Booking conditions summary

Below are a few key points from our Terms & Conditions. Once you decide to book with us, there will of course be a proper contract put in place covering all aspects of your event, to give you peace of mind.

At a glance


Pay for your package in up to 5 parts


For up to 12 months at no cost


Don't pay remaining installments


You can pay for your package in up to five installments (see table below). To secure your date with us the first installment can be as little as 5% depending on how far in advance you decide to book. The last installment is the biggest one (50%) and is only due 1 month before your big day.

Inst. Amount Due
1st 5% Upon booking *
2nd 10% 12 months before
3rd 15% 9 months before
4th 20% 6 months before
5th 50% 1 month before

The initial booking deposit of 5% goes towards securing your wedding date with Peach Perfect Weddings ONLY. Unless otherwise agreed, formal reservation of venue/vendors included in your wedding package will begin upon receipt of the 2nd (for key vendors) and 3rd (for other vendors) instalments. You also have the option to pay one or both of these instalments early to begin the vendor reservation process straight away. Please contact your wedding planner to request these Invoices ahead of schedule.

Example 1: you decide to book on 1. Jan 2021 and choose the 1. Mar 2022 as your date => because its more than 12 months in the future, your first installment (deposit) is only 5%.

Example 2: you decide to book on 1. Jan 2021 and choose the 15. Aug 2021 as your date => because its already within the next 9 months, you need to pay 30% (5 + 10 + 15) to secure your date.


If you need to postpone for any reason, you can push back your celebration by up to 12 months from the original date without any extra charges. This is only possible as long as your new date is mutually suitable for all parties involved (i.e. your venue, wedding planner and vendors).

Cancellations / Refunds

If you decide to cancel your booking or cannot attend your event due to any reason that is outside of our control, any installments you have already paid become non-refundable. You won't need to pay the remaining installments or any additional cancellation fees.

However, under certain circumstances we may refund part of the unspent and/or recoverable costs - where such are available. The availability and amount of such a refund cannot be guaranteed and remains fully at our discretion.

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