatic setting with a landscape that is rugged and wild. It is thought to have been visited by Saint Patrick himself which makes it a place of significant historic importance. This dramatic elopement location in county Antrim is in fact considered one of the Scheduled Historic Monuments in the District of Moyle Council’s town of Feigh.


This elopement venue in Co. Antrim is probably the least famous castle ruin on the north coast of Antrim, which makes it an ideal location for an intimate and very private wedding ceremony. A short uphill path of less than 100 meters leads up to the castle from the roadside. Being a key ancient site in Northern Ireland, this centuries-old castle is visited by a few tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless, you can choose a certain spot among its vast grassy field, or down below on the tiny rocky beach located between two cliff edges, where you can hold an intimate elopement. Getting married 100 meters above sea level at the highest point of the Causeway Coast Way offers scenic views and an amazing backdrop that will make your travel to Northern Ireland worth it.


After the ceremony, you can go straight to the castle and have your photos taken in front it. When you pose anywhere on a cliff and you have the facade of castle ruins as an additional backdrop, you’ll surely get what you came to Northern Ireland for. This dramatic elopement location is perfect for travel enthusiasts and those who are in love with the view of the sea and the ambience brought by historical structures.


The land surrounding this elopement venue belongs to the UK National Trust so therefore carries a fee in order to be used as a wedding venue for legally-binding ceremonies. Please be aware that the Registrar will require to see an official letter of permission from the landowner before approving your marriage application.

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