Wedding Venues in Germany

Wedding Venues in Germany

A few unique German wedding venues. This is only a small selection of destination wedding venues in Germany from our files.

For more venues, places to elope, ceremony locations, wedding castles, boutique wedding hotels and other intimate and small wedding venues, please contact us.

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Places To Get Married in Germany

From the mystical Black Forest over the vineyards of the romantic Rhine Valley, up to buzzing cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. Germany offers you the romantic air of history, arts, and all within the serene landscape of well-preserved nature.

  Unique ceremony locations, indoor and outdoor wedding venues, castles, places to elope and other wedding locations in Germany.To give you a taste for eloping or getting married in Germany, here are some ideas for romantic ceremony locations for your intimate wedding or elopement in Germany.

Woods and Lakes

Intimate wedding just for two in Bavaria

Bavaria is home to tall mountains, hidden lakes and quiet mountain villages in between. Elope in Germany underneath an ancient oak tree or renew your vows with a small ceremony in the woods. The Bavarian forest makes for wonderful ceremony locations for your outdoor wedding in Germany!

Castles and Churches

Nestled between the outstanding beauty of the Bavarian Alps and forest, you will find intimate chapels and charming castles for your elopement or wedding for two in Germany. Get married in Germany in a poetic garden with a beautiful historic castle as the backdrop to your intimate wedding ceremony!

Mountain Lodges

A hidden away wedding castle on a mountain for eloping to Germany

Say yes – 1000 km above the ground!  Get married in Germany at a cosy cabin or have a winter wedding in an elegant lodge in the Bavarian Mountains. The Alps make for stunning places for eloping to Germany – at any time of the year!


Sanspareils Rock Gardens to elope in Germany

Choose between castle gardens or grassy fields for your outdoor elopement in Germany. Looking for something special? The mystical “Sanspareil Rock Gardens” make for a unique wedding ceremony location to elope in!

Your Location

German elopement for two

We want to make your vision become reality! Are you thinking about a certain place to elope in Germany? A unique ceremony venue with a special meaning for you two? Talk to us – and let us find your perfect place to elope in Germany!

Wedding in the Alps

Let the breathtaking mountain panorama of the Alps be the backdrop to your wedding ceremony! Get married at the foot of the Alps at an idyllic lake or strap on your hiking boots and say your vows on one of the alpine meadows high up.

Romantic Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley is undoubtedly one of Germany’s most beautiful regions. Alongside the river, you’ll find hilltop castles, vineyards and idyllic villages with half-timbered houses in between. An abundance of wedding venues for your Romantic Rhine Wedding!

Black Forest

Deep, dark and beautifully mystical, the Black Forest in Germany seems to come straight out of a storybook. For couples who want an intimate outdoor wedding instead of renting a big wedding venue. Get married in the Black Forest and create your own fairy-tale!


The mesmerizing capital of Germany where rich history and vibrant culture seamlessly flow into one another. Marry in Berlin in one of the gorgeous wedding venues and experience the unpretentious charm of this buzzing city for yourself.


Get married in Germany and celebrate your wedding in Hamburg! Bursting with high-end culinary experiences, cool bars and striking architecture, Hamburg ideal for couples who’d like to get married in some of the coolest wedding venues in Germany.

Oktoberfest Wedding

The Oktoberfest hardly needs any introduction. It’s the climax of the year in Munich with over 6 Million people attending.  The ideal location for a stag party before the big day! For the ceremony, choose between hundreds of stunning venues in the surrounding area.


Get married in a museum and literally be surrounded by history. Germany has a huge variety of stunning museums that can be the wedding venue for your elopement. With old libraries to marry in and extravagantly decorated halls that would be worthy of a royal wedding!


In Munich, the modern lifestyle and Bavarian traditions live side by side. The historic city is full of gorgeous places to get married! A wedding in Munich is perfect for couples who like to combine the historic feeling of an old city with the modern and laid-back atmosphere of Bavaria’s capital.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

When you step into the old city walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber you feel yourself thrown back in time. The little town in Bavaria is a beautifully preserved and full of wedding venues and romantic places to get married!

Neuschwanstein Castle Wedding

Perched high on top of a mountain and surrounded by forest and lakes to all sides, this famous castle is the ideal backdrop for a romantic ceremony. Get married at Neuschwanstein with a gorgeous view of the castle and the surrounding mountains.

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