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While other venues in Germany modernize to attract guests, this lakeside chalet remains as it has always been since its construction decades ago, preserving its authentic charm and history, devoid of pretensions and stress of modernization.

Couples who wisely choose this lakeside chalet for their destination wedding in Germany will feel nothing but the old charm of a country house and closeness to nature, especially the crystal-clear Lake Tegernsee. The lakeside chalet was awarded as the 4th best boutique hotel in Germany by Feinschmecker in August 2018, making it a perfect place for elopements for two and intimate weddings of up to 60 people.


This lakeside chalet sits at the heart of the Tegernsee Valley. They say nothing in Bavaria is as Bavarian as the Tegernsee Valley. With its perfect blue and white sky, green mountains and valleys, and crystal clear lake, it’s magical how the water perfectly reflects the sun and the skies, while the greenery glistens to vibrant shades under the sun.

The Tegernsee Valley is a cultural landscape in Bavaria, priding itself as a creativity hub, and a tranquil location for a restful holiday. That only means that if you choose to get married in this German venue, you will experience serenity from the moment you set foot at the valley, up to your wedding day, and the succeeding honeymoon.

The valley also boasts of culinary pleasures where locals prepare unforgettable seafood cuisines out of the freshly caught fish from the lake and the healthy farmlands surrounding the valley. Their unique hay-milk cheese is popular too, for which the Tegernsee was recognized as a culinary destination.

But more than the food and scenery, it is the culture, tradition, and warmth of the Tegernsee Valley that will make you fall in love with it. The communities here enjoy serenity and happiness, thanks to the calming nature and laidback lifestyle they wake up to everyday.


This venue is an ideal location for your intimate celebration as you can exclusively hire the whole place. It will be yours on your big day, with the ceremony area, reception room, and accommodations upstairs.

Inside the chalet are two areas for the ceremony. You can use the 30 sqm room with a wooden veranda offering panoramic mountain views and a peek at the garden. This smaller room is perfect for the most intimate weddings with access to the garden.

If you have a bigger guest list, the bigger room will be more suitable with an 80 sqm space, surrounded by a scenic wooden veranda. The room has floor-to-ceiling windows in front offering plenty of natural light and views to the wonderful garden. This bigger room can accommodate up to 72 people, but can also be arranged for a more intimate affair with 10 guests.

Whatever room you choose for your wedding ceremony in the chalet, expect no less than a country ambiance and a cozy vibe, thanks to the wooden walls and ceiling of the venue.

Adventurous couples may want to have the ceremony outdoors at the garden with clear and open views of the mountains and the fields around the chalet. An outdoor wedding is perfect for small groups standing or sitting at the garden with the rustic chalet in the background.


Wedding receptions can also happen inside the bigger room that can be arranged for up to 72 people. The seating capacity of the room is 64, with a dance floor in the middle.

Most of our couples doing a destination wedding in Germany bring zero to only a handful of guests for their big day. For smaller groups like this, the 30 sqm room will be more suitable as the reception area.

As for the reception decor, you can request an exclusively elegant white or cream motif or go for something close to Tegernsee’s culture like a Bavarian rural decor or an Oktoberfest theme. Whatever your desired theme is, they will make it happen for you.

The chalet owners offer in-house catering for your big day with a fine and sophisticated menu selection, but you are welcome to make requests.

With the reception room, decor, and catering provided by the venue, you can rest assured that your wedding dinner will be as stress-free as it can be.


After the ceremony and reception, you and your loved one deserve a cozy, comfortable, and peaceful place to rest. The chalet specializes in making every guest feel extremely comfortable and even have a luxury feel their whole stay.

Since you’re having the chalet exclusively to yourself, the 80 sqm suite at the top is all yours. This cozy suite is complete with alpine furniture and exclusively designed interior. It can accommodate two persons in its large double bed, beautiful bathroom with TV, sauna, toilet, and shower.

The suite also has a living room with a crackling fireplace so you can relax in the lounge while watching on a LED 3D flat screen. Level up your relaxation by simply listening to music while enjoying the garden and mountain views from your room. Prepare coffee and breakfast in the suite’s kitchenette, or browse the internet through your laptop on the dedicated workstation with a cozy office chair.

Not only that. If you’re bringing other guests to stay in the chalet, you can avail of the other 40 sqm room that accommodates two more adults and three to four children aged 1-12 years old. This adjoining room has its own large double bed and children’s bunk room, TV and radio for their entertainment. It’s a perfect setup for couples getting married in Germany with their children.

Both rooms have balconies where you can bask in the sun upon waking up the next day..

Take note that the chalet is located just beside a boutique hotel with 28 rooms and suites for 56 guests. This boutique hotel is walking distance from the chalet so your additional guests can book rooms there.


Your wedding in Germany does not need to end on the day you recite your vows and celebrate with friends and family at the wedding reception. Extend your amazing stay in Tegernsee by spending your honeymoon hiking in the Alps, riding a boat along the glittering lake, or visiting the Michelin-starred chefs, café, and restaurants in the area for a maximum Tegernsee experience.

Some of the most exciting activities here are paragliding where you can appreciate the beauty of the mountains, lake, and valleys up close. Enjoy the bathing spots around the lake with your spouse and see how the water glitters in summer.

If you want something more relaxing, you can stay at the chalet and enjoy simple moments with your loved one, appreciating the beauty and serenity of this venue while riding e-bikes or watching the sunset outdoors from the wooden chairs and tables of the chalet.

Sit back and enjoy the views of the green fields, mountains, and trees while the floral breeze overwhelms the atmosphere. Get in touch with us to explore the possibility of getting married here.

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