Wedding Venues in Germany

Browse our wedding venues in Germany specifically chosen by our local wedding planner as the best locations for an intimate wedding in Germany with your small group of guests, and places for German elopements for two.

Germany's outdoor wedding venues

From the mystical Black Forest to the vineyards of the romantic Rhine Valley, Germany offers you the romantic air of history and arts, all within the serene landscape of well-preserved nature. Here are some outdoor places to elope in Germany and German wedding venues.


Bavaria is home to mountains, alpine lakes and quiet mountain villages in between. Choose where to elope in Germany with an impressive mountain view as your backdrop or elope at the top of the Zugspitze as one of the top places to get married in Germany!


The alpine lakes are some of the most beautiful places to elope in Germany! Embedded in well-preserved nature, at the foot of tall mountains or near charming boutique hotels, a lakeside ceremony in one of these outdoor spots for micro weddings in Germany is always a great choice!


Just like Italy and France, Germany also has its fair share of beautiful vineyards that are ideal places for your wedding. The vineyards of the Rhine Valley are famous for their serene surroundings and their excellent wines.


A forest wedding in Germany is a dream come true for outdoor-loving couples! The forested mountains in alpine Bavaria, lakeside woodlands or even forests full of old stone ruins can become your place to elope.


In the north of Germany, you will find islands with gorgeous beaches to elope. Surrounded by windswept dunes and with the iconic lighthouses, a beach wedding in Germany is sure to be a unique ceremony location!


Is there a better backdrop for your outdoor elopement in Germany than a waterfall? Elope in Germany at an intimate waterfall in the forest or surrounded by the impressive nature of the national parks with its lakes, waterfalls and mountains!

Historical places to elope In Germany

In a country as old as Germany you will find remnants of its history in every village and in every town. When looking for venues where you can elope in Germany, expect to come across century-old castles, ivy-covered ruins in the middle of a thick forest, and unique mountain lodge hotels with truly breathtaking views. Historic venues are some of the most special places for micro weddings in Germany!


In cosy villages, on the shores of lakes or perched high above the river – there is no shortage of gorgeous castles in Germany! Get married in a poetic castle garden or an ivy-covered courtyard straight from a fairytale for your intimate wedding!

Wedding villas

Combine a gorgeous and historical ceremony location with the comfort of staying directly on site together with your family and friends. Wedding Villas in Germany come in all sizes and styles and can be rented exclusively for your wedding.

Manor houses

Lavish manors and refurbished farmhouses often have as much history as any castle and are situated in equally beautiful surroundings. Add the perks of modern luxuries and you have your perfect wedding venue in Germany!


Many German castles, churches, theaters and other historic buildings were abandoned long ago and have since been reclaimed by nature. Today, they make for some of the most intimate ceremony locations in Germany!


If a traditional wedding in Germany is your dream, you have a variety of churches and cosy chapels to choose from. Even if you’re not religious, you can still celebrate your wedding amidst the beautiful architecture of a church.


Take in the solemn ambiance of German monasteries set in idyllic landscapes like green meadows, nature reserves, and dense forests. These well-preserved peaceful sanctuaries exude a historic ambiance from their facade to their medieval ceilings and artistic interiors.

Unique German wedding hotels

Get a taste of German hospitality and choose one of many hotel wedding venues in Germany. From unique castle hotels to rustic mountain elopement locations in Germany, don’t underestimate a hotel venue when deciding where to get married in Germany!

Mountain lodges

A mountain lodge wedding in Germany guarantees a jaw-dropping background for your ceremony. Mountain wedding venues in Germany are spread all throughout southern Bavaria and range from rustic cottages to luxurious mountain lodges with 5-star accommodation.

Castle houses

Many of the castles in Germany have been lovingly refurbished and turned into luxurious hotels that still kept their old-time charms. If you want to combine a historic ceremony location with all the comforts of on-site accommodation and great cuisine for your wedding dinner, get married in a castle hotel in Germany!

Design hotels

Germany has far more to offer than historic castle hotels for your wedding ceremony! Stylish design hotels in buzzing cities like Munich or in natural surroundings like the Alps can become your perfect place to get married in Germany if a modern wedding is what you’re looking for.


Elope in Germany far away from the noise of the cities and get married at a romantic cottage by the sea, in the mountains or in a fairytale village! Cottages are often situated in tranquil surroundings and are great places to have a micro wedding in Germany with your closest friends and family.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels in Germany are a perfect choice for couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a beautiful and intimate setting with the privacy of a small wedding venue. Tastefully decorated suites and enchanting ceremony locations ensure that your day will be extra special!

Lakeside hotels

The Alpine scenery will leave you astounded when you marry in one of Germany’s lakeside hotels. Set in the heart of nature, lakeside German hotels give you the opportunity to hold a ceremony on a terrace, atop a floating raft, or in the midst of the meadows. All of which offer panoramic mountain views and perfect Alpine scenes.

Popular places to get married in Germany

In your search for a wedding venue in Germany, you will likely come across some of these most popular places – and for good reason! From the famous Neuschwanstein Castle – a fairytale elopement venue in Germany – to the mystical Black Forest of Bavaria, we know all the best wedding venues and elopement locations in Germany!

Black forest

Deep, dark and beautifully mystical, the Black Forest in Germany seems to come straight out of a storybook. Ideal for couples who want an intimate outdoor wedding in Germany. Get married in the Black Forest and create your own fairytale!

Neuschwanstein wedding

Perched high on top of a mountain and surrounded by forest and lakes to all sides, this famous castle is the ideal backdrop for a romantic ceremony. Get married at Neuschwanstein with a gorgeous view of the castle and the surrounding mountains.

Romantic Rhine

The Romantic Rhine Valley is undoubtedly one of Germany’s most beautiful regions. Alongside the river, you’ll find hilltop castles, vineyards and idyllic villages in between. An abundance of wedding venues for your Romantic Rhine Wedding!

Wedding in the Alps

Let the breathtaking mountain panorama of the Alps be the backdrop of your micro wedding! Get married at the foot of the Alps at an idyllic lake or strap on your hiking boots and say your vows on one of the alpine meadows high up.

Urban wedding venues

Apart from its natural beauty, Germany is also home to buzzing cities as well as charming little towns. Here’s a selection of popular urban places to get married in Germany to help you choose which is best German wedding venue for you.


The mesmerizing capital of Germany where rich history and vibrant culture seamlessly flow into one another. Marry in Berlin in one of the gorgeous wedding venues and experience the unpretentious charm of this buzzing city for yourself.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

When you step into the old city walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber you feel yourself thrown back in time. The little town in Bavaria is beautifully preserved, and it's full of wedding venues and romantic places to get married!


When you step into the old city walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber you feel yourself thrown back in time. The little town in Bavaria is a beautifully preserved and full of wedding venues and romantic places to get married!


This romantic little town in southern Bavaria is the very definition of a fairytale location. It is full of historic gems and surrounded by stunning nature. The picturesque old town and the fact that this small town has not one but three castles makes it the perfect place to elope!

Oktoberfest wedding

The Oktoberfest hardly needs any introduction. It’s the climax of the year in Munich with over 6 million people attending. The ideal location for a stag party before the big day! For the ceremony, choose between hundreds of stunning venues in the surrounding area.


In Munich, the modern lifestyle and Bavarian traditions live side by side. The historic city is full of gorgeous places to get married! A wedding in Munich is perfect for couples who like to combine the historic feeling of an old city with the modern and laid-back atmosphere of Bavaria’s capital.

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