Why you should have your destination wedding in Italy

Rome, Milan, and Venice may be the first cities to enter your mind when asked about Italy. But do you know that Italy has a total of 145 gorgeous cities scattered across its romantic regions? Hidden within these cities are several breathtaking venues that will make you want to cancel all your wedding plans and just fly to Italy for a memorable destination wedding.

In our experience as wedding planners, world-class Italian venues are the top reasons why Italy is a favorite destination for a wedding in Europe. More than 40% of couples who asked for assistance from Peach Perfect Weddings picked Italy for their wedding among the eight European countries that we cover.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about different Italian elopement spots and some other reasons why you should also consider getting married in Italy. Keep reading because we won’t spare any details! We will reveal everything that we’ve learned about weddings in Italy in our journey of planning elopements, intimate marriage ceremonies, and vow renewals in this romantic country.

At the end of this post, we’ll also give you an idea of the cost of having an Italian wedding.

Dreamy lakeside elopement venues

Some couples love the idea of tying the knot in an old villa along a beautiful lake with peaceful views of the villages and wooded mountains. Lake Garda and Lake Como are the best locations for this kind of wedding.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, the surface of which extends to over 300km. Situated at the foot of the Alps, Lake Garda is surrounded by villas, hotels, and humble Italian residences offering a view of the pristine Italian lake and adjacent mountains. The utterly romantic Lake Como, on the other hand, is only half the size of Lake Garda but is equally stunning with elegant villas and luxury hotels. Most wedding venues along Lake Como have outdoor gardens and terraces that offer a magical view of clear waters and scenic rolling hills as the ceremony backdrop.

All of our couples who got married along Lake Garda and Lake Como had an outdoor ceremony with this magical view. As if that’s not enough for a wedding in Italy, they also went on a boat ride after the ceremony to get a closer look at the Italian lake and the local scenes around it.

Marry in a Tuscan countryside venue

How about renting a Tuscan country house exclusively for your intimate wedding and honeymoon in Italy?

That’s ‘the dream’ for some of our couples, so off they went to Tuscany to fulfill their wishes! If you’re one of those who want a laidback destination wedding with pure pleasure and a relaxing ambiance of the Italian countryside, Tuscany is the perfect region for you. Its scenic landscapes consisting of wide vineyards, rolling hills, and peaceful farmlands are the perfect setting for a laidback wedding in Europe!

Aside from peaceful landscapes, Tuscany is also popular for its artistic influence, strong culture, and fine wine. Castles, country villas, and medieval residences in this Italian region display century-old architecture, paintings, and sculptures that will take you back to the middle ages and the Renaissance period.

Imagine witnessing all of these when you stay in the Tuscan countryside for your wedding in Italy. Cap the day with quintessential Italian dishes and a bottle of Chianti wine, and you’ll have a completely authentic Italian experience!

The great Amalfi Coast

The picturesque towns of Positano and Sorrento along the famous Amalfi Coast are some of the dreamiest locations for a beach wedding in Italy. We say this with complete confidence because of the unparalleled view of turquoise waters and hundreds of hotels, villas, churches, and residences vertically arranged along the coast.

Amalfi is well-loved by couples, whether planning for a microelopement with no guests, a small wedding with 10-20 guests, or a vow renewal with family because Amalfi wedding venues are perfect for intimate celebrations. Among our top picks for elopements in the Amalfi Coast are beachside venues, lovely villas with garden ceremony spots, medieval structures with outdoor terraces, and historic 5-star hotels with breathtaking ocean views!

Rome and Venice wedding spots

We know it’s quite expected and overemphasized, but we can’t talk about a destination wedding in Italy without mentioning Rome and Venice. After all, there's a reason why they're called the cities of love!

From authentic Italian restaurants left and right, famous historic spots, and romantic architecture scattered across the cities, there are many other reasons to get married in Rome and Venice. Couples who want to witness Italian history and the finest works of art should tie the knot in one of these twin cities. Should you choose another Italian city for your big day, at least spend a day or two in Rome and Venice when you travel to Italy.

Our most recommended elopement venues in Rome are medieval castles, historic cloisters, and luxury hotels. For Venice, you can have an unforgettable wedding in one of its palaces, hilltop villas, or opulent hotels. Or you can have a symbolic ceremony in a Venetian property fronting the Grand Canal. It can’t get more Italian than that!

Secluded mountain elopements

Who says you can only have a beautiful mountain wedding in Switzerland or Ireland? We’re here to tell you that even Italy has rugged mountains for a memorable adventure wedding in Europe!

Say your I do’s in one of the mountain resorts in the Dolomites region or one of the cozy chalets in Mont Blanc. You can also get married in the secluded mountaintop castle of South Tyrol or a rustic lodge in the Pennine Alps bordering Switzerland.

Stress-free requirements for legal weddings

Italy is similar to France and Germany in terms of beautiful wedding venues. But without a doubt, it is easier to have a legal wedding in Italy than in these two countries. In France, you need to comply with residency and property requirements to have a legally binding wedding, while in Germany, you need to hurdle some bureaucratic constraints if you want a legal ceremony.

In Italy, you just need to present some easy-to-procure documents so you can have a legally binding wedding. Some of the requirements are proof of No Impediment to marry and proof of identity, both of which can be easily secured in your home country.

If you’re Australian, here are some requirements for a civil wedding in Italy. For citizens and residents of the USA, Canada, and other countries, you can get in touch with our Italian wedding planner for assistance.

Final note

There are so many things to love about Italy, and they are the same reasons why you should consider getting married here. You might be worried about the travel restrictions and the cost.

That’s why as promised at the beginning of this blog post, here’s a page where you can have a cost estimate for a destination wedding in Italy and a consultation call with our Italian wedding planner. As they say in Italy, “Sposarsi in Italia!”

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