800-year-old castle for fairytale weddings in Weinviertel

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Prepare to be transported to a land of fairytales and history where there’s quietness and tranquility amid lush nature. This 800-year-old castle at the heart of Weinviertel can be your temporary residence for your intimate wedding in Austria and a place for your unforgettable family retreat that your loved ones will talk about for ages.

The castle is a home away from home where all you can see is rich history spelled out in every corner of the castle and endless views of nature in Austria’s most extensive wine-growing region. The place is magical and serene, a perfect venue for your dream fairytale wedding.


The castle sits in the middle of Austria’s most prominent winemaking region, Weinviertel, where all you can see are tracts of vineyards measuring 13 hectares. Rolling hills skirt the region’s vineyards whilst lanes of picturesque wine cellars are scattered along its streets.

The region is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, located an hour away from Vienna. You can reach Weinviertel from Vienna within an hour by car and within one and a half hours by train.

It’s a beautiful place where stress and noise have no place, and tranquility reigns supreme.


The castle is licensed to hold legal weddings so that you can have a legally-binding ceremony anywhere in the venue. Have a fairytale wedding inside the castle’s garden hall that evokes history through baroque interiors and ancient furnishing.

The outdoor spaces are stunning and suitable for intimate ceremonies of up to thirty persons. The garden is spacious for your small group and offers views of the endless vineyards for your whole wedding party. The inner courtyard is also available, with its magical ambiance surrounded by the castle walls covered in crawling greenery.

A church is two minutes from the venue if you prefer a Catholic ceremony inside a religious building.


After tying the knot, treat yourselves and your guests to a lovely drinks reception and aperitifs outside, where you can all take in the view and smell the fresh air of Weinviertel.

Have an intimate dinner at the beautiful inner courtyard or in the garden, where the magical ambiance continues. There are indoor options, too, should you prefer an enclosed and weather-proof venue for your wedding dinner. The salon on the castle’s second floor is a fantastic option for intimate celebrations.

The castle offers non-stop celebration so you can have the night of your life with your dearest family and friends. Dance, sing, and party until three in the morning, and no one will stop you. Just remember that after three o'clock, the party should only be at room volume.

Note that you must book a caterer separately for your wedding dinner.


Take advantage of the beautiful setting of the castle, and have as many photos as possible to immortalize your fairytale wedding in Austria.

Walk along the garden at sunset, pose under the frescoed ceiling of the ballroom, and roam around all the castle rooms to showcase its rich history. Every corner of the castle exudes an authentic, magical, and historic ambiance that will make your wedding photos phenomenal.

Make sure you do the most romantic poses outdoors in the courtyard and outside the castle, using its picturesque facade as the backdrop of your wedding photos.


You can rent the castle exclusively and enjoy its historic rooms and relaxing atmosphere a little longer after your wedding day. The castle can accommodate up to eleven persons in its bridal suite and three bedrooms.

You, your loved one, and your family and friends will enjoy the castle’s quiet setting, spacious kitchen, and outdoor dining areas where you can create memorable moments with your favorite people in the world.

If the castle is not enough, you can book other accommodations just a few minutes from the venue.

Make your big day in Austria unforgettable for you and your loved ones by choosing this castle for your wedding and short family vacation.

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