9 best places to get married in Austria

Every bride once dreamed about having a romantic fairy tale castle wedding like the princesses had. This is certainly one thing Austria is famous for since the Habsburgs have collected immense treasures and erected imposing castles for weddings! Whether you’re planning to elope or to have a big wedding, there is a castle for each type and size of the wedding available. But if you think that is all that Austria has to offer than you haven’t seen the other stunning types of locations in the country yet! I would like to give you an overview of the 9 best places to get married in Austria. They are some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Europe and I made sure to include a couple of each since there is such a vast variety of awesome venues. I have made a list including old historic ruins as well as impressive lakeside villas and even museums. You will be impressed with how much choice Austria offers a bride and groom to be. To top it all, each venue guarantees a beautiful view into either the alps, lakes, or lush forests.

Austria might not be known for its beautiful weather conditions but it can actually get very hot in summer and spring or autumn are a beautiful and colorful season! There is no shortage of mountains and crystal clear green and azure blue mountain lakes will refresh you after a hike.

On the peak of a mountain, you’ll be sure to see some snow in the winters and even hop on your skis to shoot down a slope after your ceremony!

So it doesn’t matter which season you choose, each of them has something unique to offer.

The beautiful alpine nation that is bordered by Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. This is good to know in case you’re thinking of going on honeymoon after your wedding. Austria is the perfect starting point for your European journey since it lies pretty much in the middle of Europe and most other countries are easily reached within short flights or train rides.

But let’s take a look at some of the most amazing venues Austria has to offer so you can start planning your destination wedding there:

Get married in Hochzeitswald Graz

A forest makes everything seem magical and mystical! If you’re an outdoorsy person and can’t think of a better place to get married than within large trees and lush foliage, then a forest might be the right venue. In Graz, the second-largest city of Austria, there is a whole forest dedicated to just weddings and it has a lot to offer! You can take your wedding into your own hands and your wedding planner will help you make your dreams come true. From a flowery arch to a flying canape reception or riding down the aisle on a horse. Everything is possible!

There is space for up to 120 people but if you’re thinking of having your wedding dinner there too, better keep your wedding party small or book another venue close-by that can accommodate all of your guests. The area has no shortage of hotels either and you’re close to the southern-Styrian wine region which produces some of Austria’s finest wines and is home to the Buschenschank, a local tavern that only serves homemade cold foods. You’ll see that it is more than worth it to try one of them with your friends and families and I can guarantee that not only the food will blow your mind but also the friendliness and kindness of locals.

Elopement villas

It has been called the ideal wedding castle, even though it is not technically a castle but rather a villa or manor house with historic charm.

If you want to celebrate in a very private environment in the middle of the mountains then Villa Bergzauber, which translated means magical mountain villa, could be the right location for you. Located in Upper Austria, there are rooms available for up to 35 guests and up to 250 wedding guests could be accommodated. Light and airy, that’s how the villa is described. Everything is designed for your comfort, from the heated saltwater pool to the saunas and infrared cabins, you won’t be disappointed.

For water lovers, a similar venue in Carinthia, Austria’s most southern region, offers lake-views and dreamy beach vibes. The beach bar is the perfect spot for your champagne toast after a ceremony on the shore of lake Wörth. Offering 10 rooms for up to 24 guests, it is perfect for an intimate wedding weekend full of sunsets and cocktails!

The quiet atmosphere will calm your soul and a lakeside massage or facial will work wonders on your body.

Say your 'I do' in Almdorf Seinerzeit

In Carinthia lies another very special venue. The chalet village Seinerzeit will give your guests the ultimate Austrian experience. In the winter, the snow-covered roofs of the chalets will make you feel like you’re in Santa’s village and in the summer, the lakes and surrounding hiking trails aren’t anything short of breathtaking.

The village itself also offers all kinds of amenities, from heated pools and hot tubs to breakfast in bed. All of your guests will stay in separate chalets and enjoy ultimate privacy if they want to. It stands out and has been awarded for its effort to offer regional, seasonal and organic products including the food and materials the chalets are built from. The festivities can take place either outside with mountainous views or inside one of the many function rooms at the Gutshof in between the two parts of the village.

To top it all off, you will be spoilt rotten on a 5-star level and you can even meet one of the two villages exclusively for all of your guests!


Next on our list are medieval ruins that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. The first ruin is called Burgruine Aggstein and lies in the beautiful Wachau in Lower Austria. The knight’s hall is perfect for a larger wedding of more than 50 people and will certainly impress your guests. With its wrought-iron chandeliers and open fireplace, it will make for a comforting atmosphere and the floor heating will keep your guests’ feet warm even on a cold winter day. The ceremony could take place outside or in case of rainy weather in the galleria inside the knight’s hall. The food will be created by the personal ruin chef and can be served in medieval plates to round up the extraordinary touch!

For museum lovers, Burgmuseum Reichenstein will give you the feeling of being in a ruin and a museum! Your guests will love the guided tour during your couple’s photoshoot and it will be something they will be speaking of for a long time to come! The most stunning location is the courtyard which can be used for your reception and dinner, however, there is no shortage of rooms here and I am sure you will find the perfect one for your wedding!

Elope to Igludorf Ötztal

2000 meters above sea level lies the snowy igloo village in the Ötztal in Tyrol. Despite the feeling of having reached the end of the world, it is easily accessible from the highway and connected to more civilized area even in the case of heavy snow. You would be surprised how warm it can get in a house made of ice, but if you’re still feeling cold, the snow bar can definitely offer something to warm you up!

You will find yourself in the middle of a skiing resort so all of your guests could enjoy the day skiing or head to the nearest hot spring thermal spa, the Aquadome. For the more adventurous amongst your group, the village offers igloo building workshops and a high rope climbing garden. You can be sure that this location will be one of the most memorable places you have ever been to!

Marry in monasteries

If you have ever been to a monastery you will know how a building can give you goosebumps. Stift Rein is definitely a monastery that will leave you in awe. A church wedding in the basilica, a legal ceremony in the Huldigungssaal and the subsequent festivities in one of the historic halls – everything is possible! It has been a center of culture since the 12th century and offers beautifully decorated rooms with painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers. Imagine a Jazz band that will entertain your guests in one of the most inspiring surroundings influenced by centuries of artists and art lovers. Stift Rein surely makes for the perfect venue for anyone that loves history and art!

And so, does Stift St. Florian in Upper Austria. This airy dream has one of the most impressive libraries and is held in baroque elegance, filled with remarkable details that will make any type of decoration unnecessary. You will feel like a princess and prince and there are so many stunning locations in this monastery that you will have a hard time choosing from all the amazing rooms in this venue.

Elopement in Nationalbibliothek Wien

What could be a better place for bookworms than a library? If you think a library is kind of a dull place than you haven’t seen the Austrian national library in Vienna yet. Filled with millions of historic books and dozens of rooms, it offers baroque charm with a modern twist. LED lights will make the ambiance unforgettable!

The Augustiner Reading Hall will give you the feeling of being in one of the Harry Potter movies and the ceiling looks truly magical!

It offers the perfect background for your wedding photos and will make your special day sensational!

Sternwarte for your big day

How many times have you promised your significant other the moon and the stars? You might be able to keep your promises by getting married in a Planetarium. The beauty of the night sky brings out the romantic side in all of us, as proven by Ross and Rachel in Friends.

The Kuffner Sternwarte in Vienna will take you on a journey into the past and teach you about astronomy of the past 125 years. You can get married in the lecture hall or from April to October in the lush green garden outside.

You will be able to watch the stars from the dome during all types of weather and you could even organize a special guided tour with the director and science buster Werner Gruber to keep your guests entertained. Be sure to promise your partner during your vows that you will go to the milky way for them and back!

Marry in Schloss Mirabell Salzburg

Last but not least is one of the most popular wedding locations in Austria. It is well known beyond the borders for a reason and well situated within Salzburg. You might remember the scene from “The Sound of Music” where Maria and the kids dance around the Pegasus fountain in front of the castle and the breathtaking view of the castle through the garden as they all line up for the finale.

The name is actually an Italian first name put together from the words “Mirabile” which means admirable and “Bella” which means beautiful.

The marble hall is one of the most beautiful ceremony locations in the world and back in the day, Leopold Mozart performed together with his children Wolfgang and Nannerl in this exact room. Couples from all over the world have walked down the marble stairs to say yes to each other in a royal manner. The Mirabell gardens offer for a marvelous photo location after the ceremony!

The champagne toast can be held in the foyer of the marble hall and Salzburg offers plenty of hotels and restaurants for your after-wedding celebration. Imagine riding a horse and carriage and seeing the impressive baroque castle fading as you ride into the sunset with the love of your life.

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