Enchanting forest for elopements in Bavaria

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Type Medieval Outdoor
Features Gardens Woodland
Free public space
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Nature herself was the architect” declared the Margravine Wilhelmine in a letter to her brother the king, describing the unusual rock formations in the small beech grove in Bayreuth. Sanspareil is said to have gotten its name from a guest of Wilhelmine, who, when she saw this mystical forest wedding location, exclaimed “Cest sans pareil!” – “This place is one of a kind!”


Wilhelmine used the bizarre natural phenomenon to bring her favourite French novel to life. Inspired by the book, she filled the forest with temples, fountains, artificial grottoes and even an amphitheatre, telling the story of Odysseus’ son through landscape. The fantasy world that she created in the Rock Gardens has stunned visitors for centuries.


Today the “Sanspareil Felsengarten” with its many ruins as well as the “Building of the Morning Land” – a round building with an old beech tree growing right in its centre - offers you a magical place to get married in Germany. The Gardens of this mystical forest wedding location are open to visitors all year round and the entrance is free of charge. The Zwernitz Castle, as well as the Eremitage, are very close nearby. For a legally-binding ceremony, the “Temple of the Sun” – situated in a beautiful park at the New Palace - can become your place to elope to Germany. This dreamy mystical forest wedding location in Bayreuth will serve as a solemn sanctuary where you and your spouse can exchange vows. You can hold an elopement in its truest sense where there will only be you and your spouse together with an officiant to solemnize your wedding. You can also choose to have your closest friends witness your ceremony here. Whatever your choice is, you will have a one-in-a-million destination elopement because only a few couples have discovered this place, much less chosen this venue as the location for their wedding.


Today, most of the original buildings and features of this mystical garden wedding venue have not survived the course of time and are only visible in form of ruins. But even though Wilhelmine’s project was never completely finished, the Gardens still have that unique atmosphere that has fascinated guest for so many years and created this unique place to elope to Germany. The gardens remained closed to the public for over a decade, until finally, the grottoes and temples were revived again in the mid of the 20th-century.

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