Indoor castle elopement in Clare

My husband and I were extremely anxious to begin planning our destination wedding for June 2019! It was only August 2017 at the time... but how could so much planning be done for a wedding across the seas in just a small amount of time? The answer is it couldn't have been done without the flawless and limitless work completed by Peach Perfect Weddings! From the beginning of our wedding planning journey, we worked closely with Lisa to define our style and what we envisioned our special day to be. Lisa, our wedding planner, was able to give us an abundance of opportunities and resources to make our wedding the perfect day. We corresponded almost weekly via email, and Lisa was more than patient and understanding of our busy working lifestyles! I never felt rushed to make a quick decision. She allowed us all the time needed to make the right call! As the months flew by, we became closer and closer to reaching the finish line. Not once during our time with Lisa were we ever worried that our wedding would not turn out what we dreamed it to be. It was such a peaceful and pleasant time... one that we will always be thankful for! On our actual wedding day, everything went off without a hitch. The ceremony was intimate, the flowers were beautiful, and the reception was the best one I've ever been to! We had the best photographer and videographer who gave us proof that our day really was a fairy tale. My husband and I really could not be more thankful for Peach Perfect Weddings and their motivation to truly serve and impress their clients. I would recommend this wedding service to anyone, especially couples who desire a destination wedding without all the stress of navigating it alone. Lisa and Peach Perfect made our day not only possible, but one of the most memorable days of our lives!

— Kelsey & Tyler
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