Fairytale castle hotel for weddings in Mecklenburg

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Situated at the heart of Mecklenburg, this fairytale castle hotel for Swiss weddings boasts of a picturesque landscaped park, classic interiors, and a stylish countryside atmosphere.

Any month is a wonderful time to get married in the castle because it offers something unique every season. In winter, you can have a snowy Swiss countryside wedding while riding a horse-drawn sleigh.

During summer, the venue invites you to a romantic picnic wedding on the lush green meadows surrounding the castle. While saying your I dos in a private ceremony outdoors, you will have the pigeons blending in to celebrate your special day.


The castle may be majestic in size but it can accommodate elopements with zero guests, intimate weddings with a small group, and bigger ceremonies with up to 74 persons.

Elopements for two and intimate weddings are best celebrated in one of the castle’s salons and ceremony rooms. All of them have stately interiors of classy wallpaper and Victorian chandeliers with head to foot windows that take you back in time.

If you want an outdoor wedding, take your wedding guests to the gazebo in the midst of a grassy area surrounded by trees. The castle park is also a great option for an open-air ceremony for up to 65 people. It offers refreshing views of Mecklenburg’s countryside and can also be used for legal ceremonies.

You can have a solemn ceremony inside the castle’s chapel that is perfect for small weddings. Religious ceremonies for a bigger group of up to 60 can be held inside the castle’s church onsite. The church accommodates Catholic, evangelical, and ecumenical ceremonies.

Being carried to your ceremony spot by a carriage is what makes weddings here extra-special. Imagine looking like Cinderella, riding a fairytale carriage while in your wedding dress on the way to the ceremony!


After the formalities, you can proceed to the banquet room of your choice. Most of these areas accommodate intimate groups where you and your guests will be treated with topnotch service and served with the finest Swiss cuisine.

The castle has many salons with a wide range of capacities ranging from 2 to 74 people. Yes, there is a small salon in the castle that can fit only up to four people so if you are having an elopement for two, you can have the room to yourself for a romantic dinner inside the majestic castle.

Expect all the reception areas to have a royal ambiance because of their stately interiors with antique painting and furnishings. There’s also a room available for dancing and partying until late night.


Whether you’re having an elopement for two or an intimate wedding, the castle welcomes you into its superb accommodations consisting of 20 elegant rooms for a luxurious stay.

Ranging from 30-200 sqm, each room is designed with a royal ambiance and a spacious vibe. All rooms have wooden flooring, flatscreen TV, stylish beds with silk fabrics, original works of art on display, and a minibar.

Choose among one of the 12 rooms or one of the 8 suites in the castle for your grand honeymoon. Suites are definitely bigger and equipped with additional features for extra comfort and space.

This elegant castle provides complete amenities for your big day, from the ceremony areas to the reception salons, wedding menu, and accommodations. Everything that you will need for a fairytale wedding in Switzerland is here. Get in touch with us if you think this is the best place for your big day.

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